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Top 7 Films Like ‘Gulmohar’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

Hotstar has finally aired the highly anticipated movie “Gulmohar,” directed by Rahul V. Chitella and starring Manoj Bajpayee, Sharmila Tagore, Kaveri Seth, Amol Palekar, and more. The movie follows the story of a beautiful family that is about to move to a new city with hopes and prospects for a better future. Here’s a list of seven movies you can watch if you enjoyed “Gulmohar.”

English Vinglish (2012)

The film follows Shashi, an innocent Indian woman who’s frequently made fun of by her husband and children because of her poor command of the English language. Shashi is anxious and doubtful of her capacity to speak English, notwithstanding her many strengths, including her culinary prowess as well as the recognition she enjoys in her community. After arriving in New York for her niece’s wedding, Shashi chooses to take English speaking lessons so that she can better communicate with her new family. Sridevi’s depiction of the realistic and motivating Shashi is a highlight of the movie, but there are many more excellent portrayals.

Badhai Ho (2018)

The plot follows the story of a husband and wife who announce their pregnancy in front of their family. Unfortunately, their sons are taken aback and humiliated by the revelation and have a hard time adjusting to the thought of having a younger sister. The movie examines prejudice, family relations, and the pressures of society’s standards for older people. The discomfort and shame that the pregnancy revelation causes for the Kaushik household are shown with humour and nuance. The writing and directing of the movie are both excellent because of the deft way in which the tale is delivered, notwithstanding the picture’s serious subject matter. The movie’s comedy is astute and understated, yet it rarely defaults to tropes or clichés.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

In anticipation of Kabir’s approaching nuptials, three old buddies reconnect for a scenic drive throughout Spain. The three pals use their trip across Spain as an opportunity to reflect on their individual lives and the hardships and goals that have brought them together. Kabir, a rich businessman who is planning on marrying his long-term fiancée, has second thoughts. Addicted to working, Arjun is confronted with hydrophobia and his broken connection with his dad. At the same time, the poet Imran learns about himself throughout his hunt for his real dad. The movie’s camerawork is excellent, capturing Spain’s bright hues and scenery.

Do Dooni Chaar (2010)

The film depicts a family’s daily grind in Delhi as they attempt to get by. Santosh is a maths instructor, and his spouse, Kusum, is a hardworking homemaker who dreams of driving her own automobile. The family’s finances are so tight that they can’t even buy a vehicle, let alone live in luxury. Santosh, nevertheless, is resolved to make good on Kusum’s wish and buy her a vehicle, so he takes on extra work to put some money aside, leading to a number of comedic scenarios and disagreements. The movie’s greatest achievement is its realistic depiction of a middle-class family, complete with all their beliefs and their hardships.

Hindi Medium (2017)

In order to have their kid admitted to an exclusive English-speaking school, the protagonists of this film discover they need to undergo significant personal transformations in order to blend in with the school’s exclusive student body. They relocate to an affluent area and enrol in English courses, but they face hostility from the local community and the school’s management and families. As the plot develops, the pair is forced to face the systemic racism and sexism they encounter at school. They had an epiphany and understood that the most important thing for their child’s future is not putting her into a prestigious university but rather instilling in her the principles and morals that they themselves were taught as children.

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

The film follows the Mehras, an affluent Punjabi household, as they board a ship to commemorate the silver jubilee of their parent’s marriage. The movie’s storyline is driven by the revelations of the family’s instability and the ensuing revelations and confrontations that emerge throughout their vacation. Kamal, the leader of the household, is a dominating industrialist who wishes for his son to govern his real estate company. Meanwhile, Neelam, the wife, is dissatisfied with her relationship and seems stifled by her partner’s unrealistic and cynical demands. The family’s voyage allows them to work through their problems and reconcile their ties with one another.

Piku (2015)

The film follows Piku Banerjee, a headstrong and self-reliant lady who resides in Delhi alongside her dad, the elderly and health-obsessed Bhaskor. The film brilliantly depicts the everyday troubles of the father and daughter as the former becomes more preoccupied with the latter’s constipation problems. Piku chooses to bring Bhaskor to their native soil in Kolkata as Bhaskor’s condition worsens in the city. The group hires a talkative cabbie, Rana Chaudhary, and sets off on their not-so-scenic drive. Throughout the journey, we see the protagonist reflecting on her love life and her rigid relationship with Bhaskor. The film also examines how our interactions with those we cherish and with death shape who we are.

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