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‘The Ark’ Recap: Episode 7: A Slow Death Is Worse

The audience was eagerly waiting for the recent episode of “The Ark.” The eager wait was to know whose spaceship Lt. Brice and Eva saw while they were out on the investigation. The current episode, “A Slow Death is Worse,” opened to a mixed reaction. Remember William Trust, whose brainchild was Ark? He created several such ships. We find that the spaceship that Eva and Brice saw was Ark 3. There seems to be some sinister connection between Lt. Lane’s discovering the secret cryo bay where William Trust was and Eva and Brice’s finding Ark 3 in Ark 1’s orbit. So far in the series, we’ve seen Ark 1 battle through challenges only to become entangled in new mysteries. The opening scene of the recent episode promises the audience yet another nerve-wracking adventure. Without further delay, here is everything about the recent episode of “The Ark.”

Spoilers Ahead

The Sinister Silence In Ark 3

Garnet kept trying to reach the captain of Ark 3, hoping someone would respond. For over an hour, Garnet tried to establish a connection, and Eva and Brice kept monitoring Ark 3 from the shuttle. As hours passed and Ark 3 was running out of fuel, Brice and Eva came back on Ark 1 to tell Garnet that the only way to inspect Ark 3 was by going inside it. Garnet approves the plan, and a team led by Brice plans to go in. When the team entered the ship, they were not prepared to witness what was inside. There was a horde of dead bodies everywhere on the ship. Eva said it seemed like they all died of suffocation (Eva would know for sure, having lost a loved one under similar circumstances).

Sasha, another member of the search crew on Ark 3, went inside the captain’s corner. He finds the captain’s liquor and drinks it. As he opened the closet, to his utter surprise, he found the captain’s body falling out of it. Before he could understand, he fell into a booby trap that almost killed him. Fortunately, Brice reached him on time and could pull him away, which finally saved him. Brice and Eva were inspecting the sleeping bunkers and found that there were no cryo pods in them.

In another corner of the ship, Felix was scanning the dead bodies and sending the information to Garnet and Alicia on Ark 3. To Garnet’s surprise, none of the people whose information came in were supposed to be on Ark 3. Felix was grief-stricken to discover his husband, Robert, among the deceased people he was scanning. Moreover, the thought of their daughter agonized him.

Meanwhile, Lane was on the other side of the ship, where he found a living person who was breaking locks. Lane found it hard to believe that this person was a survivor and immediately thought that the person was causing trouble in their search. After a brief yet violent chase, Lane caught Kelly Fowler, who introduced herself as a survivor of Ark 3. She also says she had a friend who was alive. Lane rushed with her to find the second survivor, Ross. To their disappointment, Ross was barely breathing and seemed to be fatally wounded. The entire group returns to Ark 1 with Kelly and Ross.

Panic And Chaos

As Ross was brought to the ship, Dr. Kabir examined him and knew she had to immediately operate on him. Felix was unsure, for Dr. Kabir was still recovering from her drug addiction. However, as there were no other doctors, Kabir had to operate. Sadly, Ross passed away on the operating table. The entire crew gathered around Kelly as soon as she walked in. Even though Cat and Garnet wanted to protect her, Kelly decided to unveil the horrifying truths. She informs us that William Trust’s company was bought by a billionaire businesswoman, Evelyn Maddox, who created a “faster than light” travel engine. Under her guidance, Ark 3 was redirected toward Proxima B. Thus, Ark 3 reached Ark 1’s orbit, even when it was launched years later. Furthermore, she said that the earth was inhabitable and that twelve other Arks were supposed to leave the earth before its complete destruction. Kelly also shares the horror that Ark 2 faced. Due to the faulty FTL engines, Ark 2 and all the crew evaporated as soon as they left the earth’s stratosphere.

Cat took Kelly in and helped her to freshen up before finally taking her inside the bridge. Before Kelly walks in, Garnet and the council decide that it is wise to collect everything that can be used from Ark 3 without wasting it. Also, fuel on Ark 1 was running low, while Ark 3 had it in abundance. Soon, Kelly walks in, and Garnet shares her plan with her. Kelly volunteers to go with the group. Garnet asks Felix to take a break if everything is too overwhelming for him, to which Felix responds that he could process his grief better if he worked. Soon, a large group sets out for Ark 3 to collect the resources.

The Ending: Sympathy Or Systematic Attack

As the crew stepped onto Ark 3, they were relieved to see medicines and food. They began carrying them back to Ark 1. Felix and Kelly went to gather the weapons. While Felix collected the weapons, Kelly apologized to him for hiding the truth earlier. She told Felix that Kelly and Robert had a conversation regarding their daughter. Felix learns that his daughter died when she got caught up in a street fight. Soon after, his partner, Robert, boarded the ship. This was a jolt from the blue for Felix. It appeared Felix wanted to hide the weapons and requested Kelly keep them a secret. However, Kelly, who so far seemed to be traumatized, hid a gun in her pocket. This raises the question of Kelly’s motive. As the maximum number of members of the group goes back to Ark 1, Ava and Brice enter the engine room to inspect the FLT engines.

The FLT engines were the highest tech in the galaxy then and had to be handled with utmost care. Eva decided to unplug the engine. As soon as she unplugs, the ship goes into self-destruction mode. Garnet, who had been monitoring from Ark 1, along with Lane and others, began panicking. Everyone was trying to find a way. However, a code was required to override the self-destruction command. Soon, we see Lane leaving the bridge of Ark 1.

Eva begins to blame herself, and Brice tries to console her. Soon, Lane announced a code. Eva writes it, and the self-destruction mode goes to neutral. Garnet turns her eyes from the screen to thank Lane but finds no sign of him. We see Lane in the secret room, where he had to wake up William Trust from his cryo-sleep to know the code.

Another important thing happened before the self-destruction mode was turned on. Alicia and Angus were trying to recover the lost video footage from Ark 3 and find any sign of the object that attacked Ark 3 and Ark 1 simultaneously. They were stupefied to see that another Ark, Ark 15, attacked Ark 3. However, this information stayed with these two because of the emergency.

The journey of Ark 1 has never been smooth. However, this time the journey got more difficult than ever before. William Trust, a man who seems to be the least trustworthy, is awakened from his cryosleep and has no idea why or where he is. Ark 15 was attacking, and no one knows why. Kelly, who said she was a victim of Ark 3, seemed to have other motives. The recent installment of “The Ark” took a really bad turn and undoubtedly raised the audience’s anticipation.


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