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Berlin Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: How Did The Crew Get Inside The Antechamber?

The first episode of Netflix’s highly-awaited spin-off series, “Berlin,” saw Berlin and his crew steal a chalice that would lead them to a pricey treasure worth 44 million euros. Once they had the chalice, Berlin and his motley crew duped a church’s priest into believing that his church housed one of the oldest treasures in the world. In the greed to have his name etched in history, the priest agreed and helped Berlin get all the necessary permission to carry out the dig. We also noticed Berlin betraying his own preaching and losing his heart to a beautiful woman on the other side of the street. This would not have been an issue if Camille was not the wife of the man Berlin was going to steal from. As the episode neared its end, Berlin and his crew faced new trouble when the priest planned to present the chalice to the University of Salamanca, threatening their entire heist. Now the story continues, or should I say “heist?”

Major Spoiler Warning

 What Happened To The Chalice?

As seen in episode 1, Berlin trusted Roi with the responsibility of retrieving the chalice. Roi planned to drive past the priest and snatch the briefcase, but Cameron, who drove her bike like it was her last day on Earth, helped Roi see the flaws in his plan and offered to join him. The duo tried the classic snatch-and-grab technique but ended up dragging the priest half a block through the hustle and bustle of Paris. Moreover, the ex-convict bodyguards of the priest made the mission a real threat to them. The convicts forced Roi and Cameron off their bike, and they had to steal a married couple’s car and disrupt a funeral service to escape. Roi and Cameron managed to hot-wire a car to escape the tattooed men, but the plan didn’t work, and they ended up failing the mission. Fortunately, the attack scared the priest, and he returned the chalice to Damián, confessing that the latter was right about security.

What Happened Between Camille And Berlin?

Berlin’s eyes lit up when he met Camille, and he even convinced her to share a taxi together so they could continue their conversation on the road. On the road, Berlin confessed that Camille had him thinking about her ever since he saw her singing at the bar. Berlin had fallen head over heels for Camille, so much so that he even did something he would’ve never done otherwise. This included going to the nightclub, where people with strange hairstyles and weird tastes in music met and sipped drinks. Even though Berlin hated it, he jumped straight into the crowd for the sake of impressing Camille. From the looks of it, the plan worked, as Camille had a nice grin on her face when Berlin dropped her off under his apartment. Berlin even asked for her contact details, and Camille complied, suggesting that she, too, might have some feelings for Berlin.

The next morning, Camille showed up at Berlin’s doorstep and subtly hinted to him that she was in love with him, but Berlin had to reject her as his apartment was bursting with cameras and telescopes, spying on her house. However, Berlin ran after her in the hallway, and the ensuing kiss just sealed the deal. Berlin and Camille started making excuses to see each other and Berlin even hung out with his friends. In layman’s terms, Berlin attracted all kinds of attention while the rest of his team was digging under the church. Berlin’s love affair put the entire plan at risk. However, Berlin wasn’t the only one; there was romance and sexual tension brewing between Keila, the tech genius, and Bruce.

How Did The Crew Get Inside The Antechamber?

After days of digging through the mud and bricks, the group managed to break into the auction house. If you haven’t picked up on their plan yet, the crew planned to break into the empty wall, hide there, and escape with the jewels once they were deposited. The team was briefed to wear hazmat suits and cover every part of their body while entering the antechamber to avoid leaving any DNA that could connect them to the crime. The only problem was that the antechamber housed multiple cameras, and everything that happened inside the chamber was directly visible on the monitors that were constantly monitored by the guards. To throw off the guards, Bruce distracted them while the team neutralized the security system. But why the antechamber?

Wouldn’t it make sense to break into the vault? In reality, the antechamber was a security room that held all the hard disks for the auction house’s security system. Thus, in order to move further, they needed to hack all the cameras installed in the main hall, the antechamber, the outside, and inside the wall. It became a close call when Keila blew the fuse but managed to get everything under control. With that, Keila was rewarded with complete control of the auction house’s security, be it cameras or smoke alarms. Now, all moved to the next part of their marvelous plan: how to open a vault that had steel walls over 10 inches thick and, more importantly, how to do it without getting caught. Once the way was conquered, they would come and go as they pleased, like it was the revolving door of a five-star hotel.

Episode 2 of Berlin finally gave us that intense scene, putting us in an adrenaline rush where one mistake could mean the decimation of the entire heist. The group broke into the auction house and took control of all the cameras, and in the next episode, we’ll see the crew covering the next part of the plan, which involves getting the itinerary of the transport carrying the jewels from Polignac. However, one thing the two episodes haven’t done yet is explore the backstories of all the crew members, something we would love to see in the upcoming episodes. After all, that’s exactly what made its predecessor, “Money Heist,” a staggering hit.


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