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Berlin Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: How Do Berlin And Damian Have Their Heartbroken?

Episode 2 of the highly anticipated series Berlin sees the master thief and his crew making strands to plunder the big prize of 44 million euros worth of jewels that would soon be deposited in the auction house. Their plan hit a slight road bump when the priest snatched the chalice to present it to the University of Salamanca. Had he been successful, Berlin and his motley crew would’ve had to disappear overnight without even having a glimpse of their massive prize, which would have set them for life. Fortunately, the priest got scared and returned the chalice to Damián. However, the priest wasn’t the only one threatening the plan; it was Berlin himself, who had broken his own rule and had fallen head over heels for Polignac’s wife, Camille, and was scouring the city of lights with her rather than being with the crew. However, by the end of the episode, the crew got into the auction house and took control of the entire security system, controlling the place. Now, the adventure continues in episode 3.

Major Spoiler Warning

How Did Berlin And His Team Plan Next?

Now, when the group had managed to break into the auction house and the antechamber, they needed to find out how to break into the vault without getting noticed. For a while, it felt that Berlin had lost track of the main objective, but he was wrong. No matter how distracted Berlin appeared, he would never, in good conscience, sabotage Damián’s plan. This became clear when he made Bruce drink an entire bottle of champagne when the latter interrupted Keila while she explained their next move to the crew. Keila continued, that now, when they had the security system under their thumb, they would play the footage in a loop to trick the guards constantly watching the monitors. Once the guards and cameras were taken care of, they would enter the antechamber and remove the back wall of the vault with hardened wires that would slice through the steel like butter. Once cut, the group would connect the slab to a miniature crane to open it like a garage door and slide inside. The plan worked, and the group broke inside the vault as expected. The jewels would take a few more days to arrive, and Berlin planned to spend these next two days with his recent love, Camille. As for the others, they were told to enjoy and savor the beauty of Paris.

How Do Berlin And Damián Have Their Hearts Broken?

While some were spending time with loved ones in a remote French cabin, some saw their love and their seemingly perfect life slipping away from their hands. While roaming around Paris and having breakfast, Damián received a call from his wife, whom Damián had told that he would be in Paris attending a university lecture. However, Damián’s wife, Carmen, hadn’t called because she missed Damián, but to break heartbreaking news. Carmen told Damián that it was best they should separate, but the latter believed she was talking about taking a break. However, this wasn’t what Carmen meant; she was dumping Damián and didn’t want to spend any more years of her life with him. Moreover, she also told Damián not to call her for a while.

Damián didn’t take the news well and returned to the seclusion of his hotel room. Damián planned to return to Spain as soon as possible and remind Carmen why he was the love of her life, but Cameron advised him against it. From the looks of it, it appeared that Cameron herself had gone through the same ordeal and had her heart broken by the man whom she once hoped to marry. Meanwhile, Polignac also found out that his wife was cheating on him with another man after reading her emails to Berlin. The fact that Polignac now knew about Berlin’s affair with Camille didn’t deter Berlin a single inch, but when he learned that Camille had no intention of leaving her husband, Berlin left her in the room. What made Camille change her mind? According to Camille, Berlin was just an infatuation, a second fiddle, with whom she could get intimate and mess around but never marry. Moreover, Camille had wanted to become a mother for years, but Polignac had never agreed. After finding out about her lover, he agreed so Camille could not leave him. Even though Polignac didn’t quite put this into words, he had no problem with Berlin and had basically given him a free pass to sleep with his wife whenever he wanted.

What New Problem Do Berlin And His Crew Face?

The entire plan was put again at risk when Bruce started to receive calls from bike rental services. This was a huge blunder, and if the bike wasn’t returned on time, the company would go to the cops with Bruce’s passport. And if they ran it through facial recognition software, the cops would find out that Bruce has a record and identify him. Unfortunately, Roi didn’t have the bike, as he and Cameron lost it when they were robbing the chalice, and now it sat in the garage of the priest’s ex-convict bodyguards. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg, as a whirlwind of troubles was heading their way, ready to level their heist. The crew learned that the auction house had moved up the event, and all the jewels had arrived and would be soon taken for appraisal and press events. This left the group with only a day to plan and carry out the heist, and if they failed, they would never see all the treasure in one single place ever again.

The Final Verdict

Berlin always lived by one rule: don’t mix work with personal life, or you’ll lose both. But Berlin found himself breaking his own rule, and now he was putting both his love life and the heist at risk. When he discovered that Polignac was using a baby to keep Camille from leaving, Berlin lost it. Instead of focusing on the upcoming heist just hours away, he decided to teach Polignac a lesson. We dare ask the obvious question: Would Berlin head to Polignac’s house to make him regret his actions or stick to the original plan and rob the auction house?


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