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Berlin Episode 6 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Is Alicia Sierra?

Episode 5 of Berlin, dubbed After Us, gave us a flashback of Cameron and her past trauma, which sort of stemmed from her tragic breakup with her musician boyfriend, Jimmy, and her not getting over him. Cameron’s obsession grew, and when her father realized that she could end up hurting herself or, worse, hurting others, he sent Cameron to a psychiatric facility for further treatment. Once there, Cameron was diagnosed with all sorts of mental problems. Jimmy’s memory flooded Cameron’s brain while she was taking part in a drag race, and she ended up losing one thing that shouldn’t have been with her in the first place.

Yes! It was the highly expensive necklace that Berlin and the team had plundered from the auction. Knowing they would get some serious thrashing from Berlin, Roi chose not to let Berlin in on the secret. In Episode 5, the cops also learned about the heist after the vault was opened in the morning, and since there was no evidence that suggested a break-in, they had to look for their suspects elsewhere. As Berlin had planned, the cops flooded Polignac’s apartment and country house and found evidence implicating him in the crime. While the crew left their hotel room to flee Paris, Polignac was put into handcuffs and taken to the station for interrogation. Now, the adventure continues in Episode 6, Night of the Lemons.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Didn’t Camille Leave Polignac?

Camille started to have second thoughts and believed Polignac might not be the culprit. Camille couldn’t understand why Polignac would take such a risk just when they were about to become parents. Camille knew Polignac was a terrible husband, but he wasn’t stupid enough to steal something only he knew about. Berlin tried his very best to paint Polignac as a culprit, but it was futile, as Camille wasn’t ready to believe her husband had anything to do with the crime. Camille also stated that she had made up her mind to leave Polignac and start a new life with Berlin, but now, with everything that has happened, she can’t leave at the time when Polignac needed her the most.

How Did Roi Learn About The Necklace?

Lavelle set up a nationwide search to find the jewels in their entirety before they left France, never to be seen again. However, Damián was sure that if they went according to the evacuation plan, down to every hook and cranny, the crew would escape France without any hiccups. Damián, Cameron, and Roi were stopped on the highway, but thanks to Cameron’s quick wit and portrayal of a grieving daughter, an act worthy of an Oscar, they tricked the cops. However, since the cops had set up a roadblock on the highway, Bruce and Keila were asked to ditch the bus and head to the woods. Damián also decided to stop at a camping site for three days and continue on the road once everything had cooled down a bit. But the roadblocks were the least of their problems.

Remember the necklace Cameron lost? Roi took the blame on himself and came clean to Berlin. Fortunately, the necklace was in the car that was now in the possession of street criminals, someone who would definitely not go to the police to help their investigation. The street racer was picked up, and he sang the same song Polignac had been singing—that he was innocent. The driver gave Lavelle, Roi and Cameron’s description and told her that they weren’t French but Spanish tourists.

Why Did Berlin Help Camille?

We dare ask the obvious question: Why did Berlin help Camille? To elevate himself in Camille’s eyes and paint himself as an angel sent from heaven. Berlin knew he had left no loose end; no matter how hard Polignac tried, he could never prove his innocence until Berlin and his crew were caught with the stolen jewels. Since Polignac’s accounts, both national and overseas, were seized, Berlin threw tons of cash (not literally) in front of Camille so she could hire the best criminal lawyer to help Polignac fight his case. Or there’s another theory: Berlin helped Camille so she could be with him once Polignac was freed. Berlin hated that the robbery had put Polignac on a pedestal and painted him as a saint, and now Berlin wanted to shift things a little, even if it meant fiddling with an already perfect plan.

Who Is Alicia Sierra?

As soon as Alicia Sierra joined the investigation, we knew things were going to get heated, and rules were going to get thrown out of the window. If you didn’t know, Alicia Sierra was the most unorthodox and brilliant officer in the Spanish Interpol. Alicia Sierra was the same Interpol agent who joined the professor’s crew after the latter saved her from the police and helped her deliver her baby. But since the events of Berlin were set years before the events of Money Heist, it’s highly unlikely that we would be seeing Alicia playing the good cop. Her joining the investigation echoed troubles for Berlin, as unlike others, she put herself in the criminal’s shoes and thought and acted exactly like them. In layman’s terms, Alicia is a criminal with a badge and a gun and would go to great lengths to see the investigation through.

What To Expect?

Episode 6 of Berlin took the tension to new heights with the introduction of Alicia Sierra, a Spanish Interpol agent. As already discussed, Alicia was a brilliant officer who would not refrain from bending the rules, as seen in Money Heist. The current episode also sees Damián losing control and grieving in the bathroom after he learns that his wife had no intention of getting back with him. Damián was in an emotionally vulnerable state and would eventually make some mistake or wrong choice that would lead Alicia to the crew and the Jewels. Things could’ve been different if the evacuation plan had Berlin’s undivided attention, but the serial charmer is busy trying to woo Camille and make her his.


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