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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Episode 3: A Traveling Salesman Travels: Recap And Ending

In the previous episode of “Hello Tomorrow,” we saw the business has been going great; Jack and his entire sales staff are busy taking calls as people just can’t ignore the promises of zinnias stretching toward the sky in the reduced gravity of what could be their own lunar garden. Joey is also closing multiple lucrative deals and is giving Herb and Eddie a run for their money. Maybe that’s why Joey insisted on staying while everyone, including his father, was ready to call it a night. Joey’s mind is starting to work more like that of a professional salesman; he stole second place from Herb and Eddie, and all he wants is more. Myrtle arrives at the office, signs the contract, and offers Herb everything she has in return for a condo on the moon and the first flight on the planet. However, she is heartbroken and agitated to learn that the launches are scheduled quarterly, as mentioned in the contract, leaving her stranded on the planet without a house and a husband. Myrtle has left her husband and has even burned his house down to the cinders. To avoid Myrtle’s wrath and maintain friendly coexistence, Herb promises to get her a seat on the rocket first thing tomorrow morning. Herb is obviously lying, as there is no rocket launch scheduled for tomorrow, and he will spend the night thinking about how to get rid of an angry client. Since Myrtle has no place to go, Herb offers her the room he was sharing with Eddie.

Spoilers Ahead

A Salesman Travels

On the other hand, Joey has no idea about the scam and is genuinely happy and cheerful, believing that in a couple of months, his clients will be thanking him for the house they’ve dreamed about. Meanwhile, Jack is doing everything he can to make his time with his son special, sharing drinks and appreciating his drive for success. Joey learns from Eddie and Shirley, who are catching drinks in the hotel’s bar that they will be leaving town first thing in the morning. In reality, Eddie, Herb, Shirley, and Jack are travelling salesmen; thus, they never spend more than a couple of days in the same place, meaning there isn’t someone who sticks around to work locally. Joey decides to pay a visit to her mother in the hospital and is offered a ride by Jack in his new car, which later turns out to be his gift to Joey. Unfortunately, Joel has to turn his life around, as he can’t leave his sick mother. Back at the hotel, Herb is anxiously looking for Jack so he can take care of his problem and has even directed Myrtle to customer support, believing it would help. Unfortunately, customer service is of no help, as she learns that there’s no option for grievances and every entry is invalid. Myrtle believes that she has gambled her life’s savings on a fake promise and registers a complaint against Herb. She barges into Herb’s room, blaming him for duping him and making his wife believe that her husband is having an affair with a white blonde.

The Spree Of Complaints

However, Myrtle is the least of their problems, as they learn that they have less than 16 hours to file a 703-C Statement of Disclosure for every transaction and entity. Meanwhile, Jack is doing everything he can to convince Joey to join him on the sales trip to the next county, even going so far as to help him fix his garage, saying that looking at the broken door will only drag him down. Jack tries to shoot himself in the foot in the conversation after Joey talks about his dad, and as expected, is met with a tardy response that Joey could care less about his father even if his father was dead.

Jack somehow manages to talk Joey into joining his sales adventure, leaves with him in Joey’s brand new company car for the hotel, and, to his shock, sees his mother waiting outside to meet his grandson. She learns that Jack has not yet revealed to Joey that he is his son and is trying to change him into himself, just like his very own father. She is furious to see that Jack had Joey so pumped up with adrenaline that he even decided to abandon his mother when she was lying on her deathbed. Back at the office, Myrtle begins blabbering about how “Brightside” has robbed her of her hard-earned money and forms a friendship with the same officer who has given Shirley a 16-hour window to submit the disclosure form. The officer assures Myrtle that he will look into the matter, and the episode concludes with him sliding a customer complaint form toward her with retro music playing in the background. The alleged complaint might be a heavy blow to Jack’s intricate plans and might disclose that “Everything is a Sham.”


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