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‘Blue Beetle’ Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know

It is not every day that you wake up and suddenly have superpowers. It also seldom happens that you get the source of any superpower in hand. However, most of our beloved superheroes are lucky enough. To add to your list of favorite superheroes, the latest trailer of “Blue Beetle” is out now. Unless you are a diehard DC Comics fan, “Blue Beetle” is not a common name. The promising trailer, however, is sure to make the character a popular hero among fans. 

For DC fans around the globe, this year is a golden ticket. With Warner Bros. entering the DC universe, we sure can expect some big surprises. Fans were head over heels to hear the announcement of “The Flash,” which is to be released in August this year. Not to mention, the end-of-year festivities brightened up with news of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” which is set to be released on Christmas Day. Now, “Blue Beetle” is all set to release in August and has created a huge buzz.

Those who are new to the titular character must know that it is the name of three comic book superheroes who have appeared in many comics since 1939. The initial appearance of Blue Beetle was in Fox Comics, created by Charles Nicholas Woktoshi. The first beetle’s name was Dan Garrett; later, it was spelled Dan Garrett. The first beetle’s power came from a special vitamin, later changed to a “sacred scarab.” The second beetle was known as Ted Kord, who later became a member of the Justice League of America. And the final or third Blue Beetle (as highlighted in the film) is Jamie Reyes, a teenager who accidentally gets access to the original Scarab of the Blue Beetle. Soon, the Blue Beetle suit activates, and he began to fight crime (although in the trailer, we see an utterly confused superhero) and travel into space.

‘Blue Beetle’ Release Date

The film was originally planned to be an HBO Max film, but Warner Bros. has decided on a theatrical release. Although DC Universe is now planning and scrapping a lot of different films, we are lucky to get to watch “Blue Beetle” in theaters on August 18 this year. However, DC has not yet confirmed if “Blue Beetle” will have a significant role in the DC Extended Universe, but we sure do hope to see more films like “Blue Beetle,” as the trailer seems very promising.

‘Blue Beetle’ Cast 

The trailer is far different from what we generally expect from a DC movie. While keeping the darkness of the plot alive, the trailer does not fail to deliver the young and chirpy essence of young Jamie’s life. Along with it, the wonderful cast of the film has gripped the audience. Jamie is played by Xolo Mariduea, whom we have famously seen in “Kobra Kai.” Along with him, we have Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine playing the role of Jenny (his girlfriend). Actress Susan Sarandon plays the villainous character Victoria Kord, that will surely ignite some much-needed excitement in the audience. which sure is pumping the adrenaline of the audience. Along with them, we have actors Harvey Guillen, George Lopez, Raoul Trujillo, and Damián Alcázar, playing several important characters. We have Adriana Barraza playing Jamie’s “Nana,” Belissa Escobedo as his sister, and Elpidia Carrillo as his mother.

‘Blue Beetle’ Trailer: What’s The Movie About?

The screenplay of the film is by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and is directed by Angel Manuel Soto. The two-minute, forty-eight-second trailer that was released has excited the audience. The trailer introduces us to Jamie Reyes, who is a fresh college graduate. He lives in Palmera City, and like any college graduate, the world seems to be a hard nut to crack for him. But Jamie’s family is immensely supportive. They cheer him as he walks into his first interview with a corporate giant, Kord. As he waits around the busy reception area, he sees his girlfriend Jenny coming down to the lobby on the elevator. As he approaches her, Jenny hands him a box of hamburgers and asks him to protect the box with all his life.

However, Jenny warns him not to open the box. When Jamie comes back home, he and his family are both surprised and curious about the box. Jamie decides to open the box, and there comes out the Scarab. The seemingly harmless and cute little thing excites everyone for a second. Jamie even had the notion that it liked him and bam! The Scarab began to get under Jamie’s skin. A member of his family tries to get the Scarab off his face but gets electrocuted. Jamie is now completely in the Blue Beetle suit and is unsure of everything that is happening to him. He finds someone talking to him, though he hardly expects the suit to talk to him. He penetrates the roof of his house as the suit flies high and takes him out of space. Before he could enjoy or internalize the horror and excitement, the suit dropped him back on earth. He, however, spreads his wings in an attempt to stay alive.

Soon, the trailer brings Jenny back, who explains what a scarab is. She narrates that the Scarab is a world-destroying weapon and is designed to protect the host. As Jenny narrates about Scarab, we see Jamie, all suited up as Blue Beetle. He then walks and cuts a bus in half, which is in his way. Jenny also says that the Scarab listens to its host sometimes and can also function on its own at times. Soon after, we see Jamie as his normal self, shocked and guilt-stricken, as he informs his family that he cuts a bus in half. 

Soon we are introduced to Victoria Kord, the villain, who clearly says that the scarab belongs to her, and it does matter a little that the Scarab has to choose Jamie as the host. Soon, we see that Jamie and his family are all involved in his dual life. The Blue Beetle’s operating system informed Jamie that whatever he could think of she would produce (weapons, of course!). We see Jamie fighting villains and his family keeping him rooted (he was advised that the universe had given him a gift and he should use it wisely). Also, for heroes, “family is strength,” and thus, there appears a villain who just had to say that Jamie’s family is his weakness. The power-packed trailer ends on a lighter note, where Jamie’s family calls Batman, the iconic DC superhero, a fascist.


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