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‘Marvel’s Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’ Season 1: Recap And Ending: How Does Lunella Lafayette Save The Earth?

Moon Girl, known commonly by her loved ones as Lunella Lafayette, is a child protege well versed in science and modern technology. The pride and joy of Lunnela, his parents run a local skating store, whereas his grandparents oversee a local eatery. Unfortunately, Lunella’s parents, along with many locals in their area, were facing the risk of going out of business thanks to a mysterious villain named “Aftershock,” who was stealing all the power from the grid. To save all the local businesses, Lunella manages to conjure up a couple of blueprints from the internet, left by a female scientist working on some secret space mission. However, what Lunella thought to be the design of an independent electric grid turned out to be a “multiverse portal” that later brought a giant red dinosaur into her world. The dinosaur grew to like Lunella and her planet and decided to stay, foiling Lunella’s every attempt to send him back.

Meanwhile, Aftershock’s attacks were growing more and more powerful, forcing Lunella and the dinosaur to become a crime-fighting duo to save the city and thwart Aftershock’s criminal plans. Like every other superhero, Lunella needed a moniker for herself and the dinosaur for a superhero career, thus paving the way for Casey, who came up with the moniker “Moon Girl” and “Devil Dinosaur” for their heroic personas. With everything in place, Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur commence their fight with Aftershock, but sadly, they are badly put together. Moon Girl also learns that Aftershock is none other than her science teacher, who later threatens her to hang her cape to make sure no harm comes to her family. On top of that, the city began blaming Moon Girl as the real villain responsible for all the blowouts. Mimi helps her regain her courage, and Moon Girl, thanks to Casey and the Devil Dinosaur, emerges victorious.

Spoilers Ahead

Jealousy And Symbiote: A Deadly Combination

However, not everyone in the city is pleased with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Angelo was a little boy working tirelessly to convince people to take care of the community, but he was never taken seriously and received the attention and care he deserved. Angelo blamed Moon Girl for stealing his attention and began openly criticizing her on the internet, throwing insults at both Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Moon Girl decides to meet the critic under the William Berg Bridge but is shocked to see that her critic is an alien symbiote feeding on Angelo’s anger. Moon Girl blasts the symbiote into the river with her sonic blast, but everything is in vain, as her attacks are only making him more powerful. The symbiote traps Moon Girl and advances towards the bridge to bring it down. Casey frees Moon Girl with nail polish remover, and the struggle resumes. Following a tireless battle, Moon Girl, together with Devil Dinosaur Smarty, manages to starve the symbiote, weakening him. The duo pulls Angelo out, who later apologizes for putting innocent lives in danger, and promises to team up with Moon Girl if she ever needs an extra hand on her crime-fighting mission.

Patience Is Critical

Lunella believes that there’s no sense in waiting for an entire-time cycle to pass if that process could be expedited by scientific means. Unfortunately, Lunella learns this lesson the hard way. Lunella convinces her parents to let her run the link so they can enjoy “Roller Jam” in peace. Lunella’s mother is hesitant, but thanks to Mimi, she agrees to give Lunella a chance. Mimi baked the most delicious popcorn, and according to her, the secret ingredient is a pinch of patience in the food or in life. However, Lunella got bored and pulled out her fusion generator and high-speed servos, but things spiraled out of control, and the entire rink was flooded with popcorn. The Devil takes care of the popcorn but destroys the place as well. Casey convinced Lunella to throw a superhero party at the rink with all her fans, earning them a huge sum, which the duo can use to buy new equipment. Unfortunately, some villains, like “Instantanegirl” and “Gravitas,” also receive the text and arrive to wreak havoc on the party and the host, “Moon Girl.” Gravitas shoots the skating rink into the air with the use of his anti-gravity technology. Moon Girl eventually manages to save the rink and the people in it by depleting Gravitas’ power supply and realizes that sometimes it’s better to live through the entire process rather than rush things up.

The Match With An AI

Lunella is annoyed after finding out that her parents are planning a game night without her because they feel Lunella takes the fun out of any games by becoming obsessed with winning and competition. At the school, Lunella challenges a supercomputer dubbed LOS-37 to a chess match and believes she can beat the supercomputer but is way too competitive to call the match a draw. Lunella slips in after school to complete the match, but LOS-37 malfunctions due to overheating and attacks Lunella. Lunella slips into her superhero costume and finds that LOS-37 has abducted Casey. LOS wanted to connect with Lunella, but her competitive attitude never gave her a chance. LOS turns itself into a giant robot and attacks Moon Girl but is saved when the Devil intervenes. LOS wished to connect and command every electronic device, but Moon Girl had already penetrated her system, leaving LOS-37 helpless. LOS apologizes to Lunella, saying she only wanted to be her friend before going silent. Lunella manages to revive LOS, which also earns her a special place in her school.

The Case Of A Hair Straightener

Moon Girl decides to change her puffy hairstyle for the upcoming picture day and decides to enlist the help of harsh chemicals to straighten her curls, but sadly things go south, leaving her with little to no hair. Lunella made her own natural hair straightener and supercharged it, which somehow changed its molecular structure. Furthermore, Casey’s apartment is also thrashed by a mysterious person. In reality, the one who has thrashed Casey’s apartment was Lunella’s own hair, her natural curly crowning glory. The villain was created when Lunella went all Dr. Frankenstein and tried to bioengineer a hair straightener, and now the villain is mad for replacing her. The villain dubbed Mane and her hair minions are now hell-bent on destroying the city. Mimi’s pet talk restored Moon Girl’s faith, and she decides to confront her with her “neutralizer.” But Moon Girl realizes her mistake and apologizes for using a harmful chemical compound, and Mane asks her to use the neutralizer so they can be together again.

Moon Girl saves the day again.

The Science Fair To Save The Earth

In the final episode of Moon & Devil Dinosaur, Lunellaa has no choice but to team up with Eduardo if she wants to win the science fair. On top of that, she encounters “Beyonder,” the supervillain, in her secret lab. Beyonder is not from Earth and is on a mission to learn more about humans. Beyonder knows that Lunella is the smartest person on Earth, perhaps the only human that could teach him everything there is to know about humans and Earth, but she turns him down. However, Beyond doesn’t take “no” for an answer; and he follows her everywhere she goes. Beyonder thinks humans are useless, and that is why he wants to learn more about mankind so he can annihilate them. But Beyonder plans to spare the planet if Eduardo, the most useless student at Lunella’s school, wins the science fair. Lunella convinces Eduardo to submit her project under his name, but the latter turns her down. Lunella is also warned not to play any tricks and help Eduardo anyway, as he needs to complete the project on his own. Lunella, after realizing her mistake, apologizes to Eduardo, and together they decide to continue with Eduardo’s idea. The duo fails to win the science fair, and Beyonder begins erasing the world. However, that was all a joke, as Beyonder realized that even with his flaws, Eduardo had built something beautiful. The series concludes with Beyonder leaving the planet and promising to return again.


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