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‘Alone’ Ending, Explained: Did Kalidas Have Schizophrenia?

“Alone” is a Malayali thriller that was released on March 3, 2023, on Disney+. The movie received negative reviews from critics, and the plot is confusing. However, we are here to see what the movie is about. Let’s dive into the movie and see what it’s all about.

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Alone’?

The movie is set during the time of COVID-19, when everyone was scared, and there was a lockdown all around the country. The movie’s protagonist, Kalidas, is seen shifting to Kochi. He gets a new apartment with the help of his girlfriend and starts living there. However, soon, he starts hearing the voices of the previous tenants who lived there. Even the food he was eating started disappearing. He starts getting anxious and tells his girlfriend about it, but she blames it all on his drinking habits. He even calls his doctor, who thinks the reason is depression. She prescribes some medicines to him, but he refuses to take them. Kalidas is keen on finding out what happened to the previous tenants, so he starts making some calls. He gets to know that before him, a lady and her daughter lived there. The lady, Sreedevi, and her daughter, Anu, were harassed by Thomas Kuruvila, who was the caretaker of the apartment. Kalidas starts looking for clues, but because of COVID-19, he is not able to get all the answers he was looking for.

Kalidas starts calling each of his contacts, mainly powerful people like journalists and policemen. He gets to know that Sreedevi is in debt and that both Anu and Sreedevi committed suicide in the flat he was living in. According to the police, Sreedevi and her daughter died around midnight on February 14, 2020. However, Kalidas was not ready to accept it.

The whole movie circles around him, trying to find more details about the deaths. It is actually quite confusing, as he seems to know all the details by himself. Kalidas later calls a criminal named Hari Bhai and asks him to visit the surgeon who performed the autopsies of Anu and Sreedevi. There, the surgeon said the same thing: Sreedevi and Anu committed suicide. However, Kalidas asks Hari Bhai to thrash the surgeon. Later, Kalidas gets to know that Thomas Kuruvila had a close relationship with a lady who lived in the same flat. He goes to her, and she does not reveal the details about Thomas Kuruvila and tells him he had nothing to do with Sreedevi and Anu’s deaths. However, later that evening, the lady dies of COVID but leaves a letter for Kalidas. In the letter, she mentions that Thomas Kuruvila was involved in the murder of Anu and Sreedevi.

Kalidas decides to call Thomas Kuruvila and confronts him with the letter. Thomas Kuruvila reveals that he had gone to Sreedevi’s apartment the day she was murdered. However, she did not open the door. He also mentioned that there was another man in the house during the time he went to the house.

‘Alone’ Ending Explained – Did Kalidas Have Schizophrenia?

Kalidas further investigates this matter and asks a journalist to dig into it. He later gets to know that Sreedevi used to work for a finance company and was indeed in debt. He further gets to know that Sreedevi’s boss, Binoy, was the one who came to her house on February 14. According to the guard, Binoy left the premises around 9 p.m. Kalidas was adamant about the fact that Binoy had killed Sreedevi and Anu. Kalidas later sends Hari Bhai to Binoy’s place and asks him to call him from there. When Hari Bhai reaches Binoy’s place, he calls Kalidas, who confronts him about the murder of Sreedevi and Anu. Kalidas had heard the voices telling him how the person who was harassing Sreedevi and Anu had a bad touch. Kalidas confronts Binoy and tells him he knows the truth and how Binoy was after Sreedevi. When Sreedevi declined to get any closer to Binoy, he went after her daughter. He also believed that Binoy had murdered them, and because he was a big businessman, nobody dared to question him. However, Hari Bhai kills Binoy.

The next day, Hari Bhai is arrested for the murder of Binoy, and he confesses that he had murdered Binoy on behalf of Kalidas. We see snippets of news in which the news reporters say that the police are after Kalidas. We get to know that Kalidas actually suffered from schizophrenia. His doctor reveals how he had come to her for the treatment of schizophrenia but refused to take medicines. Even his girlfriend didn’t know Kalidas could become this dangerous. In the end, Kalidas escapes the policemen who are after him and decides to settle down somewhere else. It is believed that Kalidas made up stories in his mind and believed that he was serving justice. However, we get to know that he just suffered from schizophrenia.

The climax of the movie feels fast-paced, and not much is explained. According to the reviews, it is Mohanlal’s worst performance, and we can agree with the same. The movie is confusing from the start to the end. How could the police catch Hari Bhai and not Kalidas? It will stay beyond us. There are many questions you get after watching the movie, and the answers would be hard to decode since the movie has a weak storyline.


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