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‘Unihertz Luna’ Specifications And Review, Explained: Nothing’s Clone Unveiled At MWC 2023

Unihertz is a Chinese tech company known for making unique smartphones, and this year it turned quite a few heads with its introduction of the Luna model. The smartphone’s back has a patch of LED lights that resembles the Glyph Interface on the Nothing Phone (1), and it is difficult to ignore the uncanny resemblance. Even Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, posted a picture with both phones in his hand at MWC 2023, which has created quite a buzz on social forums. There was great hype around the Nothing Phone (1), and up to some extent, it delivered. But the real question is, “Can Unihertz Luna provide an overall decent performance in the budget segment? ” Read the article to find out the details that have surfaced and what you can expect from them.

Build And Design

According to various reports and images, it can be confirmed that the Unihertz Luna has a solid build with a plastic body and is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass V5 for protection. It is expected to weigh 205 g and have a dimension of 95.6 x 196.4 x 10 mm. Though the LED strips on the back look similar to those on the Nothing Phone (1) but the way they are placed is different. The company has claimed that this design is based on the “oriental philosophy of the round sky,” where the moon revolves around the Earth and all the other circular objects similar to the moon are in active motion. The LEDs in the Nothing Phone (1) light up when you get calls or notifications. Unihertz has confirmed that the vibrant colored lights will glow on notification, but it is yet to see what else it can also do. The device, which will be available in black and white, is expected to have an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance as well as Military grade certification to demonstrate its durability. 


The Unihertz Luna will come with a pretty large 6.81 in IPS LCD display that will support 16 million colors. Well, if it had been OLED, like the Nothing Phone (1), or AMOLED, the experience would have been better. With an expected screen-to-body ratio of 80.5% and a 90 Hz refresh rate, the bezels are relatively thin except for the bottom part of the screen. There is both Fingerprint and Face Unlock, equipped on the screen, which will probably have a dimension of 1080 x 2340 pixels and a pixel density of 335 PPI. The nits of brightness it can reach and whether it will have Dolby Vision are yet to be known. 


Now, though we are saying the Unihertz Luna is a clone of the Nothing Phone (1), in the department of technicalities it has a stark difference. Unihertz Luna is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99, which is a decent processor in the budget segment, but the Nothing Phone (1) has the more powerful Snapdragon 778G+. The Unihertz Luna will run on Android 12 and have an octa-core CPU and Mali 657 GPU. For the moment, it can be confirmed that the Unihertz Luna will be available with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. If you require further storage options, the device is equipped with a microSD card slot that is expandable up to 512 GB. The speakers are present below the display, while the 3.5 mm audio jack is on the upper part. According to several reports, the Unihertz Luna will not have 5G support which is a kind of a dent when we compare it with other smartphones in the budget segment.


It is not only from the Nothing Phone (1) that the company draws inspiration but also from Apple. The triple camera layout that has been equipped in the rear has similarities to the iPhone “Pro” model’s camera layout, which Apple has been using for the past few years. The camera setup seems to be pretty decent on paper, with a 108 MP primary camera, a 20 MP Night Vision camera, a 2 MP Macro camera on the rear, and a 32 MP camera on the front. The primary and selfie cameras use Samsung sensors, S5KHM2SP03-FGX9 and S5KGD1, respectively, while the Night Vision uses a Sony IMX350 sensor and the Macro uses an OV2680. The setup has the ability to take decent-quality pictures, and hopefully, it does when it gets launched on the market.

Battery And Connectivity

The Unihertz Luna has a 5000 mAh battery, and the company says on its official website that with a single charge, it can run for up to 2 days. Along with this, the device is expected to come with an 18 W charger in the box, which will be Type-C 2.0. It is yet to be seen if the battery life will hold as the company has promised, but the 18 W charger seems a bit less when compared to other companies in the budget segment. For connectivity, the Unihertz Luna will have Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, NFC, and GPS.


Several sources have suggested that the Unihertz Luna will be launched in the market in March 2023 and will have a price tag of under $300. Now, if that price tag remains, it can be a great budget segment device with a unique look that can have a dedicated customer base among those who were unable to purchase the Nothing Phone (1). But it has to deliver in other departments like camera, battery, and performance, as only the design factor would not be enough to entice all the customers in the budget segment.

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