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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 6: What Did Changelings Steal From Daystrom Facility?

Vedic is under duress from her master and is compelled to locate Jean Luc Picard at the earliest, even if it means combing through the entire galaxy. Additionally, Vedic is growing increasingly frustrated with her crew’s incompetence in finding the Titan, and as a result, she had to eliminate few of her own crew members who returned without any news on Jean-Luc Picard. To aid in the search, Vedic directs her crew to gather information on every known acquaintance of Jean-Luc Picard, including former and current Starfleet colleagues—anyone he could turn to for help. Meanwhile, on Titan, Dr. Beverly informs Picard that his son, Jack, is suffering from Irumodic Syndrome, an incurable disease he inherited from Jean Luc Picard. Jack has been plagued by vivid dreams and nightmares since childhood, and Beverly has observed him conversing with imaginary entities. Simultaneously, Jack is trying to deal with the knowledge that he has an incurable disease by drowning himself in vodka. To assist him in accepting his situation, Jean reveals to Jack that he has been grappling with Irumodic Syndrome for several years and that the symptoms typically ameliorate over time. However, at this moment, Jack’s mental state precludes him from embracing the sagacity of his father’s counsel.

Spoilers Ahead

A Visit From An Old Friend And Breaking And Entering

Picard immediately joins Will and others on the bridge after being notified of Worf’s and his partner’s arrival. Worf is one of the most trusted colleagues and friends of Jean-Luc Picard and Will Smith and has joined them on their countless adventures. Worf reveals that their enemy, the changelings, have rebuilt themselves after their defeat in the great Dominion War, only to reduce the Federation to ashes. Decades prior, in response to a changeling attack, Starfleet had developed a potent virus to vanquish them. However, the cure was also dispatched to the changeling’s homeworld. Now, the disfigured shape-shifting foes are seeking retribution against Starfleet and are plotting a nefarious scheme for the Frontier Day. Worf continued that the only way to learn about their enemies plans is to infiltrate the Daystrom Center. But the Daystrom data vault is protected by a highly intelligent and adaptable AI; luckily, the group is now in possession of a special device that can exploit weaknesses. Will, Worf, and Ryker successfully subdue the Ai, but the Titan is forced to revert back to Athan Prime after being found by a Starfleet Echelon Class starship. However, Picard promises his squad at the Daystrom facility to return within an hour before the patrol arrives. In reality, Picard has chosen to travel to Athan Prime, as the location is home to the Starfleet museum and also his old friend Geordi. Picard requests Geordi to help him break Will, Worf, and Raffi out of the Federation’s most secured facility. Picard plans to convince Geordi to just clone the Titan’s transponder signal so he can make the Starfleet believe that they’ve absconded somewhere far, simultaneously luring them away from the Daystrom centre. Unfortunately, this isn’t the year 2377 anymore, and now every Starfleet vessel is fully integrated, meaning they’re able to communicate with one another at any given time. In reality, Titan is working as a signal beacon and will eventually alert the other ships in its vicinity. However, Jack is in no mood to accept defeat, and with the help of La Forge, he steals a clocking device from Gordie’s ship and manages to conceal the ship. Jack is a lot like his father; he is brave, daring, and not afraid to disobey or bend the rules for the greater good.

What Did Changelings Steal From Daystrom Facility?

Will manages to gain entry into the data vault after outwitting the holographic clone of James Moriarty placed outside the vault door and is greeted by another old friend, Commander Data. Commander Data, an android constructed by Dr. Soong, possesses remarkable intelligence, strength, and a range of other skills that allow him to process extensive volumes of data quickly. He serves as the chief operations officer and second officer on board the USS Enterprise-D and later the USS Enterprise-E. Data is renowned for his rational thought processes, his inquisitive nature, and his efforts to learn and imitate human behaviour. Many years ago, Commander Data demonstrated his courage and loyalty to the crew of the USS Enterprise-E by selflessly sacrificing himself to save them from harm. When faced with the perilous threat posed by the enemy vessel Scimitar, Data takes matters into his own hands and transports himself and a dangerous bomb out into space, where he detonates both and successfully eliminates the threat. Following that, Altan Song took it upon himself to rebuild Data but died soon after, before completing the project. In reality, the manifest they’ve been looking at all along is none other than their old pal, Commander Data. However, the trio is attacked, forcing Will to stay back and giving Worf and Raffi the time to escape with Commander Data.

Geordi, being the technical prodigy that he is, brings Data back online and inquires about Changelings stolen from the Daystrom facility other than the portal weapon. Data sweeps through the project manifest and informs everyone on the bridge that the changelings broke into the Daystrom facility to steal “Jean Luc Picard.” In reality, the changelings stole the human remains of Jean-Luc Picard. After Jean-Luc Picard succumbed to his illness, his consciousness was transferred into a synthetic body so that he could keep serving the Federation. Unfortunately, before Data could reveal anymore, it malfunctioned. On the other hand, Will is subjected to intense torment for not revealing Titan’s whereabouts. The Starfleet soldiers interrogating Will were, in reality, Vedic and her shape-shifting minions, who had also infiltrated the Daystrom facility to locate Picard’s whereabouts. Will is teleported to Vedic’s ship, Shrike, and is shocked to see that the latter has been keeping his voice hostage. The episode concludes with Vedic threatening that she will gladly murder Will’s wife if he doesn’t give in to her demands and lead her to Jean-Luc Picard and Jack Crusher.


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