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Ben Affleck Trashed James Gunn’s Claims Of Him Directing A DCU Film, Saying, ‘Absolutely Not’

When James Gunn announced his DCU slate, he also said that he and Peter Safran (co-CEO of DC Studios) were having a discussion with Ben Affleck about directing a film. Many assumed that the DC Universe movie was going to be “The Brave and the Bold,” as that was a Batman movie. However, in a new interview, Affleck has denounced all such claims and said that he won’t ever direct anything for Gunn.

Ben Affleck Clarifies His Position On DC Films

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck was asked if he would direct something for DC. To this, the actor replied that he wouldn’t direct anything for James Gunn’s DCU. To drive home his point, he said, “Absolutely not.” Affleck then said that he has nothing against Gunn but doesn’t want to direct in the manner that DC Studios is planning to. Fans were shocked by the former Batman actor’s seemingly harsh words because they had been expecting the star to direct at least one DC Universe film, even if it didn’t pan out to be “The Brave and The Bold.”

Many concluded that Affleck simply didn’t want to be associated with DC after seeing the trials and tribulations Zack Snyder faced to get “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” made. However, the article told a different story. In the interview, Affleck said that his experience filming “Justice League” basically made him detest superhero movies. The actor said that everything that could go wrong with the “Justice League” did go wrong. There were poor production decisions, Snyder’s personal tragedy, and more that made Affleck take a step back from the superhero genre altogether.

He confessed that “Justice League” broke his heart, and even though everyone thought that Joss Whedon could come in and rescue the film with 60 days of reshoots, he ultimately failed to do that. Everything took a toll on him, and he began drinking heavily. When the film was being shot in London, Affleck admitted to feeling suicidal. He realized that he was miserable and that this wasn’t the life he wanted to have. Affleck explained that every time he films a movie, he tries to find something interesting to hold onto, because shooting for days on end can be exhausting.

However, he seemingly indicated that there was nothing as such on the “Justice League.” In fact, he mentioned that the rubber suit he had to wear and the nonsensical, childish dialogues he had to say were not creatively satisfying or interesting enough for him. Even though he didn’t condescend to anyone for loving or making superhero movies, he didn’t want to participate in such films and squander more of his limited life away like this. It goes on to show that Affleck is done with the superhero genre altogether.

It makes perfect sense as well, even though DC fans expect that production under Gunn will be smoother than the debacle that was “Justice League.” However, it seems like Affleck is exhausted with the genre altogether and doesn’t want to direct a film that will be boring for him. Moreover, directing such a movie won’t be easy. He will also have to ensure that his film connects to the next that someone else will make. Overall, it makes sense why Affleck has decided to just hang up his Batman cape and close the door on that part of his career.

Ben Affleck Praises Zack Snyder

The actor had nothing but good things to say about the man who brought him into the DCEU and convinced him to play Batman—Zack Snyder. Ben Affleck stated in the interview that the best thing to come out of “Justice League” was Zack Snyder’s full 4-hour version of it. Affleck stated that he shot for a day with Snyder in the director’s backyard as well. Then he proudly went on to exclaim that the film was his highest-rated movie on IMDb. The interviewer did bring up the point of Snyder’s fans pushing the IMDb scores up, but the former Batman actor didn’t pay any mind to it.

He explained that no matter what anyone says, that doesn’t change the fact that it is the highest-rated film in his career. Affleck explained that he went from starring in a flop (“Justice League”) to one that was a hit (“Zack Snyder’s Justice League”). Along with this, the star also mentioned that he loved working on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” He elaborated that, in the end, he ended up playing Batman by incorporating a little bit of himself into the character and finding the right tone for his iteration of the vigilante.

However, as anyone who has watched the first trailer of “The Flash” will know, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” isn’t the last time he appeared as Batman. Affleck will reprise his role as the dark knight in “The Flash,” alongside Michael Keaton’s version of Batman as well. As for how he felt filming “The Flash,” Affleck said that he nailed his role, and even though he was in the film for a few minutes, he loved his part. That’s high praise from an actor who had mentally checked out of the superhero genre altogether.

So Ben Affleck has clarified that he isn’t coming back to DC and has bid adieu to the superhero genre altogether. But fans of his version of Batman can see him for the final time in “The Flash.” The film will be released on June 16, 2023.

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