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‘Perfect Match’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 – A Downfall In Chloe’s Life Or A New Beginning?

We all love exploring new things, but how do you analyze a person’s perspective? When it comes to being in love, communication is the most essential aspect to carry the ingrowing love forward. “Perfect Match” is all about the knowledge the participants have of their partners and adding more to the list. The last four episodes of the show are filled with emotional drama and entertainment with tears and cheers. Last time, Chloe chose Shayne over Mitchell – and that was probably the best unexpected moment for everyone out there. They do match the vibe of each other, but how much understanding will they have to go with the flow? The 10th episode starts with Georgia, Francesca, and Kariselle tattling about their ongoing love life. Georgia is pretty much settled with Dom, but they don’t cherish each other deep down to the skin and bone. At the same time, Francesa has picked Damian, which seems to be a good bond with lots of miscommunications. Now the show has a total of five couples who will start off with the new challenge by Nick Lachey.

Spoilers Ahead

Compatibility At Its Peak

This challenge is one of the most significant of all, as it will reveal not only emotions but truths as well. It’s a true-or-false game, where the participants will go alone inside the boardroom and select the right options about their partner. It will showcase what viewpoints they have about each other; the couple with the highest score will win the luxury date. Along with that, it will be the last chance to bring in new people before the final episode. The game is diffused with absolutely relevant questions about how many facts they are privy to their partners. It starts with Joey, the most vibrant and lovely guy who was not at all serious at the beginning of the show and is mentally committed to Kariselle. The first question is if they want to get married in the next two years or not! Well, most of them have answered correctly, except for Francesca, who seems quite happy with the wrong answers and sounds like she is truly involved with Damian. Who doesn’t want to have kids? People out here are filled with love and have so much to give to each other, so this question is a green flag for everyone. There are questions about relocating and open relationships that would eventually lead the couples to a certain exposure where they would know the truest form of themselves. And the last and final question, which plays a consequential role, is whether they have found the perfect match or not. Everyone says yes, except Bartise and Abbey, who have not replied to the common options they have. Abbey chose ‘yes’ to her perfect match, while Bartise thinks that Abbey needs time to process all of it as she already matched with Francesca a night earlier. This creates a little argument between them, but of course, for a good cause. Abbey thinks she could start things with Bartise, while Bartise is someone who wants to put his heart and soul into just one person. They talk it out, and it seems like they are trying to get into each other, at least for now. Kariselle and Joey win the game, which is obvious as they spend most of their time together rather than swapping partners.

The Last Dates Before Any Hate

Now it is time for Joey and Kariselle to let new people get inside the house, which will decide the fate of many. Having control of the boardroom is something that instantly makes the couple more powerful, and this couple is the boss of the house for now! Abbey and Bartise are the recent matches in the house and haven’t had many chances to get to know each other. Kariselle and Joey decide to send them on dates with different people, as Nick Lachey has made some changes to the rules. LC has been picked for Bartise, while Nick Uhlenhuth, who had already been in the house, is again put on a date with Abbey. Previously, Nick had matched with many people but ended up finding no good match. Abbey and Bartise are all ready to go on dates, but deep inside, they care about each other, and most importantly, they talk, which is rarely seen in the villa. Nick is very fresh when it comes to flirting with people; at first sight, he already feels like Abbey is piercing through his soul. They played bocce ball, along with a few glasses of drinks; it seemed like they had some crisp moments. On the other hand, Lauren LC Chamblin (from Love is Blind) is a lively woman, smiling and shining, which will make Bartise’s heart skip a beat. They had a very sweet talk about all their preferences about having a partner. They make a wish, padlocking the love lock with a beautiful message. Abbey and Bartise had something they were not ready for, but the question was whom were they going to pick for the finale.

Call It A Self-Elimination

Coming back to the villa, Chloe and Georgia are setting up something for the night to propose their ‘perfect match.’ Everyone gathers up near the tiki bar counter, including Bartise and Abbey, with their dates. The house is damn glad to have Nick Uhlenhuth back again. But the host is back with another challenge for the night, and that is that anyone who thinks they do not fit in the house should leave. Amidst everyone, Nick has all his eyes on LC, and that is a mutual connection as per their conversation. While Bartise goes to Abbey, she confronts him, saying that his mind is totally on her. Bartise, who had been in the show earlier, had matched with Ines and Izzy, finally inclined Abbey to drop the goal! Georgia proposes to Dom through a rap song she had been working on all day—the best shot till now from Georgia’s side. Chloe also sings a song for Shayne, asking for his hand forever. Shayne melts for a second but starts having second thoughts as well. After having a talk with LC and Nick, Shayne starts feeling like he is just an option for Chloe, as she had celebrated being with Mitchell by splashing out of the pool while he was about to leave the show. And now, again, Chloe is the one who put herself on a date with Shayne. The mixed feelings inside his mind led to an unnecessary bust-up, and it feels like Shayne is easily moved by people’s words. Rather than appreciating Chloe’s endeavors, Shayne just messed up everything he had gained in the past two days. Chloe tries her best to make him understand how strongly she feels about him. But, this is a real turn-off for the fans, as we had already started hoping for the best for the couple, but Shayne ruined it all because of his ego. After being disappointed and disheartened, Chloe went inside the bedroom to get some sleep. Shayne, without having any idea, went to convince Chloe, but they were done for the night! This blunder shows Shayne the way to get out of the Panama villa, as he thinks that it is not the right match for him.

But will he actually go away without informing Chloe? The episode ends here with him putting his pride before his partner. What will happen next? Will the dream they had braided together simmer down completely? A match we thought to be perfect is all jet-lagged until we dig down to the next episode!


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