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Berlin Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained: Why Camille And Berlin Break Up?

Episode 6 of Berlin, dubbed Night of Lemons, amped up the tension to the max, not by setting up roadblocks to find the master thieves and the 44 million euros worth of jewels, but by bringing someone who would pose a serious threat to Berlin and his team. This person was Alicia Sierra, the devil disguised as a human. As already seen in The Money Heist, Alicia was someone who wasn’t afraid to bend and break rules to get their way. What made her dangerous was that, like Berlin and others, she had nothing to lose.

Alicia’s arrival in the show couldn’t be at a worse time, as right now, the big brains of the operation, or heist, as you would call it, are either emotionally vulnerable or trying to impress a woman. Berlin throws money away to paint himself as an angel sent from heaven to help Camille and her husband, Polignac. Berlin hated the fact that his plan painted Polignac as a saint who was sent to prison for a crime he had never committed. Berlin figured that once Polignac was out, Camille would leave her husband and spend the rest of her life with him. Now, the adventure resumes in Episode 7, The Last Virgin in the Western World.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Alicia Ask Polignac To Be Released?

As soon as Alicia Sierra saw the vault, she realized that there was more to the truth than met the eye. Alicia figured that Polignac was an old cow, a maskirovka, and should be released immediately. If you didn’t know, both are famous terms for a diversionary tactic that meant someone had intentionally framed Polignac for the crime, so the cops wasted precious time interrogating him while the real robbers jumped town, disappearing forever. The only lead Lavelle had was a horned goat tattoo, described to her by the drag race driver in whose car the stolen necklace was found. However, this was enough for Alicia to start, and she contacted one of the best cops of the Spanish Police, Raquel Murillo. If you were wondering where you’d seen her, Raquel was the lead investigator called to handle the situation at the Royal Mint. However, since Berlin was set years before that robbery, this was yet to unfold, but this in no way meant that Raquel was good news for Berlin and his motley crew.

How Much Trouble Has Escated For Damian And The Team?

In the last episode of Berlin, Damián, Roi, would’ve been inside a jail cell if not for Cameron’s quick thinking. Due to the roadblocks, Damián asked Keila and Bruce to ditch the bus and take it to the woods to avoid being caught or scrutinized. Unfortunately, while Keila was relieving herself, she was bitten by a venomous snake, leading Bruce to take her to the highway to get help. They do get help, but from the cops, who agreed to take Keila to the hospital. However, in between all the chaos and ruckus, Keila dropped a pistol magazine, and it immediately triggered the cops. This left Bruce with no choice but to place his gun against one of the policemen’s backs and take them hostage.

Meanwhile, Damián’s RV was visited by the same cops who stopped them at the highway, asking them to show what’s inside their vases and tins. Roi also told Damián about the missing necklace and that Berlin had steered away from the plan and was still in Paris. This was a huge blunder, as all the police in the world were searching for them, and Berlin hadn’t even left the scene of the crime. Damián figured that Berlin’s obsession would eventually put them to the ground and immediately left for Paris. If you didn’t know, Berlin was supposed to clear his hotel room of all the equipment, call the transporter, and leave Paris two days ago, but he chose to stay in the same room so he could watch Camille from his balcony. Before Damián left, he told Roi and Cameron to activate Plan Suricate.

Why Did Camille And Berlin Break Up?

Camille and Berlin together met one of the most expensive lawyers in Paris, who, like all the others, told them the same thing. The lawyer stated that all the evidence was against Polignac, and it was best that he plead guilty and take the deal, given that he returned all the jewels. The jewels Berlin had stolen belonged to one of the most powerful and richest families in Europe, who had collectively hired an armada of lawyers to make sure Polignac was locked up. Polignac had an alibi, but it wasn’t in any way admissible because Camille was sleeping with her lover while married. This filled Camille with guilt, making her feel helpless, and she broke up with Berlin. The latter thought it was just an interim, but Camille made it clear that she no longer wanted him in her apartment. And with that, Berlin became single again, but for some, it was a blessing in disguise. Berlin’s heartbreak made him understand that he was wrong, and he set things straight with Damián. Berlin accepted his mistake and acknowledged that he shouldn’t have mixed his professional life with business.

What To Expect From Finale?

Netflix series Berlin is now heading towards its final episode, where all dominoes will start to crumble one by one. Towards the end of episode 8, we noticed Camille starting to have doubts about Berlin’s real intention because her friend told her that Berlin might be behind her current predicament. With Berlin’s keycard, Camille entered the apartment and saw the room littered with binoculars, a monitor, and tons of pictures of her husband that shadowed his every move. Thus, it’s possible that Camille would eventually realize what was going on. Now the question remained: would she help Berlin and betray him to the police? On the other hand, thanks to Roi’s tattoos and the description given to the sketch artist by drag race driver Raquel, Alicia and her team found Damián’s RV. So whether they would be caught or outsmart the cops remains to be seen.


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