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‘Poker Face’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending: The Future Of The Sport

Peacock TV, “Poker Face” Season 1, Episode 7, brings us to the adventurous tracks of Nascar racing, where danger and death lurk at every turn. However, this particular race is crucial as it would determine this year’s Late Model champion; the stakes are high as two brilliant racers, comprising newcomer Davic McDowell and veteran racer Keith Owens in his final season, are fighting for the same spot. The newcomer has been giving Owens a run for his money, and since Owen’s father and grandfather were both legendary figures in the realm of racing, he has a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, Davis secures the chequered flag after he hits Owen’s car and extends his lead in the championship, leaving Owen furious. On top of that, Davis also punched Owens in front of the media for calling him an idiot and advising him to get out of the sport. Owens also decided to push his retirement, which angered his daughter as she was also planning to get onto the track but couldn’t unless his father hung his cape. 

Spoilers Ahead

The Planning And Tables Turned 

Owens decides to give Davis the taste of his own medicine, gathers his tools, and drives to Davis’ garage, where he has been parking his white Corvette. Owens messes with Davis’ Corvette, making sure he’s the one who captures the flag tomorrow. His plan worked, and Davis’ car ran through the concrete barrier when the latter increased his speed in the final lap. Earlier, Davis had noticed someone sneaking out of his garage, and upon further examining his car, he noticed that someone had messed with it. Davis pulls his wrench and, from what it appears, fixes his car. On the day of the race, instead of taking the helm, he offers his car to Katy to show her father that he’s a better racer than anyone. Unfortunately, Katy succumbed to a coma due to the severe injury at Glencoe Memorial Hospital following the tragic crash. According to the investigators, the seat belt failed, rendering the injury severe and life-threatening.

The Ensuing Investigation

Davis decides to help Charlie and Randy get to the bottom of the truth and even offers to check the footage of yesterday’s practice sessions. After watching the video, something rings inside Charlie that Katy was way too good of a driver to crash, meaning that someone has deliberately fiddled with the car with the intention to kill Davis. The car was towed to Davis’ garage, and the trio left to take a closer look. The trio notices that someone has installed a fishhook in the engine. But how could a fishhook result in such a horrible crash? In theory, if the car is going full speed, the carburetor would be wide open, and if the hook is attached to the gear tie, it would just increase the speed, and even if you lift your feet off the pedal, the car won’t slow down.

To deter the suspicions off himself, Davis smartly tries to put the blame on Owen, saying since he couldn’t beat him, he tried to sabotage his car. To solidify his claim, he even mentioned that someone had made a prank phone call to get him out of the house. However, they needed concrete evidence to put him behind bars, but to their shock, Owens made a statement agreeing to tamper with Davis’ car. But Charlie’s lie-detecting radar goes haywire, and she notices that Davis is lying. Charlie directly confronts Davis, saying he knew what Owen had installed before he even confessed to the media and even toyed with the seatbelt with the intention of getting back at him. Owen attempts to hit Charlie with the tow vehicle when she leaves, but Charlie is quick on his heels and avoids being smashed.

After Owen is out of the picture, Davis wins the championship and secures a huge sponsorship from Lucas Oil. Charlie again pays Davis a visit on the race track, telling her that he knew that his car was going to crash that day, which is why he has left the picture of his grandfather, Big ED, on the workbench. She also reveals that Katy is recovering and will be back on track in a matter of a couple of months to claim the trophy. Charlie even calls out Davis’ lies when he calls himself the future of motorsport and asks him to come forward and take responsibility for his actions; then, maybe he could sleep well at night. Charlie was good friends with Davis and his mother. He was also the one who taught him that racing is about more than just a fast car and turning left; it’s about the adventure and adrenaline racing through your veins. But somewhere along the way, the greed for fame and recognition got to him, and he decided to take an innocent life without thinking about the consequences. 


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