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‘Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending: How Was Brooke Shields’ Life After Princeton?

In the second episode of “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,” we get to delve deeper into Brooke Shield’s personal life during the time she went to Princeton University. The episode focused more on the relationships of Brooke Shield, her falling out with Michael Jackson, and her relationship with tennis star Andrei Agassi. The episode started with how Brooke was asked to write a book about her struggles during the time she attended university, and the rest of the episode followed her adult life to date. The media kept hunting for Brooke Shields as a public figure.

The book that Brooke had to write about her experiences during college life had a whole chapter dedicated to her virginity. Brooke, like always, was under media scrutiny, and everyone talked about how pure she was and that she was not entirely a ‘sex symbol.’ It was a personal subject, and Brooke had no intention of making the topic the subject of a whole chapter, but the publishers wanted it. She wanted to mention it in a line as an experience of her university life. She was a virgin until the age of 20 and had no intention of losing it until she found love. But naturally, every magazine and talk show took a dig at her decisions and how show business ruins one’s life. But Brooke did not consider herself a victim of the media and continued to thrive.

Brooke had a very deep friendship with Michael Jackson; in the documentary, it is shown that Michael and Brooke used to be together at big events and used to hang out at each other’s places. But very soon, they had a fallout because of a misunderstanding; Brooke saw Michael just as a friend, but Michael wanted more, and thus the fallout. After four years of university, Brooke was struggling to get back into show business as an actor, but it became difficult. She found out that in four years, a lot had changed, and she had to struggle to get the spot that she once had. But she had been struggling to become an actor. In the episode, Brooke mentioned in one instance that she was raped while she was struggling to get work. She did not report the event back then, as she could not comprehend what had exactly happened to her at the moment.

Within a short span of time, Brooke got to meet the famous tennis player Andrei Agassi, and they fell in love. Andrei was very protective of Brooke as she was struggling to be an actor again, and the agent of Andrei motivated her to venture into the field. She felt dependent on Andrei as he had been a constant support throughout her struggle. Brooke and Andrei’s people cleaned out an entire building of documents, pictures, trophies that had Brooke achieved which symbolized Brooke and her mother’s relationship; the building contained all of Brooke’s achievements that her mother had collected over the years. But Brooke decided to clean out the building because she could not deal with her alcoholic mother anymore.

The incident had broken her mother’s heart, and she could not forgive Brooke for the rest of her life. But Brooke gave Andrei all control of her life, and that was not ideal either. They got married, but they were not compatible, and the marriage fell apart. In the documentary, it was also shown how Brooke started her career as a comedy actor, got featured in Broadway musicals, and became an expert in doing physical comedy. Her shift from being a ‘fashion symbol’ to a comedy actor was huge. The media did not miss the chance to portray her as a big comedy actor who was trying to make it in the industry all over again. Brooke kept trying to find her big break, but unfortunately, it was not happening for her. As she was doing specials as a comedy actor, she got to meet Chris, with whom she immediately connected. Chris accepted Brooke with all of her essence, and they soon got married.

What Happened With Brooke When She Tries For A Baby?

Brooke had always wanted to be a mother ever since she was a child. With Chris, she was trying to be a mother, but they could not succeed. After a considerable amount of time, Brooke got pregnant, but she lost her child three months later. They tried again for a baby and were successful the second time. The episode showed an extensive and detailed pregnancy of Brooke, how she was in labor for 24 hours, and how she went through an emergency C-section, which could have endangered her life. But nothing drastic happened, and all went well for Brooke and her first baby. But Brooke went through postpartum depression, which made it hard for her to accept the baby. She wanted to share the experience and wrote a book about postpartum depression and how she struggled with accepting her baby.

The book and her experience created a feud between her and one of the male stars in Hollywood, Tom Cruise, who did not accept that a person could actually go through postpartum depression and that visiting a psychiatrist might help. But the book resonated with a lot of women, and Tom Cruise later had to apologize for his comments and behavior towards Brooke’s struggles. When Brooke tried for a second child, she was much more prepared for postpartum depression and got to have a healthy relationship with her second child. Towards the end of the episode, we get to see how Brooke is a happy mother who runs her own website to help people in the community be cautious about things that she was unaware of during her time. The episode ends on a happy note where Brooke is having dinner with her family and understands how things work today, what is acceptable, and what is not unlike her times.


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