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‘Spencer Sisters’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending: Where The Twisted Attempts Are Escorting To?

You are already familiar with Darby (Stacey Farber) and Victoria (Lea Thompson), who had their first investigation attempt together and conquered it too. “Spencer Sisters” presents a fresh specific instance to answe. Victoria is an eminent author, but deep inside she is lonely. She wants her daughter, Darby, to be a support system in her life. She lost her husband while he was on the battlefield, and now it is her daughter who passionately serves the police service. Victoria needs to be more confident of Darby working in such a sector risking her own life. But once the two are together, there will be clashes, fun, drama, and of course the mind-boggling investigation. In the first episode, Darby is about to leave Alder Buffs but reconsiders her decision to go back after she has already quit her job. Alder Buffs is such a small place where everyone knows each other, and especially if it’s Victoria, then she is the most palsy-walsy woman in the town. Marlina Briggs is one of her closest acquaintances. She is a super-rich businesswoman and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

Spoilers Ahead

Another Scandal Begins

The second episode starts with Marlina elegantly walking out of her car, looking like a million dollars in her color-blocked dress. She goes straight ahead and finds the main door of her mansion half open. A pile of files and documents are scattered on the floor, which seems like there had been a theft. Marlina is scared and calls out to her fiance, Danny. But getting no response, she kept on hovering through the living room and saw a body floating in the indoor pool. Though Marlina is older than Danny, they both had a very strong bond while in the trade business. Soon, the cops enter the scene, marking and picking up evidence to solve the death; Victoria has also been called as she shares a very good connection with Marlina. The lady not only lost her beloved but also a man with whom she dreamed of starting a new life within a month. Marlina doubts the capability of Detective Jeremy Harris (Adam Hurtig), who is in charge of the case. And that’s an excellent opportunity for Victoria to grab and polish her detective skills. She offers Marlina to look into the plot with her daughter Darby. Now that Marlina is convinced, it’s time for Victoria to persuade Darby. She calls Darby and describes the whole murder scenario. Darby concedes to scrutinize this case because she has no work opportunities at present and is willing to garner the $10,000 Marlina has promised. She rushes to the lavish mansion and finds her friend Zane conducting an inquiry as a cop.

Investigation On Loop

The new journey begins right here, from Marlina’s place. Darby takes a look at the crime scene and learns that all the surveillance cameras were turned off between 9 and 10 a.m. She also encounters Jeremy, who seems a bit uncomfortable with her involvement in the case. The overexcited mother-daughter duo assumes that it was probably the inheritance of wealth that led to a crime. Hence, they decide to talk to Marina’s eldest daughter Noelle (Lisa Marie DiGiacinto), who lives with her husband Paul (Jason Wishnowski). Victoria and Darby introduce themselves as the private investigators hired by Marlina Briggs. The first encounter with Noelle was a bit weird to Victoria, while Paul defended it, saying that it was just an overdose of caffeine that she reacts to at times. The nervous lady says that she had nothing to do with the property, but it could be her younger sister, Andrea. Around that morning, Noelle was scribbling as she always does to keep herself sane, and this was her response to Darby’s question.

Andrea is a photographer who also runs a Kombucha cafe—an aesthetic and creative woman who rules her own world. It seems odd to Darby why a woman belonging to an affluent family would own a small shop. In response, Andrea tells me that she has always been deprived of motherly affection, and all she does is pursue her own goals. The duo doesn’t get much information about the second daughter, but she asks them to visit Silas Briggs, her brother, who had a massive argument over the phone with Danny a few days ago. Turbo Slam is a website that was created by Danny and Silas to feature their sugar-free energy drink. Silas was an investor and had also made some advertisements for their marketing of the products. Darby and Victoria meet the son of Marlina and get to know that Danny had the strategy of promoting things on the website before it even launched in the market. Darby asked him where he was that morning, and he replied that he was fishing as that cleaned his head. Each of the suspects were questioned but the private detectives got no clue at all to proceed further with the case.

Mission Love Or Mission Danny?

Mothers are the purest lovers of all, and so is Victoria. She wants to make dinner for Darby; she longs for her presence, but Darby is different. Darby doesn’t want to let someone into her space and overlooks what her mother is doing to make her stay in Alder Buffs. She leaves to meet Zane to have a talk about the proceedings. They make a big deal of sharing information so that it can be easier to decipher the puzzle.Getting some hints from Zane, Darby breaks into Victoria’s room with the news that Danny died of a cardiac arrest, not by drowning in the pool. It is clear that it could be one of the drug overdoses that he had, which are still not on the market, as the components found in his reports don’t match any of the combinations.

Victoria, with Darby, is now heading to Alder Buff’s hospital to get the post-mortem reports on Danny. The headstrong and opinionated woman, Victoria, grabs a white coat and wraps herself in it to get access to the morgue. She mentions Dr. Lucas (Edward Ruttle) as the most eligible bachelor in the town, while Darby informs her that he is soon going to be hitched. But Victoria wants her daughter to make the guy fall in love with her, which is not really something Darby would ever settle for. Meanwhile, Dr. Lucas finds Darby again in the corridor, and they have a small talk about how stressed out Lucas is with his impending nuptials to Lindsay. Will things between Lucas and Darby grow in the upcoming episodes? Well, that’s another mystery to solve! On the other hand, Victoria, the unstoppable woman, manages to get medical reports of Danny. The duo leaves for the warehouse to meet Alastair Dhumal, who is a genius hacker and has been serving Victoria for years with her writeups.

Truth always finds its way, and the same thing happens with Darby. She gets clued up about Marlina, who didn’t even offer anything to them; it was her mother who initiated the investigation to make her stay a bit longer. Whenever there is a fuss, Darby runs to Zane, who also takes the side of Victoria instead of his own friend. Victoria is trying to fix things, while Darby is not comfortable with that.

Tracking Down Together

With the critical database reports, the duo discovers that it is the exclusive energy drink that took away Danny’s life. But Marlina confirms that the drug-test was on safe but not appropriate for diabetic people like Danny . But why would a person intake the drink when he is already aware of the consequences ? Darby again goes through the footage, and she finds that not just that Thursday morning but each week the CCTV camera was turned off between 9 am. to 10 pm. Energy drinks are also a source of caffeine, and Noelle was a caffeine addict.On the day when Danny was found dead, Noelle was high on caffeine. What they found out is that Noelle had an extramarital affair with Danny , and she visited him that morning too. If she was with Danny out of love, then who killed the guy? Paul got to know about their love scene and planned a ‘no-bloodshed’ murder. He swiped the keycard of Noelle to get into Marlina’s villa. He overdosed Danny with the energy drink knowing that he takes insulin to keep his diabetes under control. To make the scenario look like an accident , he kicked out the body of Danny inside the pool.

Hands up! Paul is under arrest, another win for the “Spencer Sisters,” and the second mission is now under their belts.

They received a cheque worth twenty thousand dollars from Marlina as a reward, but the most interesting part is that, now, Victoria is determined to open a private agency of her own, titled “The Spencer Sister.” Darby also agrees to join hands with her mother to explore this idea, and officially we can call them a “duo.” The show is not like your regular crime thrillers; rather, it is a blend of love, humor, and action to catch the culprits with their sharp minds.


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