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‘Perfect Match’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending: Between Sink And Shrink – Who Is Gonna Sync?

It is easy to bake an easy gooey chocolatey brownie; you have the ingredients, and you got the recipe -and there you go with a perfect piece of freshly baked fudgy brownie with a crinkly top. But if you are asked the recipe for “love,” how are you going to put it? Some will say love is about warmth and care; for some, it is just an instant spark, and for others, it takes time to feel things. And “Perfect Match” is for experimentation, where the couples risk their feelings in order to get exactly what they seek. Episode six of “Perfect Match” is ended with a prank – Damian enters the la villa all alone, which creates pin-and-needles on everyone’s skin, but this is what it is with Francesca. Well, that is not really what you are thinking. Francesca and Damian soon announced that they had fixed an apartment for Chloe and Ines. Let’s poke into the dates before it’s too late.

Spoilers Ahead

Old Is The New Mould

It’s time for Shayne and Bartise to take some stress off as their girls are going on another hunt. We never know what a date can do to them, but this is all the show about, right? Chloe seems very comfortable with Shyane and has not really made up her mind for another date any sooner. But when Francesca had control over the boardroom, the game was no longer kayaking; it was rather river-rafting! She picked up Mitchell (“Circle” Season 2), with whom Chloe had a serious relationship a few months ago. All dolled up, Chloe is shocked to see Mitchell, but in a positive way. Both of them are overwhelmed by the unexpected, especially when Mitchell is all set for a brand-new blind date but turns out to be with his ex. They never got the chance to sit down and talk it out, and somehow their previous relationship just faded away. Mitchell has been very serious and passionate about the young lady, and so has she. Now that it is a fresh start all over again, they got their acrylics, paintbrushes, canvases, and company to enjoy a fun painting date across the ocean. Chloe admits that she still has a soft spot for Mitchell but has started to see Shayne, and this could be chaotic in the house, but Mitchell wants to be the cause of the mayhem for once. The cute date comes to an end by brushing their lips against each other with color-filled cheeks, besides wisecracks.

What Is Will’s Will?

And on the other side, the charming lady Ines, dressed up in a polka dot black dress, goes to meet her date of the day, Will Richardson, winner of “The Mole.” The tall, fair, and handsome blonde-haired guy from Las Vegas seems very confident yet friendly in the very first instance. Where there is Ines, there will be a little tidbit about her French accent. It is a romantic chocolate fondue date; both of them seem quite engaged as they feed each other some utterly buttery chocolate marshmallows and fruits. Ines and Will just connected straightaway;healthy flirting and a one-track mind never goes in vain. Ines, with her sense of humor, easily captivated the mind of Will; somewhere, it seemed like both of them were going to share a deep-level connection which Ines had desired for so long. With their positive energy, it can be understood that a lot of drama is waiting for you inside the “Perfect Match” villa.

What You Seek Is Ripping You?

The house is never running out of conversations. Joey and Kariselle remain entirely adapted throughout, smooching each other all day and night. Whereas Francesca outwardly calls herself “the evil of the house,” she is extremely proud of it! But someone has to have the bad-bitch energy, and Francesca is the only F-word the house is familiar with. No sooner had Ines entered the place with Will than Francesca had her eyes on the smart Hercules. After a good date, here comes the moment to make a selection; tonight is definitely going to be hard for Ines and Chloe. Ines gets some advice from her favorite human, Dom. Dom could never be as supportive of the rest of the members as he is of Ines. Chloe and Mitchell get into the supreme house, chattering while Shayne is expecting the ‘unexpected’ moments. He got the instinct that Chloe was surely going to choose Mitchell, as they already shared a strong chemistry beforehand. Chloe doesn’t want to mess up things, but she does care about Shannon’s feelings. But knowing that Chloe had made love to Mitchell, Shannon gets so pissed off. After a bad crack-up, eventually, she chooses her old connection over the rapid flicker. Bartise genuinely likes Ines, but he is one of those introverts who won’t make an effort to get a response back. Mentally, Ines had picked Will, but when she goes to Bartise for a talk, he just freaks out. His big, fat male ego gets hurt as he was the one who picked her up when she had no one the other night. Though Ines is guilty of letting him down as he just opened up, it would be a dishonest decision if she didn’t condemn her feelings. Probably that is what completes Ines—her candor and humbleness. Will did his best to showcase how much he does care for Ines. As expected, Bartise and Shayne have to leave the show as they failed to find a match for the night. These two guys were being genuine with the girls they liked the most but ultimately got punched back, a heart-sinking moment for all.

On the other side, Chloe and Mitchell are seen splashing out of the pool, whereas Will and Ines are drowning in a deep conversation to bring out the best in each other.

Between Sink And Shrink: Who Is Gonna Sync?

Another morning, a new challenge across the Panama waterfront with Nick Lachey—the game is very simple; the couples have to choose between “cringe” and “cute” instances based upon their partner’s preferences. More than three mistakes and they have to glide through the slide to a foamy pool. How about popping out a pimple, using your partner’s toothbrush, or maybe having a baby talk with your partner? These are just a few of the quirky questions that push Joey and Kariselle, who were considered to be the compatible couple in the last few episodes, to the edge. And the tag of “a most compatible couple of the day” goes to Ines and Will, beating Francesca and Damian by one point. Not only did Francesca miss a date night, but she regrets not receiving the authority in the boardroom to select newcomers. Will had spent enough time with Ines to get an insight into her personality, and it was totally worth it with the French decor and dinner. But tickling the neck and feet actually went wrong as it also knocked down the feather of romantic interest. Ines understood Will’s purpose for being in the show. He has a dog-eat-dog mindset, especially when he meets Dom, one of his previous acquaintances, with whom he is not on good terms. A competitive guy could win the game but not the love—will Ines get to escape the drama she has chosen for herself? Or, somewhere, she has some Achilles’ heel for Dom?

Boardrooms work like thrillers, mainly when one person is cordial, and another is there to crush things out. The game rules have changed now: each of them will pick one person to go on a date with and vice versa. Ines plumps for Dom, while Will picks up Diamond Jack (Love is Blind). Another woman that will join the cast is single princess Abbey Humphreys (Twenty Somethings), singled out by Will, but whom will Ines go for?

Damn, it is Francesca – such a bombshell that is gonna be blasted in “Perfect Match” Episode 8. Though the recipe for love has not yet been found, the upcoming melodrama will soon answer all your wonders and wanderings about Francesca and her self-sabotage.


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