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Six Monsters That Can Appear In Upcoming ‘Witcher’ Season 3

“Witcher” season 3 is just around the corner, and fans are excited to see their favorite monster hunter hunting demons and monsters across the continent. Witcher’s bestiary is extensive and harbors some of the realm’s most vicious and sinister monsters, many of which are still to make an appearance in the show. So, without stretching it any longer, here is the list of a few of the monsters that can appear in Netflix’s “Witcher” Season 3.


The showrunners at Netflix would hardly turn down any opportunity to bring out Geralt’s emotional and human side, and what better way to do rather than the introduction of Botchlings? The Baron’s wife quest was one of the most memorable quests in the “Witcher” 3 video game, and the Netflix series would be no exception. These creatures actually have an unfortunate story, irrespective of their hideous and beastly appearance. Botchlings are little creatures that feed on expecting women. They look like severely malformed fetuses because they are made from the remains of undesired stillbirths that have been buried wrongly. Botchlings weaken the expecting mother as they hide under the bed, and when they sense that the mother is no longer able to defend herself, they will grab on and drink her blood, putting an end to both her and the baby’s lives.


“Witcher” Season 2 catapulted our expectations with the series with the advent of Wyverns during the season finale, which brings us to question “is the right time for the showrunners to include Slyzards in the show. The uninformed often draw parallels between these flying beasts and Wyverns. But there should be no misunderstanding: slyzards are ugly, extremely deadly monsters, and anybody who confuses them for something is asking for trouble. Wyverns tear their prey with their sharp jaws and razor claws, but Slyzards take a different route and first burn their prey with plumes of scorching fire. When threatened, these monsters will launch simultaneous surface and air strikes. During the battle, they try to narrow the distance between themselves and their opponent so that they may do damage with a deafening shriek or a fiery breath.


Drowners are one of the most common beasts found in the Witcher’s universe and can be an outstanding entry to the series. These beasts are terrifying monsters made of muck and slime that pull victims into bogs and churning currents. In addition to grabbing locals off their saddles and wagons when they pass a canal or spillway, it also swims about looking for younger girls to devour. Drowners are the byproduct of evil who succumbs in streams and rip tides that form after hurricanes and cyclones. These aquatic monsters are occasionally produced from embryos that were terminated via magic, embodying the souls of the departed who are unable to find peace in the hereafter.


What better way to paint Geralt’s silver sword than the blood of these sinister monstrosities? Remember season 2 of the “Witcher,” where Geralt saved a poor locale from being devoured by a swarm of Ghouls? The Graveirs are a vile, lascivious, and deceitful lot, slightly bigger in size compared to the ghouls that venture at night looking for prey. They possess sharp, muscular talons and razor fangs and love to feed on human marrow. Anybody encountering a nasty graveir should be aware that they contain cadaverine in their fangs, a highly poisonous toxin capable of rotting the flesh in the span of days. These monstrosities are terrified of fire, silver, and magic; but will be unfazed if you’ll shine a steel blade at them. 

Hounds Of The Wild Hunt

“Witcher” season 2 has already provided us with the much-awaited glimpse of the Wild Hunt, and there’s very little doubt that the upcoming season will include the group’s signature beasts. These Hounds are ghostly hounds that, according to many, were spawned from ice crystals and then raised to sprint with their sinister masters. They have no inhibitions and will devour everything in their way like rabid, voracious wolves. There are whispered tales of creatures getting lost in the darkness of space and plunging to Earth, bringing with them only frost and sorrow.

Wild Hunt 

Since the advent of Princess Ciri, the franchise fans have been patiently waiting to catch sight of these sinister warrior racing their mounts across the sky. Many interpreted the sighting as a procession of ghosts riding horses through the night. The ordinary people saw them as a harbinger of impending conflict and characterized them as a parade of wraiths riding ghastly steeds followed by a never-ending white frost. Geralt has sworn an oath to protect his “child of surprise,” aka Ciri, from the Wild Hunt, who wishes to exploit her powers to gain the ability to transverse across multiple realms. In reality, Ciri is the last remaining survivor of the pure Elder blood and can, in theory, open the gate of the world and restore the world back to its old state before the conjunction of spheres. 


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