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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 10: How Did Jack’s Plan Spiral Out Of Control?

In the last episode of “Hello Tomorrow!” Joey had a meeting with Agent Costopolus, where he exposed the fake promises made by Jack and Brightside regarding condos on the moon. Despite this revelation, Costopolus informed Joey that a confession on tape was necessary for Jack’s arrest. Joey attends a baseball game with Jack against his better judgment and is able to get an admission out of him; nonetheless, he is plagued by second thoughts and tries to come to terms with the gravity of his choice.

Spoilers Ahead

A Difficult Position, A Difficult Choice

Following Jack’s emotional confession, Joey finds himself in a difficult position. He must now decide whether or not to bring the evidence to Agent Costopolus. This personal dilemma weighs heavily on Joey, and he struggles to come to terms with what course of action to take. On one hand, he wants to do the right thing and uphold justice. On the other hand, he worries about the potential consequences of his actions, including the impact they could have on Jack and their relationship. Meanwhile, Agent Costopolus is constantly pressuring Joey to bring all the pertinent evidence to him as soon as possible so he can build a strong case against Jack and arrest him at the earliest opportunity. Jack, likewise, is also counting the hours until his imminent arrest. In a moment of desperation, Jack reaches out to Joey with a heartfelt message. He assures Joey that, regardless of the decision he makes, he will always be his son, and he’ll cherish the time they spent together chasing clients. Joey visits his father in an audacious attempt to convince him to abandon the dangerous plan of sending people to the moon but is shocked to see Agent Costopolus already talking to the clients, trying to talk them into canceling their plans, on the grounds of safety. 

The Romantic Angle

Agent Costopolus informs Jack that he’s placing a grounding halt on today’s flight and has orders to take him into custody on multiple counts of fraud. In return, Jack reveals that whatever nit Costopolus is picking up today is not going to stop people from going up there and embracing their lifelong dream. Jack continued that he personally wished to join them on the trip to guarantee his client’s safety and happiness. Costopolus again pressures Joey to turn in the evidence but is shocked to learn that, like Jack, he too plans to board the fight. Joey also returns to Colossus his recording equipment, which he had previously borrowed to obtain a confession from his father. Having heard his father’s heartfelt confession, Joey decides to extend one last opportunity to him to right his wrongs. Furthermore, Agent Costopolus finds himself on the receiving end of mockery and ridicule from Jack’s clients, who still haven’t lost their faith in the “harbinger of their dreams.” Costopolus also makes a last effort to convince Myrtle to back down, informing her that Jack is nothing but a fraud, but she is asked to leave. Myrtle, while relentlessly pursuing the evidence against Jack, found herself falling deeply in love with Agent Costopolus. Despite her best efforts to hide her feelings, her passion for him burns brightly, igniting a spark of hope that perhaps her feelings are reciprocated. However, when she discovers that Costopolus does not share her affection, her heart is shattered into a million pieces, leaving her angry and lonely.

How Did Jack’s Plan Spiral Out Of Control?

Jack managed to delay the launch by informing their clients that his associate Herb had forgotten to equip them with their protection vest and sent them down to get fitted. With everyone gone, Jack reveals to Joey that once he sends the rocket up, his investors will hand him bags full of money, which he can use to build gorgeous houses for every one of his clients. The smile on Joey’s face likewise suggests that he has finally decided to vest his faith in Jack’s plans, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.  In reality, Jack has trapped his buyers in an elevator and plans to send an empty rocket to the moon, creating a spectacular display that will impress his investors and cement his company as a legitimate business. As for his clients, Jack will convince them that he has no choice but to delay their launch due to mechanical trouble. The duo even manages to bring their old associates, Eddie and Shirley, on board. Later, the father-son duo leaves for the hospital after learning that Marie, Joey’s mother, has woken out of the coma, leaving Elle in charge of the launch. After a whole 20 years, Jack rejoices with his wife Marie, apologizing for leaving her and his son all these years ago. Unfortunately, amid the happiness, his plan goes south when Agent Costopolus frees everyone from the elevator. Agent Costopolus also expresses his love for Myrtle and decides to join her on her trip to the moon. Elle, Jack’s new partner, not knowing that the clients have boarded the plane, pushes the launch button, sending the rocket soaring into the sky.

Season 1 concludes with Jack basking in the joy of a long-awaited family reunion with his wife and son while he remains blissfully unaware of the chaos that is unfolding elsewhere. In the forthcoming season, Jack will have to deal with the fallout from his dishonest dealings with his customers when they learn the truth that they’ve lied to all along and that the man they trusted with their hard-earned money was nothing but a charming swindler. Also, Joey’s decision not to turn in the evidence has ultimately made him an accomplice to everything, despite his initial efforts to avoid any involvement in the matter. Myrtle has found love with Agent Costopolus, who is strict in his adherence to the law but is someone who also values their friendship dearly. 


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