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7 Films Like ‘Infinity Pool’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

“Infinity Pool” is directed by Brandon Cronenberg, the son of David Cronenberg, who is known for his array of experimental films that often blend science-fiction with horror, body deformity, and mutilation, among many others. Like his father, Brandon has also shown great potential as a director, especially in the sci-fi genre, with hits like “Possessor” (2020) and “Antiviral” (2012) showcasing his talent. “Infinity Pool” features Alexander Skarsgard and Mia Goth among its leads. The movie follows a couple on vacation on the fictitious island of La Tolqa before they venture out of their resort grounds and stumble upon a culture of violence, hedonism, and other weird practices. The movie has been well-received by critics for its unique aesthetics, social commentary, and mind-bending horror. If you are looking for films like “Infinity Pool,” then check out these seven similar movies listed below.

Midsommar (2019)

Coming off the massive success of “Hereditary (2018),” “Midsommar” was Ari Aster’s latest horror film. The film follows Florence Pugh’s Dani as she accompanies her boyfriend and his group of friends to a secluded town in Sweden to participate in the traditional summer festival “Midsommar.” Dani and her group soon begin to notice strange practices before they realise that they are part of a weird cult with ominous intentions. Like other Ari Aster movies, “Midsommar” is a blend of personal trauma and harrowing horror elements. Although not better than his previous film, the movie still has a lot going for it in terms of its hypnotic, creepy cinematography, some stunning performances (most notably Florence Pugh), and an unsettling finale.

The Menu (2022)

“The Menu” is directed by Mark Mylod, known for his dark comedies such as “Ali G. Indahouse” (2002) and “The Big White” (2005), among others, and features a great cast comprising Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Nicholas Hoult, among many others. The film follows young couple Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult as they travel to a secluded island to eat at a special restaurant run by an acclaimed chef (Ralph Fiennes). They soon suspect that they have signed up for something much more sinister than just a lavish meal. “The Menu” has a unique concept, combining social commentary with food pornography, along with stunning cinematography and solid performances. Ralph Fiennes was brilliant as the mysterious chef, and Anya Taylor-Joy, as usual, delivered a strong performance here.

Get Out (2017)

With “Get Out,” debutant director Jordan Peele showcased his unique imagination along with his penchant for horror and thrillers. Written and directed by Peele, the movie follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a black man, as he accompanies his white girlfriend (Allison Williams) to her parents’ old house. Everything goes smoothly for a while before Chris begins to feel that his hosts are hiding something from him. “Get Out” is regarded as one of the best thrillers of recent times and has also won an Oscar for best original screenplay. The movie seamlessly juggles social commentary and racism with disturbing horror elements while even finding space to sprinkle in a bit of science fiction. “Get Out” has one of the most thrilling second halves in a film that is sure to leave you at the edge of your seat.

Mandy (2018)

This Nicholas Cage movie sees him on a path of vengeance after his peaceful life with his wife in a secluded forest is destroyed by a trespassing hippie cult. “Mandy” features some of the most graphically violent scenes in a movie, along with some brilliant action sequences. The movie is a barrage of nightmarish sequences filled with crazy cult characters. “Mandy” is not for the faint-hearted, but if you can stand the violence and the grotesqueness, then it is one of the most thrilling movie experiences you’ll have in a while.

Possessor (2020)

Directed by none other than Brandon Cronenberg, this sci-fi/horror flick tells the tale of Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough), an assassin who works for a secret organisation that controls people using brain implants to make them commit assassinations. “Possessor” has a strikingly innovative script that is elevated by the addition of body horror imagery, violence, and a couple of standout performances from Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott.

The Ritual (2017)

A group of friends gets together for a hike in the Swedish wilderness before they begin to suspect a sinister presence. Adapted from the Adam Nevill book of the same name, the movie follows a familiar horror-movie plot structure. But the predictability of the plot doesn’t seem to take anything away from experience, as everything presented to the audience is executed perfectly. “The Ritual” spends a good amount of time developing its characters, which is rare in a horror film. The conflict between the characters is as important as the horror element here; this makes for a refreshingly meaty script for a horror film; added an impressive creature design makes “The Ritual” an entertaining watch.

Speak No Evil (2022)

This Danish film mixes dread with social commentary. When a Danish family on vacation happens to get acquainted with a Dutch family, they don’t expect to get an invitation to the latter’s home. Things begin to go awry when they grow more and more uncomfortable with their hosts’ behaviour. The movie is a bit of a slow burn, as the main driver of the plot here is the increasing levels of awkwardness and unpleasantness. As an audience, the question here is not whether a confrontation will happen but rather when it happens. “Speak No Evil” is an unsettling experience and a great watch for fans of psychological horror.

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