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Top 6 Films Like ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

If you were fascinated by “The Magician’s Elephant,” I have five more animated films that will bring you on an equally amazing trip packed with excitement, emotion, and awe that you won’t quickly forget. The protagonist, Peter, is a lonely orphan who undertakes a dangerous journey in search of his lost sibling. He consults a palm reader for help and is told to look for a sorcerer who also happens to have an elephant. In order to achieve his purpose and discover the truth, the boy must embark on three challenging challenges that will put his bravery, intellect, and resolve to the forefront.

Coco (2017)

The film follows Miguel, a mischievous teenager with musical aspirations who lives in a household where singing has been forbidden for generations. However, as fate would have it, Miguel somehow finds himself in the realm of the deal on the Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead), wherein he learns about his clan’s history from his forefathers. Throughout his travels, Miguel unearths the real story about his ancestors and a stunning mystery linking him to the legendary Ernesto de la Cruz. The movie delves into topics like familial ties, cultural heritage, romantic love, and the transformative potential of music to bridge the eras. In summary, it’s a feel-good film with inspiring messages about the value of relationships and the value of following your passions. Everyone who likes well-told stories and gorgeous animation should watch it.

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

The movie brings the audience to a Scandinavian settlement that has been under continual threat from giant dragons. The leader’s ward, Hiccup, has trouble keeping up with his peers because of his small stature and frail constitution. At one point, Hiccup encounters a Night Fury, a very uncommon and deadly kind of beast, in the forests and is unable to convince himself to slaughter it. Rather, he nicknames the monster Toothless and takes an interest in studying dragon psychology and discipline. The duo form a strong friendship and pair up to safeguard the Scandinavian settlement from a greater danger. It has gorgeous visuals and a fascinating plot, making for a fascinating watch. Among the ideas, it delves into are compassion, bravery, and the value of becoming yourself. Hiccup’s transformation from a social pariah to a heroic protagonist is a shining example of the film’s excellent characterization.

Soul (2020)

The film tells the heartbreaking account of Joe Gardner, a music instructor who wished to pursue a career as a jazz pianist but tragically passed away before he could fulfill his ambition. Now, with time running out, he must figure out how to return to his body from the region where spirits are readied for earthly existence. The film delves into questions of why we’re here on Earth and what drives our passions. Joe is a likeable and sympathetic protagonist because of his tenacity in the face of adversity and his will to never give up. Ultimately, the film offers a lesson of optimism and motivation, encouraging viewers to take stock of their lives and be grateful for the little details that make them special.

The Road To El-Dorado (2000)

The film puts the audience in the shoes of two swindlers who embark on an exciting journey after winning a guidebook to El Dorado, the fabled kingdom of wealth. Following a succession of misfortunes on their voyage, they end up in the realm of the ancient people, who believe they are deities. At first, the two see their unusual position as a golden passport to wealth; however, as they get more engaged in daily life, they start to reconsider their original ideas. The graphics are breathtaking, enveloping the audience in a realm reminiscent of the far-flung Mayan past with its bright hues and rich scenery.

Over The Moon (2020)

The film follows Fei Fei, a precocious little girl with a penchant for physics and a profound attachment to her deceased mom. Fei Fei constructs a spaceship and embarks on a lunar trip to convince her dad and the members of her town that the tale of the lunar deity is real. When Fei Fei finally makes it to the lunar surface, she finds a wonderful realm teeming with exotic animals and vivid hues. The movie is aesthetically magnificent and deeply poignant, touching on topics like loss, relationships, and the transformative potential of the intellect. The graphics are stunning, using a combination of hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery to create an otherworldly experience of outer space and its population.

Wish Dragon (2021)

Din, an undergraduate at a Shanghai university, serves as the movie’s protagonist. He comes into a mystical teacup holding a dragon nicknamed Long, who grants wishes. Din, who wishes to reunite with his former girlfriend Lina again, spends his maiden wish on a search for her, which leads to a succession of comical escapades but finally results in the two lovers’ reunion. Along the way, the duo faces thugs, a rich industrialist, and a competing dragon who is after Long’s abilities to usurp them. The film is an enjoyable and exciting journey with a meaningful story that will touch the hearts of audiences from all walks of life. The artwork is full of energy and passion, capturing the images and rhythms of contemporary Shanghai perfectly.


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