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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 8: Did Joey Finally Learned The Truth?

Episode 8 of “Hello Tomorrow” kicks off with Shirley, Jack’s most trusted advisor and saleswoman, refusing to start the car until she finally gets some long-awaited answers about Jack’s business and The Brightside Corporation. Shirley is shocked to the core after learning that the promise of a better life on the moon is nothing but an elaborate scam being run by Jack, who was just using Manzell’s face to fuel his plan. All this time, Jack had pretended that Mr. Manzell was living his best life in his exquisite and massive lunar mansion, but in reality, Jack has been hiding him on Earth, in the retirement facility his mother lives in. Now Jack believes that he can make everything right, as soon he’ll be getting a massive paycheck that would help him put everything in place. Shirley has been nothing but loyal to Jack, and he, without even giving a second thought, kept duping her, Eddie, Herb, and everyone he ever sat with. Jack desperately tries to convince Shirley to continue working with him, if not for him, but the latter turns him down. Shirley had finally made up her mind, and no amount of money and the prospect of a better future could convince her to come back. According to her, Jack is deluded and fails to differentiate between reality and fiction.

Spoilers Ahead

The Newfound Confidence 

On the other hand, thanks to his newfound confidence, Herb finally managed to pacify the crowd, making people believe that his words were true. And to an extent, they were, as Herb has no idea the company he’s working for doesn’t exist. To settle their doubts about the deal’s legitimacy, Herb also offered the crowd to follow them to the launch site so that they could see the space shuttle land with their own eyes. Eddie wakes up from his slumber only to find the bag of money missing and asks Herb about it, who reveals that his money has been put to good use. On the route to the landing site, Eddie is furious after learning that Herb has given back his hard-earned money to the people he hard-earned it from. Eddie also insults Herb’s wife, Bonnie, for making him as conniving as she is. In the past, Bonnie had made efforts to turn on the heat between Jack and his favourite Joey, so she could force her husband up the hierarchy. Even though Herb is unable to notice this, he’s clearly being controlled by his wife. Herb even kicks Eddie out of Joey’s car, which he has now commandeered, believing he deserves it.

The Landing 

Jack follows Manzell into the Landing site, who has now completely lost his mind and believes that Gargon is invading the Earth. Mazell is in danger because a rocket is about to land on the pad in a matter of minutes, and the heat of the thrusters will char him if he doesn’t get away. Jack desperately tries to calm Manzell, but the latter keeps refusing his every suggestion, believing he’s a rogue agent working for the Gargon alien race. Jack finally manages to pacify Manzell, arguing that he has already saved the planet from the invasion and is acting bizarrely due to the gas attack. The two escape the fire in time, allowing the shuttle to land. Meanwhile, after arriving at the landing site, Herb decides to push his luck and distributes flyers to convince the crowd to upgrade to a much bigger deal. The shuttle lands, shocking everyone in awe, even Lester and Myrtle. Myrtle really wanted everything to be a lie, but she was shockingly delighted to see the space shuttle. Jack introduces everyone to the Manzell, informing them the latter has personally arrived to escort them back to their lunar condos, restoring everyone’s faith in him and his Brightside Corporation. 

On the other hand, Jack learns from Walt that he has been piloting the shuttle for a while, doing cargo runs, mostly booze, and trash. Jack wasted no time trying to convince Walt like he had convinced everyone around him by offering the prospect of a better life and happiness. However, Walt is careful, as he has heard the same pitch from Jack’s dad.  

Did Joey Finally Learn The Truth?

Joey goes to Jack’s office to give him an opportunity to explain himself, but instead, he sees Shirley’s furious, sorrowful countenance as he walks in and is met with a reality that completely sweeps him off his feet. Shirley reveals to him that the man he was working for is none other than his father, who had left him, and his mother decades ago. However, Joey is hesitant to accept the newfound reality but eventually comes to accept it, knowing the truth couldn’t be any more different. Joey finally sees that all this time, Jack has been pushing him so he can turn him into himself. Offering him a job, paying for his mother’s hospital bills, and buying him a brand-new car, was just a way for him to make up for the times lost. Meanwhile, Jack meets with Elle and is delighted to hear that the latter has signed the papers and will be writing him a giant check. Jack brought an expensive bottle of Champagne and drove to Joey’s house to celebrate his newfound achievement of closing a massive deal. Jack offers Joey to become a partner, so they can finally get things in motion, but was turned down. Joey revealed to Jack that everything he has done until now was to turn him into a cunning and lying salesman like he is, not because he really cared for him. Joey calls Jack a coward and chastises him for leaving his family behind so that he can craft a polishing career. Jack was a brilliant salesman, adept at fooling or convincing anyone to place bets on anything, but the final seconds of the episode portray him as a man who’s unable to even muster the courage to apologise for the bad decisions he had made in the past.


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