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‘Marvel’s Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending: A Villain From A Distant Planet

“Marvel’s Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur” is going great, and the series has released its second episode, dubbed “The Borough Bully,” on streaming sites. For the uninformed, this animated series follows the escapades of Moon Girl, aka Lunella Lafayette, who one day mistakenly opens a portal into a different world, bringing a giant red dinosaur into her secret laboratory housed under her bedroom. Lunella adopts the dinosaur and decides to call it “Devil,” and the duo joins forces to become the best superhero team ever.

Spoilers Ahead

The Internet Troll

After saving the city from completely being swallowed by the blackout and defeating the treacherous villain Aftershock, Moon Girl & her beloved companion Devil Dinosaur are in for much-needed support and patronage. Everybody in the city is singing their praises, from friends and family, telling everyone how the little and brave Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur got the better of Aftershock. However, it’s common knowledge that praise is seldom given without some kind of criticism, and as to Lunella’s shock, one specific comment about her hairstyle and head has her worried. According to one specific user, Monn Girl’s head is bigger than the giant robot she defeated with the help of her scarlet dinosaur. Even though her best friend Casey told her not to be wary of one bad comment, Lunella is hell-bent on scientifically proving that her head is a perfectly normal size. She has everything in place, from stats, charts, and X-rays, and only needs a camera person, or should one say “Dinocamerasaur.” She is hard at work to prove that the city’s favorite hero might have a big brain but certainly not a big head. Unfortunately, her critic turned her minute-long analogy into a remix song, and the above-mentioned video has been garnering more love and likes compared to Lunella’s video, triggering a social media war.

A Villain From A Distant Planet

After realizing that she can’t defeat the troll online, Moon Girl and the devil decide to confront the person in person under the William’s Berg bridge. To their shock, Moon Girl’s internet troll was an actual, massive troll with giant tentacles for his feet. Before confronting the troll, Moon Girl tries hard to convince him and change his opinion that her head is of perfectly normal size. However, the troll is in no mood to back down and shoots Lunella with some serious insults, even calling her a “Balloon Head Girl” and “Devil Dinosaur.” Moon was getting tired with every blow, but the troll was getting stronger and more fierce with every hit. After tapping into her scanner, Moon Girl learns that her new villain is an alien symbiote who has arrived on Earth from a distant planet. Thanks to her genius-level intellect, Moon Girl is quick to deduce that all symbiotes have a natural weakness to sonic-based attacks and asks Devil Dinosaur to help her out with his big roar. The devil’s roar hurled the villain into the river, but the attack did more harm than good, as afterwards, the villain rose from the water much larger than before. The villain has absorbed the elements present in the water, which contributes to his massive size, and is now spouting acid from his mouth. Eventually, the symbiote incapacitated Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur and hurled them toward the William’s Berg bridge to reduce it to dust and debris.

The Host 

Casey comes to Moon Girl’s rescue and manages to break Moon Girl and the Devil out of the symbiote’s slimy shackles thanks to the nail polish remover Casey always carries around in her purse. The villain climbed onto the bridge and began breaking the string. Moon Girl knows that she needs to come up with a plan to stop the symbiote fast because if any of the cables break, the entire bridge will plummet into the river, along with countless innocent people. Moon Girl realizes that the symbiote only gets stronger and decides to starve him by accepting his trolls and playing his own remix songs. The plan works, but the weakened symbiote somehow manages to escape into the river, leaving his host behind. The host was a mere 13-year-old kid named Angelo, who had been desperately trying to help the community but was often ignored and laughed at. When Moon Girl showed up, suddenly everybody paid attention to her, which made Angello extremely jealous, and Lunella’s latest bout with the Eagle broke his favorite clipboard. Angelo’s heightened state of envy and hatred makes him highly susceptible to the alien symbiote, which latches onto the host with low self-esteem and feeds off their negative feelings. Sure, Angelo was jealous of the attention Moon Girl was receiving and never wanted to hurt anyone, but things spiraled out of control.

The episode concludes with Moon Girl promising Angelo that they will join forces in the future and also hosting a fundraiser to raise money to repair the damages done to the city and the bridge.


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