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Top 5 Films Like ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

If you’ve seen any of the films in the “John Wick” saga, you can appreciate how exciting and lore-heavy they can be. One of the most successful action franchises of modern cinema, “John Wick,” is known for its exciting battle sequences, detailed storyline, and nuanced protagonists. But what to do if you’ve seen every “John Wick” film? Not to worry; there are a plethora of excellent action films that will satisfy your cravings.

From slick gun-blazing scenes to intense hand-2-hand combat, here are the five best movies like “John Wick: Chapter 4” to satiate your hunger for high-octane action.

The Red Redemption (2011)

Rama, a newbie on the tactical squad, is put in charge of ushering the other members of the squad into a criminal-infested property. As Rama and his colleagues transverse through the levels, they face more challenging hurdles and hordes of militarised gangsters. When the crisis worsens, Rama must exhaust every one of his resources to safeguard his group and eliminate Tama, the mob boss, who is backed by a legion of devoted thugs. The film is well-known for its graphic brutality, as well as its dramatic combat scenes and muay thai techniques. The performers execute all of their own actions, and the battle sequences are scripted with accuracy, creating a believable and exciting experience.

The film was a smash hit in Indonesia and catapulted Indonesian filmmaking into the international spotlight. The first installment was so successful that it inspired a follow-up in 2014 titled “The Raid 2.”

Polar (2019)

Duncan, the film’s protagonist, is an aged contract killer who is forced into his former life when his past employer, Damocles Corporations, orders to put him six feet under the ground. The story follows Duncan as he tries to elude his pursuers and exact revenge on his old employer, Mr. Blut. Along the journey, he makes allies with Camille, who later joins him. As his pursuers close in, Duncan will need to use every ounce of his wisdom and skill to outwit them and exact revenge. In the process, he learns of a dangerous conspiracy hatched by Damocles that threatens not only his own life but the existence of people close to him. 

Several reviewers praised the film’s gorgeous cinematography and Mads Mikkelsen’s acting, whereas others lambasted the film for its barbaric carnage and inconsistent vibe when it was first released. Yet, it has amassed a devoted fan base amongst the readers and watchers of action flicks and comics. In general, it’s a fun and bloody action flick that should satisfy genre lovers.

The Equaliser (2014)

The story follows McCall as he settles into society as a Bostonian Retail Department employee following his retirement from his previous career as a federal executioner. But when McCall encounters a young escort nicknamed Teri and learns that her employer is abusing her, he resolves to solve things on his own and adjudicate the wrongdoers. As McCall investigates further, he finds a sophisticated malfeasance and oppression that endangers the citizens of his town. Using his experience as a federal agent, he crushes the crime syndicate that is plaguing the city. Many reviewers praised Denzel Washington’s portrayal of McCall as well as the movie’s thrilling gun-blazing scenes. The film’s concepts of fairness and repentance connected with viewers, making it a financial triumph.

The Extraction (2020)

The story chronicles the exploits of Rake as he journeys to Dhaka to rescue Ovi, the kidnapped ward of a major crime boss. In their quest to save Ovi, Rake, and his squad face battles against a number of enemies, including bribery-prone security forces and highly equipped assassins. As the stakes get higher, Rake will need to employ all of his expertise and skills to keep Ovi protected. In the process, he has to deal with the repercussions of his sordid youth and the grief of losing a loved one. Several reviewers compared the movie’s thrilling combat scenes to those in legendary action movies like “Leon” and “Mission: Impossible.” There were, however, others who felt the film fell victim to action-adventure cliches and was lacking in creativity. The film turned out to be huge, notwithstanding the complaints, prompting the streaming giant to greenlight a successor.

Nobody (2021)

Hutch, the film’s protagonist, is a married guy living a routine suburban existence. The situation, nevertheless, takes a bizarre twist when criminals enter his house and make off with his daughter’s wristband. Whilst the break-in itself is somewhat inconsequential, it puts in motion a series of incidents that eventually expose Hutch as a dangerous federal agent with a history of violence. When he investigates the break-ins, he finds himself in the middle of a sinister scheme comprising the Russian underworld as well as an unscrupulous law enforcement agency. The premise of “Nobody” is replete with exciting scenes involving high-speed chases, duels, and altercations. The film boasts a number of A-list Hollywood actors, including Odenkirk, who received high acclaim for his portrayal of a character who transforms from being a mild-mannered patriarch to a cold-blooded assassin. Ultimately, it’s a terrific and enjoyable action flick that lives up to its claim of gruesome violence. For those seeking a thrilling and entertaining watch, it’s a top pick.


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