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Berlin Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained: How Did Damian And Berlin Escape The Hotel?

With episode 8, An Endangered Elephant, Berlin, Damián, and their team have moved to the endgame, but before we munch on the details, here’s what happened in the last episodes. Set years before the events of Netflix’s highly-celebrated show, Money Heist, the series follows Berlin, with a different crew, as they pull off another impossible heist, thanks to both courage and a genius plan. The crew included the likes of Damián, Roi, Bruce, Keila, Cameron, and Berlin himself. This time, the group was in Paris, aiming to rob an auction house whose vault contained jewels worth 44 million euros.

The group gained entry to the vault via miles of underground tunnels built under the city of Paris and robbed the steel cage of its prized possession. However, in between all the planning and breaking down walls, Berlin broke his own rule and fell in love with Camille, who happened to be the wife of Polignac, the proprietor of the auction house. Things escalated to the point that Berlin had Polignac arrested and even refused to leave Paris until he had convinced Camille to leave with him. Unfortunately, the domino of the so-called perfect plan crumbled, and Camille found out about Berlin’s plan. Will she understand Berlin’s intention or inform the police? Remains to be seen?

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Raquel Investigate The Hotel Across The Street?

Berlin and Damián found out that Camille was onto them and immediately started to make preparations to leave the hotel at once. They cleaned the hotel room for any prints, DNA, and equipment to cover their tracks. Once the room was taken care of, Damián and Berlin were to flee, but this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for them, as Raquel had figured out that Polignac was just a scapegoat. In reality, Raquel found evidence that proved someone had Polignac and his wife under surveillance using a nine-millimeter camera. After speaking with her colleagues in forensics, Raquel was told that such nine-millimeter cameras have a very short range of 100 meters. This meant whoever was keeping tabs on Polignac must have been in the same building or a hotel right across the street. Since hiding in a hotel under the guise of a tourist made more sense, Raquel called for backup to investigate the hotel. They inquired with the hotel staff about Spanish tourists staying with a group, and one of the staffers told them about a suspicious man who had been staying in the room for weeks, refusing to let a cleanup crew enter his room. The man was Berlin, who was currently occupying the room with Damián.

How Did Damian And Berlin Escape The Hotel?

Damián and Berlin were no fools and admitted when they were in trouble or when they had the high ground. Figuring they were surrounded, Berlin and Damián contacted their tech genius, Keila, to hack the hotel server, delete any traces of their stay, and disconnect the cameras so they could leave without getting noticed. Keila did as asked and disconnected all the cameras, giving Berlin and Damián time to slip into the laundry room, wherein they were to disguise themselves as hotel chaffers and escape the premises. Fortunately, the plan worked, and the duo disappeared into the crowd. As for Roi and Cameron, they tricked the police into believing that they were still in the truck, while in reality, they had already escaped via a freshly dug tunnel. Keila and Bruce were also lucky and escaped the hospital by stealing the patrol car. Following days of travel, spanning from rivers to mountain peaks, the group finally met at the rendezvous point in Spain.

What Did Camille’s Friend Convince Her Of?

The police returned Polignac’s belongings that they took from his office safe to Camille. Inside the box were gifts and photographs that screamed Polignac lead a double life. The photos showed Polignac with his son and his other wife. This broke Camille’s heart, as she had been wanting to become a mother for years, but Polignac had always denied it, stating they weren’t ready. Camille didn’t know that all this time, Polignac had a different family and was meeting them in the guise of a business meeting. Camille’s friend convinced her that the only one who wasn’t getting anything out of the trouble was herself. Polignac had a secret family, and Berlin successfully robbed the auction house. Thus, she asked Camille to demand 40 percent of the cut in order to not blow the whistle on Berlin and his team. So, did Camille do it?

Camille and her friend tracked Berlin to the cafe he always talked about, and after a couple of days of reconnaissance, Camille finally mustered up the courage to confront Berlin. Berlin poured his heart out to Camille, explaining every little detail he picked up about her when they were together, from the food she liked to the wine she loved. As expected, she couldn’t bring herself to implicate Berlin, and she destroyed all the miniature recording devices she had hidden under her clothes. They made love, and Camille left without threatening him for the money, or so it seemed. Camille and her friend returned soon after demanding the 40 percent, threatening to go to the police with a copy of the recording they had made. However, Berlin knew deep down that Camille would return to blackmail him, and thus he had made preparations. However, Berlin gave him 3 million euros for the trouble caused.

Final Verdict

As Alicia had said, she might’ve failed to catch Berlin and his team this time, but when they make their next move, she will be ready to grab them by their necks. This is accurate, as geniuses like Berlin and Damián can’t stay idle for long, and they need to embrace danger to get that adrenaline going. Thus, it’s possible that they will soon plan another impossible heist that will once again make them the most wanted criminals on Earth. Also, toward the end of the finale episode, we noticed Damián meeting Berlin in a bullfighting arena, where the latter made it clear that he was running low on cash and might need another heist. But what about Camille? Would we be seeing more of her in the upcoming season? Yes! Camille will be part of the upcoming season. If you hadn’t picked it up yet, inside the bag filled with cash Berlin gave Camille, there was also a piece of paper asking Camille to meet him in Singapore on June 23rd. So it’s possible that June 23 is the release date of the second season of Berlin, or it could be just a random date; who knows?

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