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‘The Ark’ Recap: Episode 6: Two By Two

We are not new to the daily mysteries that plague the crew of Ark 1. Syfy’s “The Ark” has given the audience a taste of the horrifying things that could happen to a ship, out in the space to colonize another habitable planet. In the fifth episode, we see bigger mysteries lurking over the spaceship, known only to a few people. Suspicions about the motive of Lt. Lane have been skyrocketing ever since he hallucinated about killing Lt. Garnet in the fourth episode. Lt. Lane appears to be a mysterious man and he is also a part of a secret mission. Although in the sixth installment, a lot of shocks await the audience, Now, it is difficult just to suspect only Lane of having a grave motive. It also seems that Ark 1 is going to face a major problem soon. So, without further delay, here is everything you should know about the sixth episode titled “Two by Two.”

Spoilers Ahead

A Rocky Beginning With A Little Hope

As the episode begins, we find Lt. Garnet sitting with her council to get an update on the individual departments. Everything seemed fine; however, Dr. Kabir was awfully absent (mentally). But Eva says that the shuttle has been restored and is functioning properly; however, there is a fuel shortage. The fuel left can only run the ship for two weeks, not more. The council decides that they need to find an immediate solution, or else the entire crew will end up dead. However, Garnet and the others are hopeful that Alicia, Angus, and the rest of the team will definitely come up with something fruitful.

In the meantime, Garnet requests that everyone gather around for a little surprise treat from Angus. Angus presents his first harvest, and everyone cheers up as they finally realise that they won’t starve to death. In another scene, we see Garnet calling Lane into her room, where she finds a bottle of whiskey and shares it with Lane. Garnet finds the new-found no-secret-coordination between her and Lane refreshing and celebratory. However, Lane keeps quiet about William Trust’s presence on the ship.

Sickness, Drug Abuse, And Therapy Sessions

Soon after the meal, as Lt. Brice leaves to find a solution to the fuel shortage, he faints. Later, he wakes up in his bunker, panicked and paranoid. He keeps aside his paranoia to find a solution to the fuel shortage. Brice and Alicia found a planet rich in Uranium 238 that was closer to their route to reach Proxima B. While he shares the news with the rest of the council and Garnet asks to plan the execution, Eva tells Brice that she found him unconscious and carried him to his bunker. Brice was rude to Eva and asked her not to bother herself with his health. Eva grew suspicious and said she would remain silent until they found a solution. Also, she made Brice promise that he would not faint again.

Around the same time, in the med bay, Felix confronts Dr. Kabir, who is addicted to the medications that are helping her to stay awake. Kabir breaks down in tears and confesses she has a drug problem. Felix assures her that he will take care of the hospital and Dr. Kabir needs to fix her situation. Although Dr. Kabir was not a fan of the idea, Felix was persistent, and she knew he would be able to handle the med bay, which for the first time in a long time, was not overcrowded.

Lane visits Cat again even after his sessions are over. Cat is surprised to see Lane, but she says he needs her. He hypothetically tried to explain the William Trust’s situation. But Cat made him confess. Cat’s conversation with Lane seemed suspicious and a lot like a puzzle. Lane goes back to the area where William Trust was in his cryo pod. He found a video of William and his wife in which William was explaining how effective the light-speed engine ship he had created was. It was clear that William wanted to stay back on earth to ensure its safe passage. This interview was in the context of the Ark’s incompetence. Later, Lane discovered another secret room, where multiple DNA samples of various species were stored to establish life on Proxima B.

Solution And Danger

Brice and Eva thought extracting uranium from the planet was their only way to restore the fuel. As soon as Garnet and Lane agreed, the execution began. While executing the plan, the star they were trying to circumnavigate released a solar flare that affected the ship. The temperature began to rise within the ship. Garnet decides to manually fix the solar panel of the ship, as her DNA alterations during the cloning process had immunized her to radiation better than other humans on the planet. Garnet sails through the space and fixes the panel. Unfortunately, she fell unconscious after being overexposed to the radiation. Garnet returned with severe burns and was promptly admitted to the medical bay. Lane was puzzled to see Garnet in such a condition. Felix took care of Garnet, and Lane had to be in charge.

As the solar flare gave the engine the much-needed push, Brice decided to take the shuttle and survey the planet closely for uranium 238. Angus, as well, was studying the planet and found traces of the unknown element that hit their ship. Eva refuses to leave Brice alone on the shuttle. She threatens him to break his truth to all. Lane was in a difficult situation, as on his first day as an acting captain, he had to expose two of his best people to unknown dangers. After many quarrels, Lane agrees that both Brice and Eva will survey the planet in the shuttle. As they leave, Garnet regains her consciousness and looks for Dr. Kabir. Felix tried to cover up for Kabir, but she came out and acknowledged her addiction to Garnet’s addiction. Lane is elated to find Garnet safe as they monitor the shuttle.

The Ending: A Solution Or Another Threat?

While Eva and Brice set out on the shuttle, Eva was curious about Brice’s health. Brice wanted to maintain his secrecy but fainted again. In the meantime, Lane calls to check in, and Eva covers up for Brice again. After some time, Brice regains consciousness and is forced to confess his health issue. Brice confesses he was suffering from Klampkins, a terminal disease, and the fainting episodes aren’t frequent. The last time he had it was a year before Ark 1 left the earth. Eva seemed to be aware of the disease and was deeply concerned. However, reaching closer to the planet, they found no trace of uranium. Alicia says that it might be possible that the uranium is stored on the other side of the planet.

Shockingly enough, as Eva and Brice took the shuttle to the other side, they saw another ship close by, and the shuttle’s radar showed that the second ship had an abundance of both uranium and an unknown element.

So far into the series, we had seen the crew confident enough that they were the only ones to have traveled so far. The other ship shook their confidence and shocked the audience all the same. Episode 6 leaves us with an array of questions. Nonetheless, what now seems to be the most poignant is the “incident” that destroyed the ship and woke the crew up from their cryo-sleep. Was it an accident or an attack?


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