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‘The Last Queen’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Will Zaphira Manage To Kill Aruj?

The Last Queen is about a queen who lost everything but never gave up. It is about her struggle, her loyalty, and her sacrifices. It is especially about motherhood and the amount of love a woman carries and spreads during her entire lifetime. The Last Queen showcases some beautiful scenes from history. This is a solid 10/10 movie. 

Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Zaphira, And How Is She Related To Salim?

The Last Queen starts with Zaphira, the second queen, reciting a past incident to all the ladies in her gathering. Zaphira is asking her son, Yahia, to go and start living with his father, Salim. Salim is the king of the Thalibbi community. Yahia agrees to go with Salim. He gifts him a dagger. This dagger was given to him by Salim’s father [Yahia’s grandfather]. Zaphira is sad because Yahia will be living with his stepmother and siblings instead of his own mother. There is an argument between Salim and Zaphira because Salim is not able to spend enough time with her. She feels neglected and alone. Zaphira feels she no longer belongs there and wants to return to her father’s place, but Salim commands her to stay. 

There is a group of men at Algiers discussing making an alliance with their rival, the Aruj. There seems to be a conflict among people in terms of their opinions. But Salim wants all of them to fight together in order to protect the country. Salim is not able to make a decision on which path to choose. He has to either negotiate the terms of the alliance with Aruj or pass his decision to the force at the next council. Salim is speaking to his first wife, Chegga, and asking, Where did he go wrong in protecting his country?? But Chegga explains to him that he did everything that was needed, and the rest is in God’s hands now. 

A year later, preparations have begun for the war. The men of Algiers are making the plan to attack the Aruj before they attack them. The entire plan is set and executed to attack the Arujs after the morning prayer. Exactly a few hours before sunrise, the Algiers are praying to their God. May the best win!

Meanwhile, the women are praying for the victory of their husbands. The war has started. Yahia argues with Zaphira to go and fight in the war. He wants to support his father. But the war is turning into a gruesome scene. The Algiers have won and killed each and every member of Aruj. 

Is This Alliance A Good Thing? 

Chegga is making sure that the King knows what to do next. He needs to be calm and composed. Salim has asked Zaphira to allow them to have a better and fresher start for their future. Aruj has come to Salim’s place to make a negotiation, as Salim and his army have defeated them in the war. Salim has negotiated, and Aruj and Algiers will be going ahead as one army now. Aruj and his army are not very happy with the alliance, but they are just pretending. The King of Aruj is planning to take over the place, his wife, and his horse. Zaphira is having the best time of her life. She feels happy, but suddenly he is shocked to know that Aruj is planning to do all of this. 

Aruj explains his plan to Salim to expand his cannons on land through sails. Salim asks Aruj to explain to his men how to behave properly. This is a palace, not a forest. Meanwhile, Zaphira is getting ready for Salim. There are a few romantic moments between Salim and Zaphina where he confesses his love to her when, all of a sudden, Salim is lying dead on the ground. Zaphira screams, and suddenly she wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare. She considers the dream a bad omen and decides to go see Salim herself. But the queen is not allowed to step at night; hence, the guard decides to go and check himself. But Zaphira still finds all the ways she can reach Salim, but the security does not allow her. It turns out her dream was true; Salim has been killed by them. Everybody is trying to evacuate from the palace and reach somewhere safe. But Zaphira is not able to find Yahia. She sees that his dagger is with Chegga’s son, and she feels like he has been killed too. 

Is Yahia Alive? 

Chegga explains to Zaphira that they are sisters and widows now. They have to stick to each other in order to protect their kids. Despite everyone warning Zaphira, she goes all the way to find her son. Aruj is telling everyone that Salim should take care of the place, but the people of Algeria say they have a democracy. The decision needs to be made with the words and opinions of people. Zaphira has finally united with Yahia. She feels delighted to have her son alive. The same incident happened as Zaphira saw in the dream. Salim was strangled to death while he was busy taking his bath. All the people of Algiers have gathered to perform the last rites, along with Zaphira and Yahia. 

