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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap: Season 3, Episodes 1, 2, And 3

“Star Trek: Picard” season 3 kicks off with Dr. Beverly Crusher activating the warp drive to escape an invasion. Unfortunately, the enemies had already boarded the ship and captured Beverly, but fortunately, she managed to send an encrypted message to her old friend Jean-Luc Picard on his old communicator. Crusher’s message refers to a specific coordinate and also includes the advice to trust no one with them, not even Starfleet. 

Spoilers Ahead

Wrap Jump To Ryton System

Picard pays a visit to his old friend Will and learns about the “Hellbird” virus and also that the coordinates lead to the Ryton System, a place outside the Federation System. Thanks to Will’s connection, the duo managed to charter a spacecraft for the Ryton system by boarding Captain Shaw’s vessel under the guise of a surprise inspection; however, they were turned down by the latter. Fortunately, Seven of Nine, the second-in-command of the Titan vessel, drops Picard and Will on the edge of the Ryton System. The scanners detected a spaceship running at an extremely low power levels, approximately 200 kilometers inside the nebula’s outermost edge. Meanwhile, just a couple of days before Frontier Day, which was to unveil the red statue of Rachael Garett (the Red Lady), the Starfleet Recruitment Building at District 7 was reduced to ashes. The ensuing probe into the matter suggests that the unprecedented attack was carried out by Lurak T’Luco, leader of a Romulan rebel faction.

On the other hand, Will and Picard board Beverly’s ship and are shocked to see Beverly recovering in the medical pod. They also encounter Beverly’s son, Jack Crusher. Tragically, the pair were pursued and are now being hunted by a massive ship before Jack could recount the events that transpired. The unidentified ship opens fire on Picard’s vessel, trapping Will, Picard, and Jack on Beverly’s fading ship. The enemies board the ship following a failed attempt to teleport Jack but are saved after Seven O’Nine convinces Captain Shaw to intervene. The unidentified vessel is piloted by Captain Vadic, who grants them an hour to turn in Jack Crusher, or the weapons on her ship, nicknamed Shrike, will tear their vessel into pieces.

The Red Lady

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Raffi Musiker has been tasked by the Starfleet to probe and dig for information about the Red Lady, a possible weapon to use against the Starfleet. Unfortunately, just a couple of days before Frontier Day, which was to unveil the red statue of Rachael Garett (the Red Lady), the Starfleet Recruitment Building at District 7 was reduced to ashes. Raffi is convinced that Starfleet is turning a blind eye to the truth and decides to continue her investigation, dismissing all the orders from the high command. Raffi learns from Worf, his mysterious handler, that an impending threat is on the horizon, and what occurred in District 7 was just the beginning. The duo joins forces and leaves to follow a human nicknamed Titus Rikka to find out more about the stolen weapons and their sinister plan. Titus Rikka revealed that the attack was just a mere distraction to steal a weapon for mass destruction.

A New Course Of Action

Picard decides on a new course of action and asks Will to wake Beverly from her recuperating sleep. Meanwhile, Jack Crusher, using his wits and abilities, escapes his captivity, but in reality, he is turning himself in to save his mother in case others wouldn’t. Picard takes control of the ship and makes his intention clear about not handing his son, Jack, to Vadic by opening fire and disappearing into the fumes of intergalactic smoke. In reality, Picard and Beverly share a romantic relationship. However, the latter decides to leave him and cut all contact with Picard to save herself and her son because Picard is a hot target, and every villain in the galaxy desperately wants his head on their wall. Vedic’s ship managed to isolate the Titan with her new tracking technology, forcing them to fly deeper into the nebula’s cloud.

Titan was at a deficit because of the dense cloud, which prevented it from applying its warp drive and enabled it to flee. Shrike caught up to Titan, but Picard and Will, with their experience and quick wit, managed to buy some time. The engineers managed to get the warp operational but were pulled in closer with some sort of portal weapon that is akin to the same weapon that reduced the Starfleet Recruitment Office to debris. Even after their best efforts, Titan was unable to get the shrimp off its tail. But how? In reality, Shrike has been tracking the verterium present on the ship using a massive spectrometer, putting Titan at a disadvantage. Vedic has also placed a changeling, who’s skilled at making multiple appearances on the Titan, to meddle with the latter’s controls. Vedic and her crew are part of a rogue terrorist group, unwilling to accept defeat in the Dominion War and wishing to reignite the war. Titan managed to get behind the Shrike and open fire with everything they’ve got, but Vedic turned their own weapon against them. The attack disrupts Titan’s flight system, forcing the ship to sink slowly into the abyss of the gravity well.


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