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Top 5 Films Like ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

“The Pope’s Exorcist” is a chilling horror movie that delves deep into the shadowy underbelly of demonic possession. The film, led by Russell Crowe, centers on an ordained priest from the Vatican who is asked to exorcise a teenager who is said to be cursed by an evil spirit. But then he is hit with a bombshell that threatens to destroy his faith. If “The Pope’s Exorcist” left you wanting for terrifying horror, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled a selection of films that delve deep into the dreadful subjects of deliverance and demonic possession.

The Last Exorcism (2010)

Released in 2010, this Daniel Stamm masterpiece stars Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian and chronicles the exploits of Cotton Marcus, a fake preacher who promises to carry out one more deliverance for a devout Louisiana household.

Cotton, aided by a film team, investigates a reported case of satanic possession in an effort to disprove the so-called exorcism belief. When Cotton, as well as the rest of the squad, start their investigation, they quickly come to grips with the reality of the possession and find themselves caught up in a labyrinth of demonic dread. The film’s surprising conclusion flips the script on the genre’s typical rules, making moviegoers doubt what they saw. What makes this film so effective as a horror flick is the way it subverts a pretty generic premise. Instead of adopting the standard format of a horror film in which a priest fights a diabolical evil, this film focuses on an unbeliever who must face his own doubts about the existence of the paranormal. The found-footage filming enhances anxiety and fear by making the events seem more genuine and immediate.

The Cleansing Hour (2019)

“The Cleansing Horror” is a 2019 release directed by Damien LeVeck and starring Kyle Garner and Max Guzman.

The film revolves around two friends, Max and Drew, who host a lucrative show in which they trick their viewers by staging false occult rituals and demonic possessions. Unfortunately, their lives are thrown into chaos when a genuine evil takes possession of their newest crew member. Left with no choice, the duo must work quickly to rescue themselves and the remainder of the gang from imminent doom. The protagonists are confronted with the real-life implications of their staged cleansing, allowing the film to examine themes of deceit and the risks of meddling with powers outside their grasp and understanding. Many have praised the film for its unique approach to the horror genre, while others have criticized it for its shaky pace and underdeveloped characters. Many horror moviegoers, nevertheless, have commended the film for its originality of concept and quality of realistic effects. One of the film’s distinguishing features is the way it uses the internet as well as live streaming to critique the show business of today.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

Starring the likes of Jennifer Carpenter and Tom Wilkinson, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is often touted as one of the scariest movies ever released.

The film puts the audience in the shoes of ambitious university student Emily Rose as she starts to display alarming behaviors that lead many to assume she is possessed by an evil spirit. In an effort to rid their daughter of the evil spirit, the parents consult Richard Moore, an ordained priest, who carries out a cleansing ritual to ward off the evil entity. But when Emily passes away, Moore is accused of culpable murder because many people ascribe her death to a violent and unnecessary exorcism. The film explores the intricate and contentious topics of belief, spirituality, and legality as the case progresses. The circumstances leading up to Emily’s passing are presented via recollections and testimonials, revealing the challenges of Priest Moore as he attempts to protect himself from an administration that is not prepared to deal with paranormal incidents like Emily’s death.

La Nia De La Comunión, Or The Communion Girl (2022)

Directed by Victor Garcia, “The Communion Girl” is a 2022 film starring Carla Campra and Marc Soler. The film follows little Sara as she prepares to make her First Holy Communion and finds a curious marionette in a dilapidated chapel. Shortly thereafter, Sara begins to experience an array of horrific occurrences, leading everyone to conclude that the marionette is inhabited by a malevolent spirit. When Alice’s mom notices a disturbing change in her daughter’s behavior, she takes her to visit Michael, a Catholic priest who is certain that Alice is cursed. The priest, Michael, aided by an assortment of experts, carries out cleansing on Sara to free her from the evil spirit, but little did they know this situation was about to get worse. In addition to exploring topics of religion, youth, and the occult, the film is renowned for its evocative and scary moments. Especially impressive is Carla Campra’s portrayal of Sara, who does a superb job of conveying the protagonist’s spiral into lunacy and takeover.

Agnes (2021) 

“Agnes,” directed by Mickey Reese and starring Molly C. Quinn, Sean Gunn, and Chris Browning, is a gripping horror film that takes viewers on a haunting journey through the mind of a troubled young woman.

We meet Mary, a new member of a nunnery who begins to experience disturbing visions that terrify her to her core. Convinced that an evil spirit has taken control of her body, Agnes turns to a group of priests for help, hoping that they can rid her of this demonic presence. As the priests attempt to perform an exorcism on Agnes, they start to question whether her affliction is truly the result of demonic possession or if it is the manifestation of deep-seated trauma and mental illness. The movie’s strengths are its suspenseful storytelling and unique mix of otherworldly horror and mental trauma. The film addresses issues of religion, uncertainty, and psychiatric disorders in a manner that is provocative and emotionally uncomfortable, with great portrayals from the ensemble, especially Molly Quinn’s subtle and complicated representation of Mary.


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