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‘Picture Of Her’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Picture of Her,” starring Rhiannon Fish as Beth and Tyler Hynes as Jake, is a romantic drama about a woman, Beth, who becomes the subject of the town of Los Angeles after getting featured on a magazine cover and how her life gets changed. The story is based on how Beth becomes the face of the local magazine’s cover page and becomes an overnight sensation for people, and she tries to find out who took a picture of her. The film is a sweet romantic drama where the boy and the girl have a ‘meet cute,’ the photographer is the main lead who clicks the picture of Beth without knowing her identity and how her life gets entirely changed after becoming the face of the magazine cover.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Picture Of Her’ Story

The film starts at a harbor, where Beth is seen helping out her father in the fishing boat but needs to travel to the city of Los Angeles as her aunt has been injured with a compound fracture and needs someone to help her with her daily chores. On the other hand, Jake, the photographer, is seen to be sneaking around and clicking pictures of celebrities for gossip columns in the magazine. From the beginning of the film, we get to see that Beth had left Los Angeles because a boy had broken her heart, but she came back to help her injured aunt. From the beginning, we are aware of the fact that Beth was cautious about letting anyone into her life because of her past. In the farmer’s market, Jake captures a candid moment of Beth with flowers and names her ‘the flower girl, which got published later and made her famous. Jake had been assigned a decent assignment apart from taking celebrity photographs called ‘springtime in the city, where he finds the stranger Beth, captures the beauty of the moment and submits the photographs to the magazine by mistake. Jake and Beth bumped into each other in a very short period of time in a dog walking park, and they hit it off instantly. Very soon, Beth’s life got upside down when her picture got published in the magazine, and her low-key life in LA changed instantly. Beth got overwhelmed with the overnight fame and wanted to look for the photographer who had clicked her picture, as she felt it was an invasion of privacy. The magazine did not help her much in finding the photographer, and on the other hand, Beth had no idea that her friend Jake was the reason behind her fame. Jake he is reluctant to disclose that he is a Paparazzi photographer. He has portrayed himself as the loveable guy next door who is a talented photographer and has had a book of photographs published. Jake confides in Beth how his photographs were published in a book, but the book did not get much recognition and sold only five copies, three of which were bought by his own mother. Beth and Jake soon fall in love, and moreover, Jake could impress Aunt Dody, who seems to be very protective of Beth. Aunt Dody had invited Jake to dinner and asked him about his ‘intentions’ with Beth, as she had been through a bad breakup in the city, and she did not want Beth to go through it again. But things deteriorated, and Beth had to leave the city, hurt and betrayed by Jake.

How Did Beth React When She Found Out Who The Real Photographer Was?

Advertising agents approached Beth because of her fame, so she decides and Beth decides to go with the flow but immediately regrets the decision of being in one. In the course of events, she finds out that Jake is the photographer who had clicked her picture and immediately leaves the town. She felt betrayed and hurt by Jake and went back to her home, leaving the town and Jake. Meanwhile, Jake couldn’t make Aunt Dody understand that all of this was a mistake, and he did not wish to hurt Beth as he had fallen in love with her, but nothing convinced Dody, and thus they split up. But fate had another story in mind for them, and very soon, Jake’s photography book gets delivered to the doorsteps of Dody, which embarks on a turn of events for Jake and Beth.

‘Picture Of Her’ Ending Explained – Would Beth Forgive Jake? Would They End Up Together?

When Aunt Dody received the package, she figured Jake had sent it, but later she found out that Beth had searched for the book and found it. Seeing the photographs in the book, she decided to meet with Jake as she could witness the talent and Jake’s knack for beauty and decided to give him a shot with Beth. Meanwhile, Jake gets a job offer from the magazine where he had sent Beth’s picture. Jake was offered an issue of his own. It had been his lifelong dream to get an issue of his own where he gets to showcase his talent and not sneak around to invade people’s privacy. Aunt Dody wanted Jake and Beth to end up together, so she asked Jake to deliver the book to Beth’s. Before Jake could affirm the job, he decided to go and meet Beth and ask for her forgiveness. The film does not show if Jake says yes to the job. In the end, Jake met Beth’s father, they went off on a motorbike that suggested a happy ending.


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