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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Episode 2: Great Salesmen Make Their Own Turf: Recap And Ending

In the last episode of Apple Tv’s “Hello Tomorrow,” we learn that Jack Billing, the salesman making fake promises of a permanent lunar residence, hires his son Joey after his ex-wife Marie gets into a tragic accident that leaves her in a coma. However, Joey is yet to find out that Jack is his father, and his promises are nothing but a sophisticated con.

After putting on his new threads, Joey is more than ready to try his luck in the world of sales. To be honest, sales is a completely uncharted territory for Joey as he has mostly worked in the retail and local grocery shops, which might be the reason he was picked on during the first hour of his shift by his seniors, and Jack’s older recruits, Eddie and Herb Porter. Jack has been running a big scam using the face of his made-up company “Brightside,” often canceling launches on behalf of his boss, Stan Jenkins. Even his most trusted sales staff, including Herb, Eddie, and Shirley, are oblivious to his ongoing schemes and plans and genuinely believe that there are fully-furnished and habitable condominiums on the moon. Even though Shirly begs him to reconsider, Jack offers Joey a couple of leads to fish in potential clients and decides to drive with him in hopes of proving his sales staff wrong.  Jack truly believes that Joey can be a better salesman and is determined to shape him into quite a young man, full of confidence and charm. He is also hell-bent on bonding with his son, sharing his love for baseball, and even offering front-row tickets to the baseball game.

Spoilers Ahead

First Day Of Becoming A Salesman

Unfortunately, Joey’s first day isn’t treading very well, but Jack is doing his best to keep his spirits up. Unlike Jack, he doesn’t know how to convince people to buy stuff and often comes out empathetic and truthful. On the other hand, Jack targets a specific group of people, the ones who are bored, broken, and hoping for a second chance at life, just like the gentleman in the pub who yearned to connect with his estranged daughter. Jack is aware that vulnerable people are more amenable to being persuaded, meaning a widow trying her best to get over the death of her husband is more likely to take the bait than a college professor with kids.  Meanwhile, Joey is under the impression that he’s really helping the people in need by offering them a new chance at life, but in reality, is duping people of their hard-earned money. Joey may not have been successful in converting any leads, but he did manage to persuade the store manager, Sal, to purchase a C-Plex from him, making Jack proud. The promises of a better world, plush seats, cocktails, and waitresses were more than enough to get Sal on board. Joey has now realized that in order to sell something or become a good salesman, one has to mix a couple of lies into a handful of truths or vice versa. However, it’s still left to see how he will react when he learns that Jack is his father and he has been helping him in his scam. Jack sees his own reflection in Joey, and the latter’s lucrative sale on his opening day has just solidified his belief. 

Myrtle Moving Out

Jack has given Shirley a bag full of cash to trigger the refunds for the agitated clients to prevent his plan from going south. But Eddie has a different idea which involves gambling all the money to double the prize rather than refunding the money at the moment. In reality, Eddie is constantly being terrorized by loan sharks, who often show up at his workplace, threatening to break his limbs. Eddie tries to steal the cash during the baseball game but is met with an empty glove box, as Shirly has already moved the money somewhere else. On the other hand, Herb is likewise following in Jack’s footsteps and manages to turn from a lead into a sure-shot client. Herb is an experienced salesman and has no problem using Myrtle’s unhappy and troublesome relationship as an instrument to scratch a name off his target list. Myrtle’s displeasure with her spouse has evolved into bitterness over time. Herb triggers doubts in Myrtle’s mind with his jargon, saying love and marriage are built on trust, and there’s no reason to cage yourself in an unhappy relationship. He even promises to deliver the best deal possible if she ever decides to plan a getaway or a fresh start somewhere very far away. Herb drives the last nail in the coffin, and drops the brochure on her doorstep, walks away, saying that her husband will do the same if given a chance. Myrtle has finally decided to leave her unappreciative husband and break free from her unhappy marriage.  However, she did more than simply pack her stuff and walk out of the door. To our shock, the blonde woman burnt her husband’s house down, believing that she’ll never come back as she now has her own condo on the moon. 


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