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‘Still Missing Morgan’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending: Who Is Heinrich Annandale? Did He Kill Jacob?

By the time we finish watching the third episode of the Hulu Original miniseries “Still Missing Morgan,” a piece of us is already shattered. In the fourth episode, all we do is hope and pray that there comes up something that would surprise the investigators or the family of Morgan so that they can seek justice. At the same time, you are disgusted by the number of suspects that came forward. In a civilized society, it is unimaginable to have people who would victimize children for their sexual desires. In the beginning, we were hopeful that something positive might happen; the search that was still ongoing after twenty-five years might bring a new angle or show a new direction that might take us a little closer to finding Morgan. Unfortunately, instead of untangling the situation, they were getting tangled with new pieces of information and new leads.

Spoilers Ahead

Heinrich The Horrible Murderer

We cannot be sadder about not finding Morgan, even when the investigators were not leaving any stone unturned to find out even the smallest clue about Morgan. In the meantime, Jacob’s murderer, Heinrich Annandale’s tale, comes to the forefront. If we think we have seen enough cruelty in the world, we need to pause and rethink. Heinrich, cold-heartedly, murdered an eleven-year-old child after molesting him. Not just that, he kept silent for almost twenty-seven years. Even when he was arrested, he maintained his silence. Finally, there was a sort of arrangement where he put conditions before the courts to finally say what he had done to the young boy.

Heinrich accepted the narrative that the other two children with Jacob had said earlier. He said he saw the three boys going towards the convenience store, and he waited up the road in his truck. He knew the boys would come back that way later. Soon it was dark, and the boys were returning. Heinrich randomly let the other two boys run into the woods, telling them he would shoot if they stopped. Then he pushed Jacob into the car and handcuffed him. A terrified Jacob asked him what he had done wrong; Heinrich didn’t answer and just asked him to bend over so that no one could see him. He drove off and went closer to the county road, which was closer to the interstate on I-94, and then he drove for another few miles down closer to Paynesville. He chose a gravel pit to park the car and let Jacob out. Then he asked him to strip off his clothes, and then he molested him. After he was done, Jacob requested that Heinrich take him back home. Heinrich asked Jacob to turn back and shoot him twice.

Initially, he left Jacob there and went back home. Later that night, he returns with a shovel but realizes he will not be able to dig the gravel pit. Thus he got one of those land movers that could, and he knew where to find the keys. He dug a grave and put Jacob there. He used to come back there every day. After a year, he saw something red that was visible. Thus, he removed the body and moved it onto the private land of a farmer.

The brutality of his action is surpassed by his audacity and ability to remain silent and only trade information under conditions. The true criminal mind, unfortunately, was sentenced to 20 years in jail and will be released in 2033, when he will be 70 years old.

Morgan’s Files

Remember the red truck? Well, the red truck was auctioned, and a grandfather bought it for his grandson; they altered it and worked on the truck. The family helped the investigators do a deep search. They send the truck for blood samples, hair samples, and a thread of cloth. They expected the lab could find DNA samples, which would help the investigators match them with Morgan’s DNA. However, the lab results came back, but nothing concrete came out. There were blood samples found on the dashboard. But the sample was not enough to detect the DNA. The same had happened with the strand of hair and the piece of cloth. All of these could have helped solve Morgan’s case. But the results came back with not much positive; thus, the chances of taking them as pieces of evidence were ruled out. Link, the man whose red truck was investigated, is still the prime suspect in Morgan’s case. Morgan is still missing, and the family is still waiting for information about their daughter.

Morgan Nick’s case is one of the several where a child goes missing without a trace. The abductors roam freely, and no information about the child is found. Most children end up dead after being sexually assaulted. Only a few return home. “Still Missing Morgan” ends with a plea to everyone to come up with any information about Morgan. The perennially heartbreaking tale of Morgan is a reminder that evil is walking freely in the world in the disguise of humans.


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