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Berlin Episode 5 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happened Between Cameron And Jimmi?

Berlin Episode 4, dubbed An Aquarium on Your Back, had everything we’ve been patiently waiting for so long: heartbreaks, betrayal, trouble between friends, and whatnot! Berlin joined the heist to rob Polignac of his reputation, but in the middle of it, they had a heated discussion, or one should say verbal brawl, with the mastermind of the heist, Damián, who was already in a bad state after being dumped by his wife. Would you believe he had locked himself in the room, away from everyone, to find out for whom his wife, Carmen, had dumped him?

Damián was already furious and heartbroken, and in the middle of it, he poured it all on Berlin, calling him a womanizer who finds thrill in sleeping with married women and breaking off relationships. Berlin, too, didn’t hold back and hurled many insults at Damián, saying he couldn’t keep his woman in check. Episode 4 also sees Berlin steering away from the plan and framing Polignac as the robber of the jewels to take him out for good. Berlin felt it was the only way to make sure his paramour, Camille, never returned to her husband. As the episode came to a close, Bruce and Keila joined forces to break into the rental services, but to their dismay, they ended up getting caught. Now, the adventure continues in episode 5, After Love.

Major Spoiler Warning

How Did Cameron And Roi Lose A Necklace?

Keila and Bruce hacked the computer and erased any data on it. In addition, the duo also robbed the rental services to make it look like a robbery to avoid further complications. However, we see tension brewing when Keila doesn’t appreciate one of Bruce’s sexual puns. On the other end of town, Cameron and Roi left the hotel room to spend one final night in Paris. Cameron was also donning the necklace of Elenor of Avignon, the same one she had stolen just a couple of hours ago. When questioned, Cameron stated that these stones deserved to be shown, and it’s not every day that she gets a chance to wear a million-dollar necklace.

The duo intended to break every rule Damián had set for safety. Thus, rather than keeping a low profile and sharing some champagne in a small restaurant, they stole a car from a posh couple and drove away. If you thought this was the end of their foolishness, you were dead wrong. Pumping up with adrenaline, they also took part in an illegal drag race, where Cameron ended up getting hurt when she received a call from Jimmy, her boyfriend. However, Cameron getting a panic attack in the middle of a drag race was the least of their problems, as Cameron lost the necklace.

What Happened Between Cameron And Jimmi?

Jimmy used to be Cameron’s love of her life and the only boyfriend she ever had. They broke up, but Cameron was still not over him. After the heist, when everyone was busy, Cameron felt alone and called her boyfriend, Jimmy, but the call went straight through the voicemail. Cameron knew Jimmy was going to call, and that was why she left the hotel room to distract herself. But what happened between Jimmy and Cameron that left the latter so heartbroken?

If we were to quote Cameron, Jimmy was the lead singer of a local band and a perfect guy whom anyone would fall in love with. They met when Cameron was still in university, and she desperately wanted to graduate so she could spend all summer with him. However, like every relationship, they had their bad days as well. Jimmy had to travel often for concerts, and this left Cameron desperate and needy. This led to their breakup, but Cameron couldn’t erase himself from her mind and soon slipped into madness. In one instance, Cameron burned her house down while she was getting rid of Jimmy’s memories. Cameron became a danger to herself and the people around her, and she was sent to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Did Berlin’s Plan Work?

The security company finally arrived at the auction house to fix the vault, but when they opened the vault, they found no trace of the jewels. Since there was no sign of an obvious break-in, they suspected the robbery to be an inside job. As planned, Polignac was picked up by the police from his apartment. Since it was a high-profile case, Inspector Lavelle was called to spearhead the investigation. The CCTV footage and phone records led Lavelle to Polignac’s country home, where she found multiple damning pieces of evidence proving that he was in on the robbery. Meanwhile, with Polignac’s arrest, the team began their evacuation plan. Bruce and Keila were the first ones to leave, disguised as tourists, and, as per the plan, headed to the bus station to escape the city. As for Roi, Cameron, and Damián, they would leave the city disguised as a family, with Damián as patriarch. Last but not least, Berlin would make sure to get rid of all the equipment and call the transporter to pick it up once the cops have left the area. As the episode neared its close, Camille invited Berlin into her house, and the words escaping her lips suggested that Berlin’s plan had worked and Camille was now seeing Polignac as a liar and a thief who led a double life.

What To Expect?

Everything was going according to plan until the youngsters decided to toss all the rules out the window and celebrate their big win. A champagne bottle and a few shots in a nightclub would’ve been enough, but they took it a level further and stole a car and also lost one of the necklaces they stole from the auction house. What was more troubling was that Roi and Cameron chose to keep this blunder to themselves. From what it appeared, Inspector Lavelle isn’t some ordinary officer who would accept Polignac as the mastermind, put him behind bars, and enjoy praise. Lavelle would soon find that Polignac was just a scapegoat, while the original mastermind was enjoying his celebratory wine somewhere else.


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