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Berlin Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: Why Did Berlin And The Others Leave Their Hotel Room?

Episode 3 of Berlin, dubbed House of Embryos, was jam-packed with heartbreaks. The first floor fell on Damián when his wife told him that she no longer had any interest in him and wanted to separate. Damián thought she was talking about going on a break, but the words that escaped her lips next told us that Carmen was talking about getting a divorce. This broke Damián’s heart in many pieces, and he isolated himself in his room, shuffling through his wife’s phone records and Facebook posts to find who Carmen had been seeing.

At that point, it appeared that Damián had totally forgotten about the plan, like Berlin, but thankfully, Cameron pulled him back into action. Fate dealt Berlin the same blow when Camille’s husband, Polignac, found out about their affair; however, instead of lashing out at either of them, he allowed Camille to see Berlin whenever she pleased. Moreover, Polignac even told Camille that he was ready to become a father, something Camille had wanted for years, to keep her close to himself. This made Berlin lose control, and he left to kidnap Polignac, putting the entire plan in jeopardy.

Now, the adventure continues in episode 4, An Aquarium on Your Back.

Major Spoiler Warning

Why Did Damián Lash Out In Berlin?

Berlin figured it was best to rob Polignac of both his jewels and wife, and thus joined his crew members and entered the steel vault via the antechamber. The group was to steal all the jewels from the respective vaults, but the tension escalated between Damián and Berlin, and the former pushed him against the vault. Getting dumped by his wife made Damián bitter, and he started to hate Berlin, as he was a womanizer who had slept with many women and had broken many happy relationships. He called Berlin egotistical, saying he would squander everything just to have a night with a woman. In addition, Damián made it clear that this was their last job together and they would never meet again.

Berlin also hurled some harsh words at Damián, saying he was dumped by Carmen because she had found someone better. The noise attracted Polignac and the guards’ attention, forcing them to return every jewel they had taken to its place and retreat. Fortunately, the team stole all the jewels, and afterward, they backtracked and erased their steps. They put the steel slab where it belonged, polished the steel, and added a layer of paint to make the vault appear to be perfectly sealed and untouched. This was done to make sure that no one could prove that someone ever entered the vault in the first place. This would make sure all suspicions fall on the people of the auction house, and the cops would investigate the crime as an inside job. Later, the crew created a power surge so they could create a blackout and fry all the electronics. This would allow them to remove the relays they had installed earlier to control the cameras. With brilliant planning, Berlin and his crew made it look like they were never there in the vault.

Why Did Berlin And The Others Leave Their Hotel Room?

Once the jewels were stolen and kept in Damián’s room, Berlin left his hotel room to carry out his personal vendetta against his current paramour and her husband. Berlin broke into Polignac’s apartment, knocked him out using chloroform, and placed some pieces of the stolen jewels in his farmhouse to frame him for the crime he had committed. Berlin figured that once Polignac was out of the picture and in prison, Camille would have no choice but to return to him. Roi advised him against it, saying he was not thinking straight and mixing his personal life with his professional life, but Berlin was in no mood for chitchat.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Bruce asked Keila for help to fix a problem that should’ve been fixed days ago. Bruce told Keila that he couldn’t leave Paris because his passport had been flagged for not returning the rental bike. After a lengthy conversation, Bruce convinced Keila to help him break into the rental services shop to hack their computers to delete his data. This was a problem, as Damián had made it perfectly clear that no one would leave their hotel room before checkout. However, it appeared that his instructions had fallen on deaf ears; as soon as Bruce and Keila left, Cameron and Roi followed suit. Unlike others, Roi and Cameron had gone out just to get drunk and celebrate their win. As the episode neared its end, Keila tried to hack the computer and even pretended to be a new joiner, but the workers saw through her farce after they noticed Bruce hiding under a desk.

What To Expect

Episode 4 of Berlin brought us a rollercoaster of emotions—discourse in friendship, the crazy things love makes you do, and more. Damián had a simple plan to steal the jewel, relax in the hotel room, and smoothly head to the airport the next morning. Damián had told everyone countless times, “No breaking rules, no improvising,” as one misstep could topple the entire plan like dominoes. But Berlin, in his revenge-fueled focus on making things right with Camille, didn’t give Damián’s warnings a second thought. For Berlin, his penchant for flawless execution took a back seat, while his desire for vengeance rode shotgun. Berlin steered off the plan, knocked out Polignac, and framed him by placing jewel shards in his house, which was in no way part of the plan. This was dangerous, as Berlin was in direct contact with both Polignac and his wife Camille, and the Spanish police could easily connect the dots. If that happened, it would stir up more problems for Berlin and his crew, adding to their already mounting troubles. Berlin’s personal feelings would put the entire plan and team at risk, and the next episode would show us why.


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