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‘Blood Karma’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Thriller movies with twists are popular because they keep the audience guessing and create a sense of suspense and excitement. The theme of these movies is often centered around the concept of trust, particularly in relationships and with the people around us. The twists are used to challenge the audience’s assumptions and subvert their expectations, often revealing a shocking truth that changes the way they perceive the characters and events of the film.

The theme of thriller movies with twists is about challenging our assumptions and perceptions, particularly when it comes to trust and identity. The twists are used to create tension and suspense, leading to a sense of revelation and understanding at the end of the film. When done well, these movies can be deeply satisfying, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and keeping them engaged long after the credits have rolled.

Chung Nguyen’s “Blood Karma” (or “Hạnh Phúc Máu”), a Vietnamese thriller film released on November 25, 2022, is a gripping tale full of surprises. The movie delves into themes such as betrayal, ritualistic practices, elements of horror, and an unexpected twist at the conclusion. To provide you with a glimpse of what the film has in store, here’s a brief recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Blood Karma’ Story

The film “Blood Karma” begins by introducing Vinh An, who returns to his family, known as the Vuong Dinh family, after completing his studies abroad. The family is comprised of his mother, his disabled brother Thai Phong, his mentally ill sister Vong Nam, and his elder sister Thien Kim. The family’s heritage is deep-rooted, and the opening scenes of the film portray the 1970s when the family’s eldest performed rituals to appease an entity they referred to as “The Divine.” Vinh An’s mother is also a believer in this entity and has been performing the rituals for a long time. One day, Vinh An’s auntie pays a visit to their house to see Vinh An again after a long absence. The conversations during dinner offer a brief introduction to the characters and also include flashbacks to provide further context for the film.

Although the Vuong Dinh family has a rich heritage, its history is quite dark. The family’s adherence to the ritual of appeasing a feared entity known as “The Divine” and their belief that giving birth to back-to-back female children is a bad omen highlight the problematic orthodox and conventional norms that exist in many cultures. The family members consider “The Divine” to be the ultimate power, and they believe that it is not only their duty to worship and obey Him but also an integral part of their lives. Following the horrific death of Vinh An’s father, his mother became even more convinced of the fearful entity’s existence and believed that “The Divine” is responsible for everything.

Exploring The Power Of Ancestry And Fate

Upon Vinh An’s return, his mother exudes immense happiness, revealing her deep love for him that surpasses her love for her other children. However, as the movie unfolds, a dark tale begins to emerge. Vinh An bears the responsibility for his brother Thai Phong’s disability; many years ago, he accidentally pushed him and left him behind, resulting in Thai Phong’s inability to walk. The situation takes a harrowing turn when a string of unfortunate events occurs. Vinh An’s mentally ill elder sister, Vong Nam, meets a gruesome end with a prominent scar on her forehead. Shortly after her demise, Vinh An’s aunt also meets a horrific fate. These consecutive fatalities shock everyone, leading Vinh An’s mother to believe that the fearful entity is responsible for the tragedies. However, Vinh An refuses to support his mother’s beliefs and opts for a more pragmatic approach to the matter.

In the film, the plot takes numerous unexpected turns. We witness that Vinh An’s mother is responsible for the death of Thai Phong’s nanny, who, as it turns out, was actually Thai Phong’s biological mother and had an affair with Vinh An’s father. The story takes a dark turn when Thien Kim’s husband dies in a car accident, and we later discover that Thai Phong has been behind the murders of Vinh An’s sister, aunt, and brother-in-law. It becomes clear that Thai Phong held a grudge against the Vuong Dinh family for his mother’s death, which he knew was caused by Vinh An’s mother. As Vinh An starts to suspect his own brother’s involvement, he devises a plan to catch him in the act. The plan succeeds, and Vinh An confronts Thai Phong, who reveals that he has been faking his disability all along. Thai Phong blames Vinh An for ruining his life and taking away his chance at happiness.

‘Blood Karma’ Ending

After the police arrive to catch the murderer, Vinh An shockingly takes all the blame upon himself in an attempt to show sacrifice to his brother. However, Thai Phong’s evil intentions consume him so much that he indirectly threatens to kill Vinh An’s mother even after Vinh An’s selfless act. Left with no other choice, Vinh An attacks the police and escapes the situation to save his mother. Later, Thai Phong abducts Vinh An’s mother and demands that Vinh An retrieve his biological mother’s ashes, which Vinh An’s mother has kept in a safe place for many years. The situation becomes more complicated as it is revealed that Thai Phong’s aunt, who has been working as a maid in the family, has been helping Thai Phong take revenge against the Vuong Dinh family. Vinh An confronts Thai Phong in a remote location after obtaining his mother’s ashes.

The argument between Vinh An and Thai Phong escalates into a physical fight, with Thai Phong nearly killing Vinh An. However, Vinh An’s mother intervenes and attacks Thai Phong with a large rock, ultimately killing him. The police arrive on the scene, and Vinh An’s mother takes the blame for all the murders. The concluding scenes of the movie contain a massive plot twist when Thai Phong’s aunt visits Vinh An’s mother in prison and discloses that the babies’ identities were switched at birth. She informs Vinh An’s mother that Thai Phong is actually her biological son. However, the twist does not end there. In the final moments of “Blood Karma,” Vinh An meets his mother and, after that, has a brief conversation with the maid, who is actually his biological aunt. From this conversation, it becomes clear that Vinh An, who is portrayed as the responsible, kind, and trustworthy person throughout the film, knew everything all along and had meticulously orchestrated his deceitful actions. 


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