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‘Eagle’ (2024) Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Will There Be A Sequel?

2024 Indian film, Eagle, is about an underworld don who rules wherever he goes. He is called ‘The Eagle’ because he is the best sniper. He has a lot of stories and assumptions attached to him. It is an entertaining, full of drama typical movie. The narrator introduces us to a journalist who is trying to uncover a story. The name of the journalist is Nalini. Nalini decides to go shopping. She bumps into two women who have introduced her to a cloth made of cotton. She discovers how a rare, exquisite variety of cotton is grown and available in India. But it has more value in Europe than in India. She is shocked to know that even though the climate is in favor of this cotton, the government is not. But there is a man who is making sure to use the cotton and expand his business in Europe.

Nalini decides to support this man and even the cotton crop. She starts to do research on it. She finds a topical day and publishes the article on the last page of the newspaper. The article made it to the Intelligence Bureau, and everybody started talking about it. People started questioning the PM, and therefore Nalini and her office are under CBI control now. It turns out the article Nalini wrote about is a nation’s secret, and it can affect the government in many ways. She gets fired, and even in the investigation, they find that she had nothing to do with the article. She tells her colleagues that the government has nothing to do with the article or cotton but with the people who cultivate it. 

Spoilers Ahead

Will Nalini Find Out Who Is Behind This? 

She hunts down and takes a bus to Talkona Forest, where the cotton has grown. When she goes and visits the factory, she sees that there is nothing but a statue of a man. She sees an old man worshipping the statue as a god. She asks the old man about the details of the factory and the man behind it. 

Nalini goes ahead to the police station to ask them about the hill and the statue. The police officer tells her that the person in the statue was not a human being but a natural calamity. However, the officer cannot discuss it. He tells her to stop investigating and go back home. He keeps talking to people and visiting their houses. But everyone is so terrified when they hear about the hill. She finally manages to blackmail a man and get the story out of him. He tells her that the person in the statue employed a lot of people. The vibes around him were so good. He was a man of God. His name was Sahadev, but he was known as Eagle because of his precise and accurate shots. He used to treat his clothing factory as a temple because he believed in the hard work of farmers and the beauty of Indian cotton. He has a right hand, a brother, and a guru named Jai. He trusts Jai more than himself. 

Is Eagle A Sweet Man Or A Sour Candy? 

Sahadev’s rivals have come together to conspire and destroy his hill because they have realized there has been a bauxite production underneath it. Nalini feels like she got her answers and decides to go back when suddenly she is encountered by Pramod. Pramod works with the government and wants to explain things to Nalini in detail. He tells her that the story was not about Bauxite but about the world’s most wanted assassin, ‘Eagle’. Pramod tells her how he used to work as an undercover agent in Europe. But suddenly he gets a call back from India because they feel that Eagle has been back. 

Pramod gets a task to keep an eye on and find out more about Eagle in Europe. Even in the underworld network of Europe, people seem to be scared of the eagle. That guy tells him that Eagle has a strong network. [The South Indian exaggeration is real]. Eagle has his own style of attacking people. He only likes to meet when you put an advertisement in the newspaper with the coordinates of the location, and that too only if he is in the mood to do it. Pramod starts collecting these ADs, which say ‘Want painter’. Pramod explains to Nalini that Eagle is dead now because it is only Sahadev for them. 

Why Was Eagle Doing All Of This? 

Nalini goes to a bar to find out more about Eagle. There, she gets to know how these rivals got to know that he was not just Sahadev Varma but Eagle. They decide to cancel the deal and stay away from him. But the MLA gets greedy and tries to steal the bauxite. But Eagle advises him to stay away from his hill and him. Nalini goes ahead to find out more about Eagle. She decides to meet the teacher named Padnakka, and she tells her how Eagle was stealing the weapons from them. So she decided to track him down by working in his factory. She worked there day and night but could not find any weapons. Nalini is confused by all the insights and stories people are giving her about one single man. 

Meanwhile, the people in Delhi were trying to track down the movement of the consignment of weapons. The MLA and his people try to follow the truck and get inside the house, but Eagle already knows people are following him. The eagle shoots them in the head even without looking at them. Meanwhile, Padnakka is witnessing everything. Eagle has built a whole basement of weapons. He asks the MLA and his team to stay away from his business. 

What Is The Story Behind Eagle’s Aaggression? 

Meanwhile, the Delhi team is trying to get to Eagle. They sent Pramod to check the situation, but Eagle has already exposed Pramod. Pramod has been tied up with Padnakka in the basement of weapons. There were two groups to kill Eagle: one was the Naxal along with the terrorist group, and the second was the Army. Before anybody could enter his house, he would already die. The weapon setup is incredible. He manages to kill all the terrorists and scare the army and the Naxal. 

Nalini decides to dig deeper and find out why Eagle is doing all this. She finds out there is a girl named Rachana who is the cause of the problems. Sahadev has turned into an eagle because of her. Nalini decides to go to Europe and meet Jai. She questions him about how Rachana is related to Sahadev. Rachana was a girl whom Eagle liked a lot. She loved her cotton sarees more than anything, which attracted Eagle more towards her. 

A small girl named Suhana becomes the bridge between Eagle and Rachana and brings them closer. But Eagle is scared that if she meets her in person, she might not like him. She locks both of them in a cable car and makes them confess their love to each other. They both decide to get married to each other. 

What Happened To Rachana? 

The army has started to attack Eagle, and he is attacking them back. The Army has planned everything, keeping the Eagle’s house and weapons in mind. They manage to shoot Eagle straight in the heart. Eagle made a lot of enemies, and because of that, there was a terrorist attack at Daycare where Suhana was killed along with 18 other children. Eagle loses both Rachana and his future baby. Eagle decides to take revenge, but he realizes a weapon in the wrong hands can cause a lot of destruction. Hence, he decides to collect all the weapons and keep them with him. Before the army could collect all the weapons, the terrorists entered the area, but they were witnessing something unreal. They see an eagle coming in front of them in an open Jeep. He manages to kill each one of them with his bare hands. Jai and Eagle have put bullets inside the statue of Maha Kali in his house, which they use to protect themselves. 

How Did Eagle Die? 

There is a climax scene where he is holding his main gate back from falling, which acts like an extended metaphor for being alone but enough for all of them. The government is left with no option but to launch a missile. He tells Pramod that he is not wrong because he feels the gun is a responsibility and the bullet is a beacon of hope. This should not be accessible to everyone. Sahadev sees Pratap outside his house and gets shocked. Pratap is dad to Suhana. He comes back to get revenge for his daughter’s death. There is a fight between both of them. But later, Sahadev asks Pratap to start over a new life with his daughter Bhoomi. Since the day she was born, she has only been told that Pratap is her father. Eagle decides to burn down all the weapons and his hill himself. He does not need any missiles. His life feels complete now, and he can rest in peace. But years later, people found out that the eagle was not dead. 

Will There Be A Sequel? 

Eagle is not a single man. Eagle is a system, and he continues to protect people. He has changed the definition of weapons, and he continues to employ a lot of farmers under him. There should be a part two where Nalini gets to meet Eagle in real life. 


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