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‘Spencer Sisters’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending: Who Is The Judas Of The Game?

The third episode of “Spencer Sisters,” titled “The Coder’s Calamity,” aired on February 24 on CTV, featuring another excellent achievement by Darby and Victoria. Victoria Spencer, a mystery fiction writer, and her daughter Darby, who are misread for sister, officially launched their private investigation company. They easily unknotted the previous cases with their superintelligence and deduction powers. This case is about three Silicon Valley-style tech designers who lost all their data on an ongoing project.

Spoilers Ahead

The Cryptic Code Heist

The episode starts with Alastair Dhumal (Husein Madhavji) playing an online video game with two of his friends named Esme and Clark. Alastair is one of Victoria’s reliable allies and has also helped her in her second investigation with his hacking skills. While they are all on the hop, suddenly, Esme starts screaming. As shown, Esme and Clark share the same roof; Clark comes downstairs to check on her. On the other side, Victoria tells Darby that Esme who is a good friend of Alistair has been attacked. The duo set foot to the the scene. Esme had an injury on her head and was bleeding severely. She informs Darby that there was someone who had entered the house from the kitchen door, pounced on her, and then took away the server that was carrying all information about their upcoming app that was supposed to go live in three days. She could not recognize the person, though. The application has a retina scanner, which can diagnose any disease by looking at the symptoms a person is suffering from. Meanwhile, Lee (Mika Amonsen) shows up, as he is the third investor in the project. Lee seems very concerned and asks about their backup server. After finding every corner, they see it submerged inside the swimming pool. The two years of hard work were a fruitless effort for the team, and they were all devastated. Clark asks Victoria to help them find the culprit, while Darby acts like a professional woman who initiates a conversation about the fee charges. But Victoria is doing things out of passion, not out of monetary value. Darby went to the kitchen, where she found a steel weapon that was probably used to hit Esme—absolutely strong evidence to move forward too!

The Suspect-Triangle 

Now is the time to solve the puzzle, as the duo has received many clues from Clark and his team. They are now suspecting Parker, another tech guy who has implied a similar app idea to Clark, Lee, and Esme. Victoria, along with Darby, meets Parker in the ongoing tech-fest, where he is seen using virtual reality to diagnose health infections. But they cannot figure out anything from his blunt response. Darby checks into the CCTV footage of Clark’s house, where she finds a lady sitting inside Lee’s car. When Lee comes inside to check the condition of Esme, the lady in a pink leather jacket sneaks into Lee’s laptop. That seems quite unusual to Darby and Victoria. They had a talk with the lady who is currently dating Parker and made Lee an emotional fool to get updates about the app. But it is also confirmed that it was definitely not these two people  who tried to leak information. The duo also visited a guy who had harassed Esme over social media, but it was of no help! They also learn that Lee fakes his life, Photoshops his images over his social accounts, and has had some talks with other investors in a while; thus, he now tops the list. Victoria investigates his matter, but it is not what she is looking for. Lee has splashed out enough funds to establish the app, but he would never ditch Clark and Esme.

From Review To Reunion

Along with the investigation, Victoria is also eager to celebrate the inauguration of her agency. In most of the scenes, the viewers will get a glimpse of the ongoing “cold war” between Victoria and Darby. Victoria’s love for Darby is immeasurable and unconditional in every aspect. But Darby, being a full-grown woman of 29, doesn’t want her mother to enter her boundaries. Darby wants to portray it like both of them are not compatible with each other to live together. They are always picking holes in everything, but these clashes are something that cements their bond to a deeper extent. Victoria calls an interior designer to decorate the new office for “The Spencer Sister” agency. The detective author is always full of beans, cheerful, and enthusiastic, unlike Darby. Victoria hosts a party to raise a toast to their newly launched investigation company, where she invites Dr. Lucas, along with other renowned people. It becomes extremely awkward for Darby to have her ex-boyfriend at the gathering. She leaves the party and sits in the garden but soon finds Lucas’s company. The few minutes of the not-so-romantic talk reveal how they had been close to each other in earlier times. While everything is mushrooming, the only thing that is still stagnant is Darby’s emotionally lifeless affair with Lucas, who is going to be married soon to Lindsay. But Darby is also pissed off with her mother for being constantly involved in her personal life.

From Calamity To Quest

But the show must be carried on. Analyzing the codes that have been pushed, Darby gets to know that the app that was supposed to be launched was not market-ready. It was filled with glitches and lots of unauthentic information that could never succeed in providing treatment to the people. Victoria goes to Alastair’s warehouse, where she finally receives a tip-off on the coding case. Alastair shows the clip where Esme is found turning off her front camera before she cries for help, and now it seems like it is all framed. While Lee was much invested in this project, he would never want the attempts to stab back. Then who is it? Darby visits Lucas with the weapon she found in Esme’s kitchen. Lucas, having a look at the cut, easily draws the inference that Esme self-harmed herself. Clark and Lee have been called up for some queries, and they are all amazed to know that Esme is going to sell the app to Monica, one of the most influential capitalists in town. Victoria runs her car to catch Esme before she makes a deal with Monica. Esme destroyed the backup so that the data could never be accessed. While Monica and Esme are moving in the same car, Monica asks for all the details to make sure she is making the right decision or not. Victoria and Darby are spinning their wheels faster to reach the spot. While Monica gets out of the car to see what happened to these crazy women, Darby takes control of the devices and backup. Esme is really guilty of the disgraceful deed she had done, which caused a huge loss to both Lee and Clark. 

But repentance is the most powerful feeling that could bring a person back to the right path. Esme was warmly accepted by her teammates in their time of need. The only thing that they could not offer “The Spencer Sister” was their payment. Victoria receives a check from Alastair in favor of helping his friends; it’s not a bad contract, though. The episode ends on a sweet note until we really discover another fight between the mother and daughter. “The Spencer Sister” is not an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but it has all the elements that could bind the threads of a relationship, along with some real side business.


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