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‘Barbie’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

It is no secret that all of us are eagerly waiting for “Barbie” to be released. One part of it is primarily because of our childhood nostalgia, and the other is because we cannot believe how perfect Margot Robbie looks in the titular role. After Warner Bros. released the teaser for “Barbie” last year, people were curious to know how the plastic world will be represented on the silver screen. Three months ahead of the film’s release, the trailer has been launched. It is fair to say that the audience will be brimming with joy by the vibrant film.

Besides bringing back the perfect life of Barbie, the musical has elements of comedy in it. Obviously, there are certain sexual innuendos even in the trailer, but they are sheathed behind the sheer innocence of the characters. The trailer is one of the best trailers that you will find on the web right now. The director Greta Gerwig, who had previously directed “Lady Bird” (2017) and “Little Women” (2019), is now taking us to an all-pink life on a beach. The trailer is pure magic that one simply cannot ignore.

Release Date

The first teaser of “Barbie” was released last year. On Tuesday, April 4, the trailer for “Barbie” dropped. The film is all set to be released on July 20 of this year.


If you go back to your Barbie collection and look at the cast of “Barbie,” you will be stunned at how perfect the cast looks. Casting the jaw-droppingly gorgeous and talented Margot Robbie as Barbie is a commendable choice. So far, Robbie has presented us with films like “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), “Suicide Squad” (2016), “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019), and recently she gifted us with the Oscar-nominated film “Babylon” (2022). Undoubtedly, we anticipate her to be phenomenal as “Barbie,” and the trailer has promised us no less. When we think of Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend), we cannot unsee Ryan Gosling playing the role. Ryan Gosling has been a heartthrob since the early 90s, and even today, the man has not aged a bit.

Besides being a fantastic actor, we cannot deny his amazing comic timing, which makes him apt as Ken. From “Crazy Stupid Love” (2011) to “The Nice Guys” (2016); “Remember the Titans” (2000); “From “Crazy Stupid Love” (2011) to “The Nice Guys” (2016); “Remember the Titans” (2000); “The Notebook” (2004); and most recently “The Gray Man” (2022), Gosling never fails to amaze his audience. We cannot deny that Netflix’s popular Maeve, played by Emma Mackey, looks very similar to Margot Robbie, and seeing her as another Barbie in the film surely did make our hearts happy. We also have Marvel’s Asian superhero from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (2021), Simu Liu as Ken (well, the Barbie universe seemed to have limited names for their characters). We also have stars like Issa Rae, Ariana Greenblatt, Hari Nef, Ncuti Gatwa, Alexandra Shipp, Connor Swindells, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and many more.

‘Barbie’ Trailer: What Is Greta Gerwig’s Film About?

The trailer revealed almost everything we expected from the film. We see the perfect pinkish world. The trailer opens with Barbie (Margot Robbie) wearing pink high-heeled slippers and walking into a room where she takes the shoe off and stands on her toe (Barbies are always on their toes). Then we are taken to the beach world, where Barbie wears a pink and white sprinkled-color swimsuit and a similar-color beach hat. She walks on the beach and is soon stopped by Ken (Ryan Gosling), who wishes her well. Then we meet the beautiful gang of Barbies and Kens.

We also see Barbie’s famous plastic car, which is always on autopilot mode. Barbie sits in the car and waves to the people of the town. It was very clear that there was a rivalry between Ken (Ryan Gosling) and Ken (Simu Liu) over Barbie (Margot Robbie). We see the Barbie gang in party mode. The city might hurt your eyes if you aren’t a fan of the color pink. We very clearly see why you will enjoy the film with your family. There are several adult contents, but they are well camouflaged under the innocence of the Barbie world. There is a very interesting conversation between Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in which Gosling says that he will stay over at Barbie’s house as they are a couple, and couples tend to stay together.

Barbie, with all her innocence, asks why he wants to stay back, and Gosling is unsure about the reason. In another scene, we see an argument between Simu Liu and Gosling, and it is hilarious. However, it appears Barbie wants to build a connection with the real world, as she drives her car and moves out of the Barbie world only to find out Ken is with her. We also learn that Ken (Gosling) never travels anywhere without his fluorescent yellow rollerblades. Barbie seemed to disapprove of his decision. In another scene, Barbie meets the CEO of the toy company, Will Ferrell. The hilarious musical will definitely bring forth the plights that Barbie faces in the real world, but it appears that she is not going to back down from a tough fight. In a nutshell, the trailer tells us that the film is going to be a light-hearted and warm ride.


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