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Top 7 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas Of 2023 That You Should Watch

The premiere of their favorite Korean dramas, which fill them with joy and a host of other emotions, is eagerly anticipated by fans all over the world. The launch of some of the best series will occur in 2023. The top shows this year are listed for viewers to browse through.

The Glory – Season 2

One of the most eagerly anticipated Korean dramas of 2023 is “The Glory,” Season 2. The underlying message of the program is that you cannot escape karma. If you treat someone badly, you will pay for your crimes.

The final episode of Season 1 was a cliffhanger, and the viewers knew that Dong Eun’s character would eventually reveal her cards and wreck retribution on her tormentors. Song Hye Kyo, a well-known actress from “The Full House,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and other dramas, plays the major lead.

In “Glory,” Dong Eun goes through the harshest kind of bullying while in school. The victim had planned for years to get revenge on those who had caused her pain and misery. The girl disguised herself as a teacher at the school in order to exact revenge on the students’ bullying parents. Season 2 of Netflix will debut on March 10, 2023.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Cat, 1938

The fantasy drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Cat, 1938” has become a fan favorite because of its plot and excellent cast. Lee Yeon, played by actor Lee Dong Wook from “Guardian: The Great and Lonely God,” will appear in the drama. This show is set in the year 1938 and the primary character is Lee Yeon, who is an immortal. He meets Kim So Yeon, played by actress Ryu Hong Joo from “The Penthouse.” She runs a well-known hotel and wants to be with Lee Yeon, but they haven’t gotten along well in the past owing to terrible circumstances. Now she wants to take advantage of the chance to reconnect with him before he leaves or vanishes. Furthermore, Kim Beon from “Boys Over Flowers” plays the part of Lee Yeon’s younger brother. There, the family faces an angry spirit, looking to get revenge on Lee Yeon for a case he was in charge of.  In order to save Lee Yeon, the family will reunite. The drama’s release date has not yet been announced.

The Devil

The incidents that occur when the gate to hell is opened, and demons have a chance to infiltrate the realm of mankind, will be shown in the upcoming drama “The Devil” from 2023. It is fascinating that so many fantasy shows are created, and moreover, people adore these dramas. The actress Kim Te Ri from “Twenty Five Twenty One” portrays the main role, Ku San Young. She is depicted as a student who is interested in learning more about a case of unidentified deaths that cannot be explained in any way. She encounters a teacher who is knowledgeable about spirits and demons, and he clarifies the circumstances surrounding the deaths. These individuals collaborate to uncover the truth regarding deaths and their causes.

King Of The Land

The global audience is eagerly anticipating romantic Korean shows that will transport them to fantasy land. The upcoming rom-com “King the Leaf” will fulfill the fantasies of fans when their favorite Yoona from “Girls’ Generation,” “Big Mouth,” and others join hands with Joon Ho from “The Red Sleeve.” The tale is about a rich guy who meets a middle-class girl in trouble, helps her, and they fall in love. Moreover, there is a family drama where the audience can see the relationship between close relatives change because of money and wealth.

A Daily Dose Of Sunshine

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” will bring a unique and beautiful story involving medical professionals and patients of a psychiatry ward. They work together to help people in need, understand their issues, and bring a smile to their faces. It will be a delightful show that can be watched with friends and family.

Dr. Romantic Season 3

One of the top medical dramas in Korean entertainment is “Dr. Romantic.” New cases and new performers in the show’s numerous roles will be featured in season 3. The program will present true-to-life medical cases and examine the level of care that nurses and doctors provide to treating patients who are ill. The third edition will be accessible to viewers of seasons 1 and 2 this year; however, no official date of release has been issued.

A Time Called You 

People enjoy and are intrigued by the time-travel genre. Viewers will be able to observe the characters in “A Time Called You,” teleporting into the past to alter or modify events. The show’s female lead is devastated by her boyfriend’s passing. She has the opportunity to relive her school days and reunite with her ex. The show will be about teenage love and drama, and fans should not miss this time travel show.

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