Zaphira has lost all her hopes. She is in mourning but has no clue what is written in her destiny. She receives a letter from her father saying he wants her to come back to their place. Even Yahia is too young, and she needs to be protected. It is a word of honor now. Zaphira writes back to her father, saying that Yahia needs to grow up here and in between the people of Algiers. If God forbids, he will be a king like Salim and rule the palace. Yahia will be her only guardian. Aruj has sent a gift for Zaphira, which she refuses to accept as she is in mourning. She sends back a word to Aruj, saying that the only master she will ever obey is the almighty God. 

Will Aruj Win Zaphira? 

Aruj and his slave are having a discussion about how he should destroy Zaphira. She is like a queen to the people of Algiers now. Everybody is very supportive of Zaphira because she decided to stay with the people despite Salim’s death. 

Zaphira and all the people of Algiers are being restricted from entering the palace. Aruj comes ahead and tells everyone that nobody can stop them from entering the palace. Aruj comes ahead and asks Zaphira to make an alliance with them. He also insists on marrying Zaphira and taking over as king. She tells them that she cannot accept this proposal as Aruj is the one who killed Salim, and if she married him, then this is going to be a sin in the eyes of God. 

Aruj promises Zaphira to investigate and find the murderer of Salim’s death, and he is sad because Zaphira thinks he is the one. Aruj’s slave is mad at him because she is unaware of the strategy. She thinks he is actually going to marry her. 

Chegga has come to meet Zaphira and tells her that they are planning an attack on Aruj. They want to win the palace. Chegga asks Zaphira to marry Aruj and kill him on the wedding night. This is the only way to win back the palace and protect the people of Algiers. 

Aruj has managed to bring innocent people to Salim as murderers, and he is going to publicly strangle them. Zaphira cannot take this anymore. She has decided to marry Aruj. 

Will Zaphira Manage To Kill Aruj? 

All the preparations have begun. Zaphira is very careful with each and every step she takes. Meanwhile, Chegga is preparing her men to attack Aruj, his brother, and his men during the time of prayer. Zaphira’s brothers have come all the way to see her, which makes her happy. But she gets the news that her father has been dead and immediately faints. She was in mourning after one death and another knocked on her door. Zaphira is not able to explain to her brothers why she is marrying Aruj. They feel that she is a woman who has no shame, and hence they are taking Yahia with them. Zaphira has killed her own brother because she wants Yahia to stay with her. There is a mehfil outside because of the marriage among people, but Aruj is worried. He informs his men to be very careful and that the protection needs to be doubled. Chegga writes to her that if she and her men fail this Friday, then Zaphira is their last hope. She has to kill Aruj. Unfortunately, Chegga and all of his men are killed by Aruj and his men. 

What Will Zaphira Do? 

When Zaphira is out with Yahia, she is attacked by her brothers. But she manages to run away into the woods. Aruj comes and saves her from getting killed. There is a heated argument between them that leads to the conclusion that Zaphira will only marry him if Yahia comes home alive. There is a rising enemies-to-lovers troupe between Zaphira and Aruj. Zaphira has found Yahia, and they are peacefully playing by the river. But Yahia tries to run away with Zaphira’s brother. When Aruj’s brother watches that, he tries to stop them and accidentally ends up shooting Yahia. Yahia’s little friend watches all this, and she runs to inform Zaphira. She gives her his clothes and tells her that she is speaking the truth. 

What Happens To Zaphira? 

Zaphira is going out of control. She does not know where to put her anger. She kills the Aruj’s slave and is screaming and shouting like a madwoman. Zaphira is getting ready for the marriage despite the circumstances. Aruj comes begging Zaphira to ask her for a second chance and to start a new chapter in their lives. They both fight, struggle, and make love at the same time. Aruj tells her to kill him if that’s what she wants. But she tells him that she wants to see his empire collapse. She stabs the knife in her throat and ends up killing herself. During her last breath, she thinks of all the moments with Yahia where she felt happy. She tells Aruj that he is also disappearing along with her. Aruj carries her body and cries in pain. Before dying, Aruj gives the palace keys to his brother. Algiers are still known for their bravery and land of God. Queen Zaphira is still remembered as the last queen. 


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