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‘Mary And George’ Episode 1 Recap: Is George’s Father Dead?

Mary And George begins in 1592. Mary has given birth to a child named George, and she is having a conversation with him. She tells him that he is her second son, and he is never going to have human value. Years have passed, and we have entered the year 1612. George has tried to kill himself, but perhaps life wanted something else. He is still alive, and he is going to rot in his bed. He is surrounded by his two brothers and one sister. George is complaining about how his scars cannot be healed because he has been scared for life now. He wants Jenny, who is a servant at his place, and Mary is completely against this. She wants him to go to France and live a better life. But George is threatening his mother, but she knows he is just another dumb boy who does not know what he wants in his life. 

A heated argument between Mary and George is stopped by his elder brother. She wants George to marry someone of high status because he has one superpower, and that is his face. She tells him to better raise himself because second sons offer nothing and inherit nothing in this world. George’s father is dead due to an accidental fall, and they are all in mourning. But there is a sigh of relief among them because he was an abusive man and a selfish father. George is still meeting Jenny and doing things he should not be doing. Mary finds out that George’s father has left nothing for them, and now she has to either remarry or find a source of income. 

Two weeks later, Mary is all ready to seduce a man and get married to him. She is forcing a bond of companionship so she can send George to France for his further studies. George is going to France, and like every mother-son duo, he hates her only because she is right. George is packing his luggage and getting prepared for his new life in France. With anxiety and fear, George has finally landed in France. XX received him, and he is going to take care of George in France. It looks like George has entered a room where people are greeting him with moaning sounds and love-making positions. George is humiliated and terrified of France now. 

Meanwhile, Mary has remarried and is starting a new life. George is struggling and getting bullied in France by his friends. They think he is not manly enough for this country, and hence they are going to make him a tough guy. Mary is trying to convince her new husband to renovate their place so King James will stay with them. The King has arrived at Mary’s place, and oh my goodness, how rude is he? He refuses to meet any of them till dinner, and even at dinner, he seems to be tired. Mary decides to go and see the King herself, and it turns out that King James is passionately into men. 

Mary is putting an idea into Sir David’s mind that she might know someone who can be a potential king. [She is definitely hinting at George.] Meanwhile, George feels that he is prepared to face society. But his friend denies his request. George’s friend tells him that George’s sexual identity might be bisexual. George initially wants to be in denial but later decides to explore and see if ‘Bodies are just Bodies and Love is just Love’. 

George is finally back and feels like a whole new person. He is confident, charming, and has a different charisma. He can have conversations with his mother more deeply and freely. Mary puts forward a proposal from King James to George. Sir David has been made aware of this arrangement by Mary, and he is helping George seduce King James. George is helping to serve the food at the king’s palace. As soon as King James has laid his eyes on George, he is not able to take them away. Until George is made to fall over his head by the other guy. But George loses his patience with his other guy for making him fall, but somehow he is saved by King James for being alive. He comes back home and tries to cut his wrist ties. But he asks Mary: When she was young, did she ever feel like a disgrace to her family? 

Mary replies to him that she raised herself. Mary comforts him and tells him that Mary and George belong together. She says, ‘Self-pity is ugly because being fragile is beautiful.’ She tells him that they can get back at it and start all over. He will definitely win King James. 


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