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‘Shotgun Wedding’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

The upcoming movie by Amazon Originals, “Shotgun Wedding,” tells a dramatic plot twist on a wedding day. No big day would be complete without quirky family members, handsome ex-boyfriends, restlessness, and dilly-dallying—until the actual trouble knocks in. We can’t visualize a family event that hasn’t been hijacked by goons; the bride and groom taking up arms to protect the family, will finally dope out their passion for each other through a bittersweet adventure. With an amazing star-studded cast and storyline, this is the time to get ready, bring over your bubbles and buttercup over dinner, and watch “Shotgun Wedding,” which will make your gang chuckle for sure.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Plot

Jennifer (Darcy) and Josh (Tom) will be the charismatic and seductive on-screen duo in “Shotgun Wedding,” the rom-com revolution for which we have all been waiting for the couple to walk down the aisle. The couple has planned a lavish destination wedding and wants to exchange vows in the presence of their loved ones. But the idea of their dream wedding shatters when the wedding guests are taken hostage by the pirates. The action comedy trailer reveals that Tom and Darcy are having trouble getting along before their wedding, but they are compelled to cooperate after armed criminals show up to attack them. Who would know that the “cake knife” gifted by her mother-in-law would question Darcy’s luck? Unpredictable enough, so is life, and so is their ultimate wedding event! The witty and hilarious comments made by Coolidge (Carol) are a plus to this film, which is an absolute blend of romance, action, and comedy. While the trailer suggests a thrilling journey through a tropical jungle, it also leaves a slew of questions unanswered, including why Darcy and Tom’s marriage ceremony has caught the attention of heavily armed bandits. Love is a journey of exploration. Though Tom and Darcy might not have imagined exploring themselves this way, this is how destiny works: hammering from the inside, like systole and diastole, but in the end, it is all beautiful. The remainder of the crazy trailer features Carol defending her family with a shotgun, the couple battling over a hand grenade, finding ways to make sprays useful, and many individuals surprisingly singing “I’ll Be” (Edwin Mccain) in sync. Every disaster on their path made them realize why they were together: to work as a team and to help those in need. Will all the fantasy of Darcy have to be ripped off just like her wedding gown, or can the audience expect a glowing future ahead?

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Cast

Since 2019, “Shotgun Wedding” has been making the rounds, and finally, after a zigzag ride, it is going to hit the streaming platform. Jason Moore, popular for his contribution to “Pitch Perfect,” has directed “Shotgun Wedding,” starring none other than the elegant actress Jennifer Lopez. Mark Hammer and Elizabeth Merriwether have signed on for the screenplay of the film. The rom-com doyenne, Lopez, will take the role of Darcy opposite Josh Duhamel (Tom), her husband in character. Jennifer Lopez is not new to the industry; from typical rom com films like “The Wedding Planner,” “Shall We Dance,” and “Maid in Manhattan” to adventure thrillers like “Anaconda,” she won the hearts of fans across the globe earlier. In 2019, Ryan Reynolds was selected as the protagonist, and later on, he was replaced by Armie Hammer. After some scandalously controversial scenes with Hammer in 2021, Duhamel has been chosen as the lead cast for “Shotgun Wedding.” Apart from the role in “Transformers,” the American hero Josh Duhamel has appeared in several romantic comedy films, including “Safe Haven,” “When in Rome,” “Love, Simon,” and “Life as We Know It.” The supporting cast is no less than a surprise to fans, as we have Jennifer Coolidge (Carol), well-known for her debuts in “The White Lotus” (2021), “Legally Blonde” (2023), “American Pie” (1999), and so on. Sônia Braga, the Brazilian brunette who received praise for her roles in “Moon over Parador ” and “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” will join the cast as Renata.

The stellar cast also includes D’Arcy Carden (Harriet), Cheech Marin (Robert), Melissa Hunter (Jeannie), Selena Tan (Marge), and Callie Hernandez (Jamie). The lineup has well-known performers, including the American lyricist Lenny Kravitz (Sean). Next to the main cast, Desmin Borges, Steve Coulter, Alex Mallari Jr., Maria del Mar Fernández, and Héctor Gonz have participated in “Shotgun Wedding.” The film is produced by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Jennifer Lopez, Todd Lieberman, and Benny Medina through Nuyorican Productions, Maximum Effort, and Mandeville Films.

Release Date

On June 29, 2022, in partnership with Lionsgate, the movie “Shotgun Wedding” was supposed to be released in theaters in the United States. The film was recorded amidst the dense forests and seashores of the Dominican Republic and Boston; the movie started filming in late February 2021, once the recasting issue was resolved, and it was finished in April 2021. Now, the movie will forgo its theatrical run and go straight to Amazon Prime, all set to premiere on January 27, 2023. Surely, it is going to be a perfect pick in winter to spend 100 minutes wrapped inside the blanket with your favorite coffee mug and endless entertainment.

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