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‘Perfect Match’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending: What They Seek Is Smashing Them!

Netflix’s wild reality show “Perfect Match” is all about the super-singles prancing around and chatting with each other to match up with someone inside Casa Naga. The 7th episode was very chaotic and keyed up in the air. The next episode is all about the opportunist Francesca, who knows when to stop and smell the roses; on the other hand, it is about her ex-boyfriend Dom, who is pretty serious with Georgia for now but again has been put on a date. A show cannot be a bed of flowers all the time; there are arguments, egos, and rejections, but what binds them together is the care.

The morning is always fresh here, and despite all the worries, they are not going to lose a single second of having fun. Desire can never be measured; it just grows with time, the urge to have more till you are fulfilled. This show is cooking up some uncertainties—nobody knows who should be trusted; does it sound reliable enough to fall in love in a show where reality itself is questioned? Ines and Damian summed up the day by picking up something really interesting that could lead to many possibilities. Well, we’ll get to that later. Let’s just see how the dates go for the two anti-people.

LGBTQ Plot-Twist For Real?

Francesca, in a white dress with a front slit, is all ready to go and catch up with her date. Abbey Humphreys (“Twentysomethings: Austin”) is standing by the beach town of Playa Bonita and is immensely stunned to see Francesca. Earlier, Francesca had dated Dom and Damian but didn’t give herself a chance to explore her sexuality over here. You might not have expected a homosexual date in so-hot heterosexual premises- but that’s a twist! Abbey got married for more than five years, but it has been all over for the past year. She is almost healed up and ready to give one chance to this side as well. For both of them, the family has never been supportive of bisexuals, so their longings have been bottled up for years. Who knows if “Perfect Match” would finally be able to unwrap the deeply hidden feelings they are also hesitant to talk about, especially after they had been schooled in Catholic institutions? Francesca shares how comfortable she is with Damian, yet not so comfortable that she would stop dating. Abbey is so flattered, and Francesca is buttering her up—as if the duo had counted the days to have this surreal moment together. The garden fresh date will be a big turn of events for the participants. As of now, you know Francesca, who is one of those who puts her priorities before anyone else.

What You Look For Is Already In Dom

Dom, the big-hearted man, has already made up his mind about Georgia, but Diamond Jack is on the seashore with all positive energy and hope. She was engaged a few times back, but it is a person who puts a bad note. Diamond is here in the show to find not just a match but the true love of her life. Dom told her everything about his relationship and the strategies that go on inside the villa. But he is one of a kind, a true gentleman who thinks all women deserve to be loved. He asks Diamond to have a talk with Damian and find out what she is looking for. It is not a date, but a friendly conversation, well, a mature one, you can say. It is really appreciable to see Dom respecting others’ values and being what he truly is: a crystal-clear mirror reflecting clarity and sincerity. Now you already know Georgia is safe but is she?

Probably A Better Night Than The Rest

In our luxury villa, Joey and Kariselle, the two lovebirds, are actually talking, and that is about Kariselle’s bisexuality and insecurity. Knowing all of it, Joey fully supports her choice and confronts how much he is in love with her. It seems like they are the only lovey-dovey couple glued to each other amidst all the chaos and confusion. Diamond receives a very welcoming vibe from the cast members, while all are shocked to see Francesa with Abbey. It appears like they are already sharing chemistry, which is absolutely uncomfortable for Damian. He gave his all to Francesca, but didn’t expect that happening! Ines is already done with Will, but whom is she gonna choose for tonight? Kariselle, the crazy matchmaker, tries to convince Ines to share a word with Dom. Since the very first days, Ines has been humble and respectful towards Dom, and she clearly accepts that the only person she cares about in the house has to be Dom Gabriel. Though some people questioned Dom and Georgia’s pairing, some think that Ines and Dom could have been a true pair. And it is time for Ines to acknowledge what she feels. She walks towards Dom and says that she is only interested in and concerned about him. It could be out of friendship or love, but she wants to give it a chance as she finds herself within him. Such a strong confession she made, but Dom just said she could have told him earlier—what does this even mean? Does he possess some feelings for her too? He had turned down Diamond and Colony and been true-blue to Georgia already. He was not really prepared for Ines’s confession, actually; none of us was. On the other side, insecure Georgia has gone crazy to know Ines has secret feelings for Dom. Francesca gave the “red light” to Damian and went for Abbey, though it was obvious from the perspective we had of her.

Dom goes back to Georgia and proposes to her—touch wood! And with a sloppy kiss, bits of hesitation, and lots of incertitude, Ines gets paired up with Damian for the night. Six men and six women -hence no elimination in the episode, which is a big relaxation for them, but where are they all leading to eventually?

Winding It Up Till Another Dawn Hits

Nick Lachey is ready for another task that could enhance the communication skills between partners. From each pair, one gets blindfolded and picks up cubes while another partner directs them from behind. The ten cubes have to be stacked on the platform balanced between their partners’ legs. All the couples are jumping and falling down, yet busy showing their best, while Francesca is a little frustrated with her match. Where others are cutting down their legs in order to get the blocks, Abbey seems to be walking down her aisle. Winning the game is more about the dinner date for Joey, while others are still obsessed with the boardroom. Chloe and Mitchell win the challenge by collecting all the cubes in less time, and now an absolutely gorgeous date is waiting on the way. Mitchell and Chloe could be compatible enough in a game, but are they in reality? They are sharing words about their future plan, where Chloe is clear with her intentions: she wants to be settled soon, with a family and kids, but on the other hand, Mitchell says he is not ready for a commitment. Chloe wishes to have a husband who would prioritize her over anything, and Mitchell states that he is never going to emphasize anything over his goals and aims. Well, Chloe regrets that she could have a future with Shayne, to whom she gave the thumbs down last night.

And the show ends with so many brain teasers that we cannot follow up on. Seems like the boardroom will take control over them. Will Chloe put herself on a date? Entertainment, drama, fun, and furious moments are all coming your way on February 28th until the couples find their “perfect match.” The only concern is that people here are only chasing each other without really having each other’s backs; how is this justified for those who seek a serious, everlasting relationship over flings and flirts?


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