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‘Huawei Watch Ultimate’ First Impression Review: A Watch Designed For Extremities

When it comes to innovation in watches, Huawei has been creating wonders! Remember the Huawei Watch Buds? A watch with an inbuilt pair of earbuds that created waves in the market. Recently, on March 23, 2023, the company announced a premium watch along with the Huawei Mate X3 and Huawei P60 Pro, that is built for users who are lovers of adventures. Read the article to find out the features of the Huawei Watch Ultimate, which has some insane things to offer.

Body Design

The metal used for the casing of the Huawei Watch Ultimate is something new and has been used for the first time for making a consumer smartwatch case. It is a zirconium alloy that is 4.5 times stronger, 2.5 times harder, and 17.4% lighter than stainless steel. The dimensions of the Huawei Watch Ultimate are 48.5 x 48.5 x 13 mm, and it weighs only 76 g. The Huawei Watch Ultimate is available in two color options, Voyage Blue and Expedition Black.

 The Voyage Blue takes its inspiration from the sailboat design, and there is a blue ceramic nanotech bezel that reflects the mystery of the ocean. It comes with a titanium strap as well as a professional diving strap. 

The Expedition Black, on the other hand, is for those who are willing to go beyond limits in their adventure. It has a red and black ceramic ring design with a tachymeter and 360-degree compass-inspired bezel, along with an HNBR strap that has high elasticity. The Huawei Watch Ultimate is both ISO 22810 and EN 13319 certified, meaning it has the ability to survive underwater up to 110 m (10 ATM + 100 m water resistant) for 24 hours. To further bolster its durability, it has IP68 certification along with a micron-level waterproof filter and a 16-layer water-resistant design.


The front of the Huawei Watch Ultimate is made of 2.55 mm-thick Sapphire glass, which makes it both durable and scratch-resistant. It has a 1.5 in LTPO AMOLED display that looks absolutely stunning and is built for adventures. With a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, the Huawei Watch Ultimate has a pixel density of around 311 PPI. Change the watch faces to your liking by selecting the ones present in the gallery, or you can also download and combine several watch faces to get the desired one.

Software And Features

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the Huawei Watch Ultimate runs on HarmonyOS 3.0. It supports third-party app downloads through the Watch AppGallery. The watch is packed with a sea of features, and the first among them that is truly intriguing is the different diving modes, which include technical scuba diving, recreational scuba diving, free diving, and gauge mode diving. The Huawei Watch Ultimate becomes the first smartwatch to offer a 100 m scuba diving mode with a range of guidance. The three buttons on the watch assist in operations like checking the underwater timestamp, providing information on tailored scenes, and many more functions.

For continuous monitoring of diving data in real-time, the watch uses the Buhlmann decompression algorithm and provides accurate information. Along with several reminders like gas switching, over-speed ascent, and decompression stops, among many others, the watch also provides suggestions on the diver’s health. 

To train confidently, the Huawei Watch Ultimate provides information on water temperature, ascent rates, and voice-guided exercises to help you stay on top of your adventure. From hiking to cross-country running, engage in any activity as the Huawei Watch Ultimate supports more than 20 professional modes and more than 100 basic fitness modes and provides precise data on calories, distance, oxygen level, and heart rate, among many others. The Dual-Band Five System GNSS in Expedition Mode not only offers accurate positioning but also route-back navigation and location markings. The Huawei Watch Ultimate’s top-notch ECG and PPG sensors can even help in the detection of any heart conditions with their real-time data and precision. For further bolstering the reading of health-related data, the watch has Huawei TruSeen 5.0+ technology and Huawei TruSleep 3.0 technology.

Battery And Connectivity

The Huawei Watch Ultimate is equipped with a 530 mAh battery, which can last up to 14 days with typical usage on a single charge. Upon heavy usage, the number drops to 8 days, which is not bad either. The battery in the Huawei Watch Ultimate supports wireless charging and takes around 1 hour to get fully charged. For connectivity, the watch has Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC support. From checking messages to accepting calls, all can be done via the Bluetooth feature with speaker and microphone support. The Huawei Watch Ultimate also offers a BDS satellite messaging option.


The price tag for the Expedition Black is CNY 5,999, while for the Voyage Blue, it is CNY 6,999, which roughly converts to $871/ €803/ ₹71,681 and $1016/ €937/ ₹83,629 respectively. For the advanced technology, rugged design, and unique features that the Huawei Watch Ultimate is offering, the price seems quite fair, and it has all the abilities to compete with the Apple Watch 8 Series, the Apple Watch Ultra, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series.

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