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‘Spencer Sisters’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending: The Hotelier’s Hostage

In “The Spencer Sisters,” after a series of unfavorable events and bad luck, Darby Spencer resigns from her job and is compelled to go back home to her mother, Victoria Spencer, who is a globally respected fiction writer. Despite their contradictory personalities, the duo started their own private investigation agency, which is running pretty well. Along with this, Victoria is trying to write another novel under the pseudonym of Bryn Martell. Her last two novels were major failures, but this time she wants the new one to be as perfect as a peach. And the new collection will be based on the cases she is solving with her daughter, Darby. The 4th episode of “The Spencer Sister” will portray Antonio (Rodrigo Massa), the partner of Zane, who is the closest friend of Darby. Let’s dig into another unique case that will be taken on by Victoria and Darby.

Spoilers Ahead

The Collapsed Grail

Antonio is a very jolly character who runs a local bistro in AlterWood named Bar Vindo. The town is small enough to know everything about everyone residing there. From the morning until the evening, Antonio’s bar is totally jam-packed with customers ordering delicious platters and desserts. One fine morning, he was walking down the lane with a basket of fresh vegetables when he found a few people staring at him in a strange manner. Ignoring that, he reached the kitchen, where all of his staff were already busy handling the crowd. Meanwhile, Antonio came across a forged video of himself that has gone viral, in which he is shouting at his employees. He was way too shocked to see this version, knowing that it wasn’t him. Soon, he called Darby, asking for help. The Spencer sisters went to the bar to check out what had happened. The video caused defamation to not only Antonio but also a huge loss to his dream business. But Antonio didn’t want to bother Zane with this, as Zane is overprotective when it comes to his loved ones. Darby also kept it a secret. Whenever there is an IT case, Victoria already knows where to go. Alastair, the smartest hacker in the town, takes a glance at the fake video and informs Victoria that with artificial intelligence, it is possible to replace any human face. Now, at least, it is clear that someone is trying to stab Antonio from behind. Darby and Victoria met Kleiv, a man from Antonio’s neighborhood who had personal problems with that bistro. Kleiv made it transparent that he became a big fan of Antonio’s club afterwards, having visited that place. Antonio goes by another name; he had a previous clash with him when he was placed in another bar nearby. Randy was replaced by Antonio at Jake’s bar. Randy was a hard-working employee, but his name was blackened somehow to keep Antonio in a permanent post. When the duo visited Randy’s own restaurant, they found him as pleased as a punch to know what happened to Antonio. Randy says that now Antonio will understand how it feels to be alone in a crowd. But he is not guilty of anything, as he didn’t publish anything against Antonio. The case now becomes a patchwork on a smooth fabric.

Jealousy Leads To A Different Destiny

On the other hand, Victoria seems frustrated with her writing. She hired some people for an analytical and comprehensive review of her ongoing work. But it is all disappointing as they could not deliver a proper assessment that would help Victoria find her own way. In the interim, Hannah (Taylor Jackson), one of the employees at Bar Vindo, tries to send her words to Antonio before anything goes wrong. While she was about to convey the message, Antonio himself discovered a lot of mice running inside his bar. All the customers are escorted out of the house, and the pest-control board takes over the place to control the outbreeding of mice. Zane came to know about all the events that had been hidden from him for the past two days. Antonio had contrived a dream to own a restaurant of his own, but all of these brought a stroke of bad luck to him. But he received all sorts of support from his life partner Zane during such a setback. Darby and Victoria looked out for pet shops, wondering where exactly the tiny creatures were bought. First, they suspected Hannah, as she was much involved with the pest control van. But she admits that it was her boyfriend from whom she was seeking help to restore the bistro. After a lot of investigation, Darby found a paper signed by Randy for the purchase of the Norwegian rats. The duo showed all the proof to Randy, but he denied all the facts. Darby again goes through the video clip that was posted on social media. She noticed an important thing that finally guided her to the unsolved riddle. The man in the video uses his left hand to chop vegetables or to flip the frying pan, while Antonio and Randy are both right-handed. One name that instantly raised a smile was Jake (Paul Essiembre), who is a left-handed guy. But if Antonio shares a very sweet bond with Jake, then why will Jake do such a thing in the name of revenge? On the same day, Antonio visits Jake’s bar, with quite displeasure about losing his own bar. All of a sudden, Jake offers Antonio a position in his restaurant. Though it is unexpected, Antonio still accepts the offer with a big smile on his face. In the meantime, Antonio receives a phone call from Darby. Darby spills all the beans about Jake. Jake shared a good connection with Antonio, but he could not see Antonio succeed in his own business. He became very jealous and competitive about that, so he sketched out some uncanny plans to leave Antonio in a high and dry situation. Soon the cop arrives, and Jake is charged with harming innocent animals. He also tried to harm Antonio by the end of the episode, which was somehow prevented by the badass lady Victoria. This is how the case comes to an end with the reopening of Antonio’s fancy bistro. The lost reputation is restored with the humble behavior and lip-smacking cuisines curated by Antonio.

The episode ends with Victoria taking out all the critiques from her house because all she needs is the support of Darby to produce a best-selling novel this year. Each and every episode of “The Spencer Sister” depicts how the duo unites together, using their neurons to the fullest in order to get to the roots of the problems.


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