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James Gunn Defends Himself After DCU Fans Accuse Him Of Lying To Fans And Actors To Suit His Needs

James Gunn and Peter Safran are hellbent on bringing about a new glorious age for the DC universe on the silver screen. However, they had to make some hard decisions to start over afresh without the baggage of the DCEU or Snyderverse. But their decisions didn’t go over well with some DC fans. Even now, almost two months after Henry Cavill announced his departure, his fans regularly curse Gunn for letting the actor go. However, now, something more has added fuel to the fire already burning within the fandom. Allegedly, Gunn has lied to fans about Ben Affleck’s involvement with the DCU.

Spoilers Ahead

Did James Gunn Lie About Ben Affleck Directing A DCU Project?

Since the DCU slate was announced by James Gunn and Peter Safran, rumors have been swirling around about Ben Affleck directing a project in the new DCU. Many fans speculated that he was going to helm “The Brave and the Bold,” which is a Batman film about Bruce Wayne and his son Damien Wayne. This isn’t the first time Affleck’s name has been associated with a solo Batman project. Before Gunn’s new slate and even before Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” came to screens, the “Justice League” actor was set to star in and direct a solo film based on his version of the DCEU’s dark knight.

However, that movie never materialized, upsetting fans of ‘Batfleck,’ a term used to denote Affleck’s version of the caped crusader. But they were hoping that even if the actor isn’t DC’s Batman, at least he will be able to direct the film with the new actor playing the iconic DC character. However, an article from Slashfilm has put a question mark on that, and as a result, James Gunn has come under fire again. Fans are now accusing the co-CEO of DC Studios of lying to them about Affleck’s involvement in the DCU.

The Slashfilm article quoted Gunn at the DCU slate reveal press conference. As per the outlet, he said that DC Studios was working with the “Argo” director to bring him on board for one of the projects. Also, he stated that Affleck too is interested in being part of the new DCU. However, the article then says that the acclaimed actor-director isn’t going to direct “The Brave and the Bold,” the one project DCEU fans desperately wanted him to helm. This has caused an avalanche of negative fan reactions to pour into Gunn’s mentions on Twitter.

“The Suicide Squad,” the director responded by saying that he has never lied to fans, and in fact, he makes a commitment to never lie to a fanbase. However, DC fans weren’t giving up so soon. They also accused him of lying about not wanting to make a Superman film or run DC, both of which he is doing now. Gunn clarified in the same Twitter thread that he didn’t lie about either of the two. He explained that he was initially offered Superman but decided to make “The Suicide Squad” instead.

Additionally, he said that he was offered to be the only CEO of DC but declined that proposition. It was only when the position was offered to him and Peter Safran that he accepted. In the end, he made another tweet and said that he didn’t lie to fans about anything, but he has changed his mind about things.

Interestingly, the co-CEO didn’t once refute the allegations of Ben Affleck not directing “The Brave and the Bold” in the thread where he cleared up any doubts fans could have when it was the first allegation of lying made against him. As such, this could hint at Affleck being in talks to direct DC’s Batman movie. However, it’s also possible that he will be helming another project.

What Other DCU Project Can Ben Affleck Direct?

Ben Affleck is an acclaimed director and actor. Even if he doesn’t get the opportunity to direct DCU’s Batman film, there are plenty of other projects he can use to showcase his skills. Many fans want him to sit in the director’s chair of “The Lanterns” series, which is supposed to be inspired by “True Detective.” Since Affleck has traditionally shied away from directing mega CGI-filled blockbusters, “The Lanterns” will be the perfect project for him since it is supposed to be an earthbound cop drama.

Apart from “The Lanterns,” Affleck could direct “The Authority” as well. After all, not only is Midnighter a parallel to Batman, but the gray morality of the team and how it functions within and outside the law is something that’s right up his alley. However, since Gunn hasn’t explicitly denied or confirmed whether Affleck will direct “The Brave or the Bold” himself, so many sane fans who are not blinded by hatred of a new DC Universe are holding out hope of him directing DC’s Dark Knight. We don’t have a release date for “The Brave or the Bold” yet, but we do know that the first film of the DC Universe, “Superman: Legacy,” will premiere on July 11, 2025.


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