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‘Perfect Match’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending: What Happens To Dom, Shayne, And Georgia?

How many times do you read the menu before placing an order? Sometimes, you can be Joey who goes with his go-to order, but in order to explore more delicacies, you have to be like Shayne or Ines. Episode 6 of “Perfect Match,” currently streaming on Netflix, starts with a slight knock but ends with a boom. One thing needs to be said: the show is not just about love, but the care that binds the competitors together. Maybe not out of love, but out of affection, many of them saved each other’s necks from getting terminated after being dumped over.

In the last episode of “Perfect Match,” you have already seen how Joey and her girlfriend try to set things right for Dom and Shayne by locking them up with Colony and Chloe on the boardroom screen. The person inside the boardroom has control over the villa—just one wild decision could burst into millions of feelings. The mornings are for silly discussions on the couch. All the couples are right there trying to find out what is lacking in each other’s lives. Damian, the present match of Francesca, could feel in Ines’s bones, as he says that physical connection is not the primary thing she is seeking; rather, it should be a much deeper level of the bond. Ines is probably the only contemplative woman in the house who is not driven by lust; rather, it is the non-intimate touches she craves for. Frenchesa calls her a low-key freak girl—of course, a compliment!

Spoilers Ahead

A Date As Flat As A Pancake

Shayne is in his boxers, waiting for his date to arrive, and guess what? It’s a spa date! Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle), in her absolutely stunning red bikini wrapped in a white shrug, enters the room, gingering up the vibe. She is so energetic that Shayne literally hugs her and proceeds to have a conversation with her. She admits that in her previous shop show, she was not really sure about herself and ended up being hurt by people. But this time, she is trying to be genuine and searching for a strong and real connection. This pretty woman is not among those partygoers but rather a family-inclined person, so she also wants her match to be interested in that way. With her British accent, it is very smooth for her to ingrain herself in Shayne’s mind, who had spent his last night with Ines. Ines and Shayne had a thing for each other but were not strong enough to pull it off. Romantic spa dates are a dream of many, but probably “Perfect Match” didn’t plan such dates in the earlier episodes pf “Perfect Match.” Scented candles, a hydrating avocado mask, and a cocoa scrub are a good start to having a playful moment with Chloe. Shayne, with the massage oil, leaves the texture of his palm and fingertips on her skin, and the steamy scenes lead to a powerful shower. Physical touch is truly their ultimate love language, which made their hearts go pitter-patter throughout the date.

A Date As Blind As A Bat

Here comes Dom, the heartbroken guy who matched up with Georgia a few hours ago and is ready for another date fixed by his fellows. Colony Reeves (Selling Tampa), a smart, successful, and witty lady, is waiting for him, while the guy seems quite off and confused after getting such a creepy shock from Francesca. Colony, the bold black woman, is very confident and starts the conversation. A date that starts with wine may not shine like a pearl every time. Dom flaunts a little about what he did for his ex and shares what’s going on inside the house. Colony tells him about her lifestyle and how thoughtful it is for her to start a family right away. But there is no sparkle that could provide them a route to match with each other. Rather, Dom gives her some suggestions on how to get inside the villa with the bad bitch energy and choose a partner wisely.

Passion Over Crazy Sparks

Inside the villa in Panama, the night is always young, and you see everyone holding polymer wine glasses filled up with liquor till they find their match for the night and some soft-core PDA. Shayne and Chloe walked in, beaming, with big smiles on their faces. Chloe literally got butterflies in her stomach, and Shayne seemed very happy and full of energy. Somewhere this determines the fate of Ines, who has tried her best to make the guy happy and eventually ends up shedding tears. Definitely, she does not deserve this at all, but good things always come to those who are nice to others. Bartise, who had a lot of super-free fun with Izzy, starts questioning himself about what he wants. The other day, Ines and Bartise went on a date, which was pretty cute. The man comes up to Ines and tells her that, fun aside; he felt a strong attachment that he had not felt before. Well, Ines is saved for the night. She is not among those who will step on other people’s feet, and this is what makes her more attractive, apart from her geeky glasses. Colony tried to initiate conversations with the guys but could not find what she was searching for. The young lady Izzy is dumbfounded to see Bartise altering plans, but this is what it is. Dom, being a sincere and supportive man chooses to stay with Georgia over anyone, the two peas in a pod. Colony and Izzy said goodbye to everyone from the cutthroat competition with heartaches and disappointments. Again one triggering question, how selfish has Shayne been to make such a quick decision -would it gonna back fire on him in the next episode of “Perfect Match”? 

Easy, Peasy, Sponge Squeezy

Another fresh morning with Nick Lachey and a new task to work out the compatibility of the five couples. This task is absolutely vulgar yet funny and needs a lot of their physical energy and communication skills. They were required to fill a container with water using sponges attached to their costumes over their naughty bits. They have to soak themselves in the big pit of water and squeeze the water out till the plastic barrels get refilled, popping the ping-pong ball out. Such an erotic game where all the couples are making most of their efforts to squeeze and crush out all the liquid till it becomes a dry sponge. Damian and Francesca won the challenge with a neck-to-neck fight against Dom and Georgia. Now not only has Francesca received control over the board, but she also has a golden opportunity to make a clear path for Dom to get away from this show.

A tiki hut date was organized for Damian and Francesca that would instantly bring out the best in them. Both seem very pleased with each other; the soft touches and constant eye contact clearly define that the chemistry they have is not fake. But it is Francesca, the most political woman in the house, who has everything in her grip and could ruin most of the well-settled moments. Both of them get into the boardroom and, with their mastermind stroke, decide to send Ines on a date with Will Richardson (the mole). Ines is everyone’s favorite, elegant woman who is overqualified for everyone in the house and deserves one more date to choose what is right for herself. Will the couple pick someone for Georgia to ruin Dom, or is Francisca going to again pick someone for herself as she did before? “Perfect Match” Episode 6 ends on a cliffhanger.

Damian appears on the scene alone, and everyone is speechless—what happens next? Definitely, “Perfect Match” Episode 7 is going to be a game-changer for many with the “7 guys and five women situation,” especially for Bartise, Dom, and Damian.


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