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‘Perfect Match’ Recap: Episode 11 – Reboot With A Different Gravy

How does it feel when someone tries to step into your personal life? Life inside “Perfect Match” is already twisted and messed up for most of them, and Nick Lachey adds some twirl in the 11th episode. The previously discussed episode ended with Shayne leaving the house. He freaked out on Chloe for some silly reasons, and that drained most of their energy to share a bed together for that night. But what happens in this episode will question and determine every relationship, with some amazing conclusions. There are multiple questions regarding the show, including whether it will actually help them find their match or if it is just a show for them to fascinate the viewers. Let’s dig into all the suspense before the final episode hits for real.

Spoilers Ahead

The Dramatic Saga

Amidst the battle of dignity and downfall, Shayne tries to talk things out with Chloe in the middle of the night, but she refuses. He goes directly into Dom’s suite to collect a few of his belongings before departing. Dom and Georgia are shocked to see the childish nature of Shayne. Chloe also comes out of the room. Dom does what he is best at: convincing! He makes Shayne understand to sort things out rather than leave everything midway. While Chloe is dissatisfied with how Shayne has been reacting for the past few hours, Shayne feels that Chloe had celebrated and laughed after she matched with Mitchell in the previous episode. But Chloe puts a strain on how he is overreacting, knowing that she truly loves him. Dom also calls Chloe the best caregiver and lover. The fight leads to nothing, but Chloe sleeps in Dom and Georgia’s bedroom while Shayne sleeps alone for the night. Chloe is a person who will put most of herself into fixing things. She goes to Shayne for a talk, and the man is guilty of what he did. A ‘sit and talk’ therapy is probably the best way to fix the tight spot. Chloe confronts how she is crazy about Shayne and has never had a connection like this before. The lovey-dovey couple eventually patches things up, winding up all the chaos with lots of kisses and hugs.

The Unpredicted Reunion

There are a total of six couples in the house. Kariselle and Joey have been together since day one, while Damian and Francesca are deeply connected with each other. Abbey and Bartise are figuring out their relationship, as are Nick and LC. Dom and Georgia are the most loyal couple in the house, while Chloe and Shayne are the cutest of all. Nick Lachey enters the house with one of the biggest challenges that could scotch the affairs. The left-out participants are again invited to the show to give their undeveloped bonding one more shot. But this is insane, especially for those who are already matched up and doing well. Ines, Izzy, Chase, Savannah, Will, Zay, Colony, Diamond, and several others again join the casting team for one last try. But would you like to have your ex right in front of you when all you want is to make love to your new match? When Mitchell walked inside the villa, Chloe understood that things were getting a bit intense, but she had made up her mind to stay with Shayne. This is the widest part of the show: having all the participants together and allowing them to choose their partners.

Most of the men have their eyes on Francesca, but this time she is fully determined about her relationship with Damian. Francesca warned Damian to stay away from Savannah Palacio. Earlier, Savannah tried to hit people but got eliminated by the 4th episode; she is always an anti-Francesca team! Izzy tries to bake the cake with Bartise, but Bartise is pretty serious with Abbey this time. Chase DeMoor convinces Francesca, and so does Nick Uhlenhuth. Though Nick just got matched with LC a day before, he is absolutely open to more options. All of them are having a good time with each other, except Francesca, who feels so uncomfortable having Savannah around her. Will, the Hercules of the show, tries his hand on Francesca but is let down way too soon. Will feels like he had been too competitive earlier, but now he wants to do what his heart desires. After being turned down by Francesca, he starts looking for a match with others, like Abbey. The 11th episode of “Perfect Match” is going all topsy-turvy until the most unexpected thing happens.

Francesca Being Francesca

While Francesca was having a talk with Chase, Damian interrupted and asked her to join him. Francesca looks like she is deeply rooted in Damian from the core of her heart. Damian has decorated their bedroom with petal and flower arrangements, creating the perfect atmosphere to propose to a woman. Francesca was not expecting Damian to be this romantic, but this is what it is! Damian softly asks for her hands forever, but things don’t go as smoothly as Damian had expected. Francecsa is so overwhelmed that she starts crying. The conversation started in a very affirmative tone, but it ended with a juxtaposition when Francesca said she was unsure if things would work out between them outside the villa or not! But knowing that she is not mentally prepared for a serious relationship, Francesca confronts her doubts about him. All the hope Damian had got turned down within a second with Francesca’s politely brutal rejection.

And now, she is all ready to leave the house, as she thinks there is no perfect match for her in the house. The episode ends here with heavy hearts, but many more adventures are yet to come as all of them are playing hard on each other. Before we reach the final episode, this is the ultimate teaser for the upcoming motion picture of what will happen to the couples: who will leave, who is going to ditch, and who is going to be the perfect couple in the end!


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