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Top 4 Upcoming Flagship Smartphones In 2023 That You Should Definitely Check Out

Like every year, 2022 saw the rise of many extraordinary flagship smartphones. From sending emergency SOS via satellite connectivity to using front and back cameras simultaneously, the flagship models offer some unique features that set them apart in the market. Two months have passed in 2023, and we have already seen some flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the OnePlus 11, and the Xiaomi 13 Pro making waves in the market. If you are an ardent follower of the flagship model and want to know which other companies are coming up with their flagships, then this article is just for you.

Apple iPhone 15

If you follow Apple’s pattern of releasing their iPhones for the past few years, then you can certainly figure out that the company is going to release the iPhone 15 in September 2023. Now, for the price, it is very hard to gauge, as some leaks have suggested that the iPhone 15 may see a $100 hike due to some advanced features, while other leaks have the opinion that the price would be slashed due to soft iPhone 14 sales around the world. The removal of the “mini-series” was inevitable as it was not seeing any sales, while the introduction of the “Plus series” seemed a welcome change. The company is probably going to keep the setup as usual: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. But there are also leaks that suggest an iPhone 15 Ultra after 2022’s Apple Watch Ultra. Time will clearly tell about this, whether Apple is going to launch a new model or just flip the name of ” Pro Max” into “Ultra”. As far as the design is concerned, a thin curved display similar to that on the iPhone 11 Pro Max can be brought back, and the camera module could also get redesigned. A leaked report suggests that all the iPhone 15 models will be equipped with Dynamic Island, and its lightning port will be replaced by USB-C. There were rumors that Touch ID could make a comeback, but Gurman claims that Face ID will be the only option, maybe with solid-state buttons similar to the iPhone SE’s home button. In the Pro models of the iPhone 15, Apple could bring a periscope lens for better zooming and long-range photography, but it is expected that the company is going to stick with the 7P lens. The 15 series is expected to get a new display driver chip, and the Pro model could have a whopping 2500 nits of brightness. Other rumors about specifications include the implementation of an A17 chip for the Pro and Max models, while all models are expected to ship with iOS 17. 

Google Pixel 8

The type of hardware and software that are offered in the current market by the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro makes them one of the best value-for-money smartphones in the flagship segment. A similar can be expected from the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series, which will probably be launched in September or October 2023. These two months are a safe bet, as for the last few years, Google has been releasing its Pixels in the fall. The Google Pixel 8 has codenames where the Pixel 8 has probably been named Shiba, and the Pixel 8 Pro has been named Husky. Some leaked reports suggest that the overall size and display of the Pixel 8 Pro would be the same with a resolution of 2822 x 1344 p, while the Pixel 8 could come with a slightly shrunken display with a resolution of 2268 x 1080 p. Google Tensor G3 could be used for both devices, which have been codenamed as ZUMA. It probably has a 3 nm node and is based on an unannounced Samsung Exynos 2300 processor. The third-generation chipset could improve the overall efficiency and performance of the devices compared to that of the Google Tensor G2, which has 5 nm nodes. Some leaks have raised high expectations that a durable material like ceramic and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can be used for the Pixel 8 series. Without any argument, the cameras in the Pixel, with their AI-powered photo processing and cutting-edge software, provide the best snaps in the market. This year, Google is expected to implement something known as staggered HDR, which simultaneously captures long and short exposures for improving capture time. A time period between August and October is ideal for Google’s Android Update, and before that, it provides a preview that has already occurred in February 2023 with the beta program seeming to be held in April. It can be safely said that the Google Pixel 8 series will come with Android 14 out of the box. Lastly, regarding the price, the base variant of the Pixel 8 with 128 GB may cost $599, while that of the Pixel 8 Pro may cost $899.

Oppo Find X6

Under the Oppo Find X6 series, there will be two variants, the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro. Based on the earlier release of Oppo’s Find X series a few months after the Chinese New Year, March 2023 seems to be the slot for releasing the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro. Many people thought that the MWC 2023 was the event where the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro would see their introduction, but it did not happen; rather the Oppo Find N2 Flip was brought and given a bit of breathing space to hike its sales. The price of the Oppo Find X5 at release was £749, and that of the Oppo Find X5 Pro was £1049, and it is expected that the Oppo Find X6 and Oppo Find X6 Pro will be priced around the earlier model. Though inflation could force the company to hike the price a bit. From some of the image leaks, it can be suggested that Oppo has gone towards a more conservative approach rather than the molded look as far as the design is concerned, with a probable Hasselblad logo and an oversized camera module. Officially, Oppo has confirmed that it is going to use Snapdragon Gen 2 processors in its Find X6 series, but that really does not mean that both models will get them. Maybe the Pro model will get the Gen 2 chip, while the Find X6 will get the Gen 1 chip. The Oppo Find X6 Pro will have a 2k display with a 6.82 in panel, and the Oppo Find X6 will have a 1.5K display with a 6.74 in panel, both with a 120 Hz refresh rate. As per many reports, a triple camera setup of 50 MP will probably be fitted in both the Pro and the regular model, but they will definitely have different sensors. As for the battery, a probable 4800 mAH for the regular model and 5000 mAh for the Pro model can be seen.

Sony Xperia 1 V

Sony has been offering the Xperia 1 series since 2019 and has had a quite profitable venture with the models. There is no reason for the company not to bring its new model, the Sony Xperia 1 V in 2023. They have not yet provided a launch date, but seeing the pattern of release where the Xperia 1 II on February 2020, the Xperia 1 III on April 14, 2021, and the Xperia 1 IV on May 11, 2022, it can be speculated that the company is going to reveal the product between March and May 2023. But do not be surprised if, after revealing the product, the company releases it in the market after a couple of months or more, as Sony has a reputation for doing this. From the leaked images, it can be confirmed that there will be no probable design change and that it will have the same vertical 12 MP triple camera setup with matte glass in the rear, a dedicated shutter button, a 3.5 mm port, and a side fingerprint scanner. You can expect that the Sony Xperia 1 V will come with a 4K OLED display and a 120 Hz refresh rate, but hopefully this time the company will offer a dynamic refresh rate. The Sony Xperia 1 IV had some heating issues, and a disappointing performance in a few segments. The Sony Xperia 1 V is expected to be launched with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, so problems with gaming or performance should be issues of the past. Rumors suggest that Sony will provide a periscope lens in the camera setup that would be capable of continuous zooming from 4X to 9X. Consider a price of at least $1200 or more for the premium smartphone, as we have seen the price hike every year for all its predecessors.


All the information provided in the article is based on leaked reports, official statements, and rumors from various sources. Specifications, launch dates, and prices can vary when these products hit the market. But from an overall perspective, all the upcoming flagships will get a huge uplift regarding the processor, charging, camera, and battery life.

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