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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 9: Release Date And Where Can You Stream In India?

“The Last of Us” Season 1 is just a single episode away from ending in a stunning conclusion or a heart-wrenching cliffhanger to the pilot season. This Niel Drunkmann masterpiece has been hailed all over the globe, with many calling it a perfect homage to the highly successful videogame of the same name published by Naughty Dog. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming “The Last of Us,” Season 1, Episode 9.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date: When’s It Coming Out?

Episode 9 of Season 1 of “The Last of Us” will air on March 12, 2023, at 6 pm. Pacific Standard Time, 8 pm Central Time, and 9 pm ET. As usual, the latest episodes may be seen on HBO’s own streaming service, HBO Max.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 9: Where To Watch In India?

Fans of movies and binge-watchers in India are in a bind since HBO Max is not yet available in their country. But don’t panic; Disney Plus Hotstar has the right to air the program and will begin streaming it on the 13th (Saturday) at 9 am IST.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 8: A Brief Rundown Of The Plot

When chaos brews, it often brings out the best and worst in people. When faced with adversity, some resort to killing innocents for mere supplies, whilst some can still conjure the courage to keep their heads held high and put their lives on the line for others. When chaos and disorder spread around the world, anarchy rears its ugly head, giving men like David an opportunity to capitalize on the situation and utilize others for their advantage. At first glance, David appeared to be a decent human being, willing to trade the deer that Ellie hunted in lieu of antibiotics. David revealed that he’s a preacher and is the leader of a big group mostly harboring women and children. However, David harbors a sinister and vengeful intention. In reality, weeks ago, David sent a group of four to salvage supplies; however, Joel killed one of them, named Alec, to save Ellie’s life. David offers Ellie the antibiotics and lets her get away so that he can follow her trail back to the man he holds responsible for Alec’s death.

David’s group has been running low on supplies and has convinced his people to do something preposterous. David isn’t running a group; he’s the leader of the cult and has managed to convince the men and women under his command to resort to cannibalism. David abhors taking suggestions from anyone and often beats the one who questions his methods of mercy. The next morning David takes several of his men to track Ellie and Joel, and since the latter has been unconscious for a couple of days, Ellie is forced to fend for herself and picks up arms against David’s group. Ellie hides Joel and tries to lead everyone away from the building on horseback, but the horse is shot, leaving Ellie unconscious. David picks up Ellie and orders his men to go door to door to find and kill Joel. As everything seems lost, Joel musters what strength he has left and manages to take down one of David’s soldiers. Joel captures Marco, tortures him to spill Ellie’s location, and learns that David is holding Ellie in Silver Lake, a resort just a couple miles away from their location.

Meanwhile, Ellie wakes up to find herself trapped inside a cage. David tries to convince Ellie to join her cult in return for supplies and protection, but in reality, David just wants another follower, someone he could exploit by whatever means. David is a pedophile and realizes that he can exert much more power over his followers if he has Ellie as an ally. Ellie lures David and fractures his finger, which provokes David to the point where he commands her to be chopped up and eaten for supper. David’s men grab Ellie to tie her to the chopping table, but the latter manages to kill one of the guards with the meat cleaver and escapes, prompting David to follow after her. During an assault on David, Ellie is tackled and thrown to the ground, and Ellie, in moments of desperation, extends her arms to reach out for the knife and stabs David repeatedly to death. This was the first time Ellie had ever killed a person, and it seemed that it had stripped her of the final vestige of innocence she had left inside of her. From the outset, Ellie is shown to be kind and sympathetic, often condemning Joel for resorting to killing people, but she now realises that sometimes one needs to become evil to exterminate a greater threat. In the opening sequence, Ellie is shown as a teenager who has spent her whole life in a civilization devastated by a fatal illness that has transformed its population into vicious creatures walking in hordes. She’s also developing a callous, vicious disposition toward the zombies and other foes they face.


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